How to Wear Bandeau Tops and Cropped Shirts

How to Wear Bandeau Tops and Cropped Shirts

Continuing to introduce the most popular and widely observed fashion trends, which require a special consideration, we can’t omit the trend of bandeaus and cropped tops, which are, indeed, a very spectacular and versatile option, including elements of the classy looks, girly vibes, sporty touches, and alluring finishes. This is quite a viable and time-proof trend, and we can find its instances in almost all of the seasons. So, we are here to teach you some precious style lessons, showing how to wear bandeau tops and cropped shirts right in order to bring out your best assets, and conceal the problem areas (Also learn: How to Wear Crop Tops)!

How to Wear Bandeau Tops and Cropped Shirts

How to Choose Bandeau Tops and Cropped Shirts

Some people tend to think that only those with flawless figure may have bandeau tops and cropped shirts on. Still, that’s not actually true, as with the help of correct combinations you can make this trend work with maximum efficiency. And for doing this there are a number if things you need to do and to know. The first point is the one that comes in all cases of garment picks. You just need to know your body well, being aware of its strong and weak points, so that you can correctly accentuate the strong ones, hiding away imperfections. In this respect you also need to determine the right size of the bandeau or the cropped top to have it correctly and nicely fitting, not pressing and not falling.

The following important thing you need to know is the extent and the proportions according to which you use these designs. To speak clearer, it’s about how much skin you want to expose and how much suits you well. This may not be revealed immediately and you probably need to go through some trial and error to find the exact thing for yourselves.

And finally, you just need to define the exact type of the bandeau or the cropped top to be able to focus your combinations on it later. Whether it’s a tight-fitting and ultra-short option, or a relaxed and often ruffled look, or just a weightless and subtle alternative is what you need to find out through experimenting.

What With And How to Wear Bandeau Tops

Further as you’re done with the choices of the shapes and the looks in general, it’s time for you to figure out the most suitable and pleasant combinations you can get with bandeau tops. Thus, if you have decided to make a design solution for controlling how much skin to show, you may combine the bandeau or the cropped top with an outerwear garment, the style of which depends on the style of the combination in general. For this type of combos you may choose to match your key garments with some denim pieces, leather alternatives or some weightless and subtle fabrics.

For classier looks you may try out options with elegant design solutions like plunge V-curves. For some masculine inspired vibes you may also try the high-waisted pants and the loose cuts on everything. As for the final touches, sporty boots or lace-up flats may be great.

How to Wear Bandeau Tops and Cropped Shirts
Additionally, you may also try combining these pieces with some relaxed forms of outerwear pieces like jackets, finishing the combination with some high-waisted shorts, pencil skirts, or options with loosely tied belts. Ankle strap heels or peep toe flats may also be a do.

As for the leather pieces, you may try out the combination of the leather jacket, the wide-leg pants and the hairdo options like the side parts with sleek finishes. Another alternative of this type can be created by means of sporty pants and some simple heels for more revolting and fresh looks.

Delicate and sheer tops and dresses are another great play for these pieces. Matching these combos with high-waisted skirts, shorts, and sporty footwear options, you’ll get really impressive results.

As for the combination with lace pieces, sophisticated and luxurious are the keywords. All-white fantasy is one of those looks that will work unfailingly well. If you add some red lipstick and wet hairdo to this, the stun will be guaranteed.

If you want to really make a statement, you may try out experimenting with bandeaus in solo for the top, matching them with a big variety of play pairs for the bottom. Thus, you may match them with pants, most preferably having high-waisted designs for counterbalancing the influence of the top. Matching bandeaus with shorts may be an ideal option for the rest on the beach or some other special festive occasions. To slightly bring down the dual effect of openness, you may use high-waisted finishes for the shorts.

As for skirts, they may be of various designs and shapes, from A-lines to pencil skirts and from floor to knee-length styles.

Best Shades and Textures of Bandeau Tops

Talking about the basic shades and color plays you may try out when opting for bandeaus, we may start with the timeless and timeproof combinations of black and white, which are, indeed, unfailing and great. Other options include the tones of blue and green, also leaving some space for plays with shades like golden. Color blocking is the useful key technique you may try out.

In addition, when we say diversity, we first of all mean the diversity of the designs, which are, indeed, impressive this time. From the minimalistic to the sophisticated, all the vibes and shapes are in for those looks. They are stripy and monochrome, strappy and strapless, sparkling and simple, bold and humble. Fabrics include leather, silk, neoprene and much more, encompassing the most curious plays and interpretations ever.

For going even classier, you need to pick some lace bandeaus, combining them with sheer textures of tops, which will create a very cool transparency play and will enhance the sizzling effect of both, especially when coming matched with denim shorts and cool sandals. Color plays of a black bandeau under a sheer blouse or a tank top are a good way of putting this.

The versatility of the prints that bandeaus come adorned with is the next advantage of these garments, and what you may do is going for the craziest and the most incredible combos. As for particular pieces like white bandeaus, you may try combining them with garments like light cardigans, some wedges and girly skirts for that special statement look. Extravagant designs like fringes may also be combined with the overall shapes of bandeaus adding some more effect to them.

How to Wear Bandeau Tops and Cropped Shirts

How to Wear Cropped Shirts

Coming to the basic dos with cropped tops, we should first of all note about their fabulous accents on femininity and creativity at once, emphasizing whatever is necessary and whenever is necessary. Like it was in case of bandeaus, you don’t need an impeccable figure to be able to wear cropped tops. Being able to combine the correct pieces with them is quite enough.

Going through the same stages as in case of bandeaus is also a do here. So after finding the exact shapes and the exact designs, you may pass onto styling the looks. The universal nature is present here as well, securing the great outcomes of your experiments, no matter if you do that with the ultra-girly pieces and details like skirts above the ankle or sleek side parted hairdos, or the masculine-inspired combinations with cropped culottes, and simple ankle strap sandals finished off with natural touches in terms of makeup and hairdo.

As for the diversity of the fabrics and patterns, the advantage of being versatile works here as well. Thus, the ethereal black and white may be your choice if you want something minimalistic, whereas the printed options are there to add some intrigue and flair to your looks. This refers the prints and patterns as well, thus enabling you to come up with equally chic monochrome and lavishly printed alternatives, the latter having the most incredible interpretations and solutions.

And to add some general style tips about matching and styling cropped shirts, we may note, for instance, that they work really well with skirts, especially high-waisted pencil options, including the lace patterns. For fresh and youthful looks you may also try picking some flare skirts with lively prints and match them with your cropped tops. These pieces may also be combined with pants, creating some manly touches, but they may also work on the feminine side to add some elegance and sophistication in case of picking them with wide-leg and relaxed forms.

Thus, here were the basic ways of wearing bandeaus and cropped tops and the basic combinations they may come with. Creating any of these looks you’ll be able to achieve the most successful and great results and to stun everyone with your fresh and cool looks!

How to Wear Bandeau Tops and Cropped Shirts

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