The Ultimate Beauty Guide to Getting Rid of Cellulite

The Ultimate Beauty Guide to Getting Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the most annoying and most frequently met beauty problems that the greatest number of women happen to face at some period of their lives. It can crop up just anywhere and can go on frustrating you for quite a long time if you don’t treat it properly. Still, when talking about finding a proper and effective solution for cellulite, the solutions and their efficiencies may vary and the overwhelming number of those will eventually turn out to be useless. Yes, you might feel some changes in terms of getting smoother skin, but most of those at times quite expensive treatments will only end up softening your skin only and nothing else. However if you are one of those 80% of women that have the problem of cellulite, you might be in a constant struggle with it and what you need to do to get rid of this problem is understanding its essence first of all. Therefore, we present some beauty tips, advice and solutions for those, who still wonder how to get rid of cellulite for good!

The Ultimate Beauty Guide to Getting Rid of Cellulite

The Myths About Cellulite and What Really Causes It

There are a number of myths connected with the causes of cellulite. The biggest of them all is that cellulite is caused by fat. One of the primary reasons why cellulite is especially popular among women is that they have a specific skin structure composed of vertical bands that hold the skin and the muscles together in contrast of those of men, in case of which the crisscross pattern takes place making the skin much tougher. So it’s first of all because of the thin skin that makes us especially fragile for cellulite.

Another myth is that eating sugary foods and not drinking enough water are some exact sources of cellulite. The most noteworthy fact about cellulite is that it is more likely to appear after puberty, when the estrogen production increases and the proportions of fat go up accordingly. And since the vertical bands don’t stretch along these increases, the bumps appear. So it’s actually the bands and not the fat that cause cellulite first of all. And it’s logical that as you gain weight, the possibility of making your problems go worse will increase essentially.

Thus, the reason why cellulite appears is the loss of skin elasticity and the decrease of the blood flow. The result is that the fat cells that are situated underneath your skin squeeze out and get your skin “stick’ to your muscles. Hence, if you manage to work out some ways of improving these two factors you’ll be able to create some effective solutions to the problem itself (Don’t miss: Beauty Tips for Perfect Smooth Legs).

Cellulite Solutions

In order to present the most effective solutions for treating this problem we can note the following:

Change Your Diet and Daily Regimen

The very first thing that you need to do when starting to deal with cellulite is the effective change of your diet and your daily routine of activities.

1. Thus, you need to try to avoid sitting down all day long, in order to devote some time to activities like walking to start with. If you don’t include the physical activities in your regimen, no treatment will be able to help you.

2. Try not to limit yourself with only using treatments containing caffeine or other creams that are supposed to fight cellulite. The thing is that they only work on the surface, while the actual things should be done in deeper levels.

3. Moisturize your skin in any case. The main principle of most of the creams you use is the moisturizing. So this is what explains their temporary effect you might notice. So in any case applying moisturizers will create the optical effect of having some improvements. But the disadvantage of such products is that once you stop using them, the problem will again be visible. In addition, if you want to make the effect last as long as possible, you can use products like super moisturizers, containing water-based ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, urea, and dimethicone instead of oil based ones. This way you will give your skin a chance to better absorb the moisture and have better results.

4. For some more ways of having temporary visual improvements, you can also use treatments like endermologie, lymphatic drainage and at-home massages. They create some pressure over the problematic areas and the bands lengthening them and diminishing the concentration of fat cells around. And again you need to do these treatments repeatedly and not stop. The same can be said about the laser treatments, only some super powerful ones of which manage to create some essential positive results.

5. Include activities like skin brushing in your routine. This will invigorate your skin and make it softer. It also stimulates the rejuvenation of the cells and secures the right and intensive lymphatic flow. For effective brushing you need to find a long handled brush with natural bristles, making sure it can reach all the parts of the body. Always brush you whole body before showering. Work towards the heart, since that’s the place where the lymph needs to flow. After the shower apply some coconut oil on all over your skin. And finally, repeat this procedure daily to have satisfying results. In addition you should take into account the fact that it might take some time for your skin to get accustomed to this kind of activities, so it would be better to start with gentle touches, not being scared of the possible inflammation at the beginning.

6. Exfoliate your skin regularly. Apart from moisturizing you also need to devote some time to exfoliating as well. The creams you will use for that will have a deeper penetration into the skin and will thus produce better results.

7. Exercise regularly. Apart from including some creams and other treatments in your regimen, it is also extremely important to have some time for exercises as well. So here are some exercises you can go for in order to complement the range of activities you go for. One of the simplest types of exercise you need to do is simple stretching. So you just need to lie on your back and extend your legs, bending the right one and pulling your knee into your chest. After holding the position for some 20 seconds you may do the same with the left leg and repeat the whole process twice for each leg.

8. Try to limit the number of tight fitting clothes, since they may work against you instead of helping to conceal the problem. The main reason for the negative impact they have on your skin is that being too tight they reduce the blood circulation thus working badly on one of the two major factors for the appearance of cellulite.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Try Out Some Natural Scrubs and Treatments for Cellulite

1. Coffee Scrub

Coffee is one of the most popular and effective treatments against cellulite. Due to its invigorating function is works really well for stimulating the skin and improving the blood circulation in the problematic areas. Besides, coffee scrubs are really easy to prepare and are not too time and effort consuming. There are a number of steps by which you can use coffee, which go as follows:

1) When drinking black coffee up to the end, you may place a filter filled with the grounds left in the pot and filter them into a cup keeping it near the shower for using it next time when showering.

2) After you practice some dry brushing as we noted in the beginning, you may again use grounds for massaging the problematic areas with them for a few minutes before taking a shower.

3) Finally, just shower as you normally do and apply some coconut oil when you’re finished.

Despite the fact that this treatment is a bit messy and requires some time to show the results, you will have them if you exercise patience (Also see: Efficient Cellulite Remedies).

2. Olive and Juniper Oils for Cellulite

Another effective and cool way to fight cellulite is massage. This again is beneficial for the blood flow and for smoothing the skin. In addition, if you use effective oils, the results will be even more satisfying. Thus, for doing the whole, you need to follow these steps:

1) Start mixing juniper essential oil with olive oil with the proportion of one drop of juniper oil for each two tbsp. of olive oil.

2) Massage the skin with the mixture trying to get it as deep into the skin as possible.

3) Repeat the procedure several times for a week and combine all that with regular exercises.

This is also effective and multi-functional and one thing you need to remember about the juniper oil is that it invigorates very effectively and you’d better apply this treatment right before you go to bed.

3. Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper for Cellulite

These treatments are the following essential and efficient options for dealing with cellulite. They both nicely improve the elasticity and the detoxification of the skin and thus fight the problem from the inside. And in order to have the advantages of both at once, you need to combine them into a cocktail having it three times per day. You may also add some shakes of the spic to a glass of fresh lemon juice and enjoy it both for the refreshing taste and for the efficiency.

Here were the most effective and great solutions for you to give a try and to get rid of cellulite in shorter time than you would, when opting for expensive and only at times effective creams and treatments. We hope this will help you overcome this irritating problem shortly.

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