How to Wear The Aquamarine Color Trend

How to Wear The Aquamarine Color Trend

Aquamarine is a very delicate and sweet shade, created with the combination of a lighter tone of blue and pearl green. Its name originated from the name of the jewel that has the same shade. Talking about the stylish value of this shade, we should first of all associate it with the feeling of freshness and weightlessness, which definitely has it positive impact on your day, too. So here we are going to present some basic style tips and tricks about how to wear the aquamarine color trend and radiate delicacy.

How to Wear The Aquamarine Color Trend

Aquamarine Fashion Tips

To understand the perfect color combinations with aquamarine clothing pieces, it’s vital to know the character of this shade. Actually, aquamarine can be described neither as a bright nor as a pale shade, which makes it quite a versatile hue to be matched with other color shades. Since it radiates a high dose of relaxing energy, it’s advisable to wear aquamarine for summer celebrations and holidays, while for hectic daily life it looks inappropriate, as this color may contribute to way too excessive relaxation. Generally aquamarine makes the best color plays with yellow-gold, bronze, beige, coral orange, pink and coral, as well as sky blue, silver, brown, cold, green and gold. Now, let’s discuss some absolutely gorgeous outfit ideas with the color of aquamarine!

Head-To-Toe Aquamarine Look

The ideal self-sufficiency of this shade makes it a perfect alternative for forming your flawless evening looks, or the ones for a date. In order to avoid looking monotone, you may pick dresses with design solutions like drapings, interesting shapes, multi-layered options, etc. You may also experiment with the aquamarine-shaded prints. This color flatters best blonde beauties and fashionisers having not too dark brown hair tones, whereas the brunettes will kind of lack brightness and active solutions in this case (check out: What Colors Flatter Brunettes). As for the accessories, you may pick some options being close to the shade of the dress, like silver bijou or honey-shaded variants for some color contrast.

Aquamarine With White and Gray

Aquamarine also goes perfectly with white and gray hues, and this is exactly what we suggest for your best looks. Still, the shades need to be as light as possible, so that not to disrupt the delicate and weightless effect of the aquamarine color. Thus in case of this type of combos, you will need some pieces of white or gray shades, also taken with sophisticated designs like drapings, or lace, complemented with accessories. This type of combinations will be ideal for having some strict and chic business looks, at the same time not looking older.

How to Wear The Aquamarine Color Trend

Aquamarine With Other Colors

As for the combos of aquamarine with other shades, we may first of all talk about the duo of aquamarine with green or blue, which do look harmonious with aquamarine. By the way, blue is the only shade, which doesn’t diminish the effect of the aquamarine shade, and even enhances and accentuates it nicely. On the other hand, navy blue gives a touch of rigor to aquamarine, making it an ideal office ready look. Thus, you can wear a simple aquamarine blouse with a pair of tailored navy pants, finish off your look with high-heeled shoes and you are ready to dazzle everyone at the office!

Denim pieces also deserve attention, coming with diverse shapes like shorts, pants, skirts, shirts, and jackets. That can be a look made of a chambray shirt and aquamarine skinny pants, or one featuring short denim shorts and an aquamarine blouse or crop top. Otherwise you can pick simple denim and white pairs and accessorize your looks with an aquamarine bag or shoes.

Aquamarine also matches the beige shades, creating some sweet and pleasant combinations for every day chic looks.

Furthermore, for those giving their preference to contrasts, we may suggest opting for the combos of aquamarine with peachy shades, or the rosy options, including bright and light tones. Such color combos look cool and youthful.
Also, we may talk about the compatibility of aquamarine with purple and pale yellow tones. On the contrary, shades like bright yellow and red are absolutely not recommended pairing with aquamarine.

How to Wear The Aquamarine Color Trend

Accessories To Wear With Aquamarine Clothes

As far as accessorizing an aquamarine outfit goes, try to think as subtle and sophisticated as possible. It’s important to find the right elements or hues in an accessory that will look harmonious with an aquamarine dress, for instance. Thus, for creating more classic looks, give preference to modest accessories, including any type of silver pieces, be that silver bracelets, earrings, a metallic clutch or a pair of shoes having silver details on. The duo of silver and aquamarine looks maximum soothing and this is the case, when you can never err, no matter what shade of aquamarine your dress is. On the other hand, aquamarine looks absolutely warm and rich, when accessorized with golden pieces. Still if silver and gold aren’t your favorite options, pick black accessories for creating classic looks with aquamarine clothing pieces.

For softer and more romantic looks, opt for accessories in delicate colors, such as pastel pale pink, ivory, gray, cream, coral or white. It’s also a fantastic idea to accessorize your aquamarine dress with pearl earrings or a necklace.

In case you feel bold and want to instantly catch the attention, get inspired from nature and create outfits full of eye-popping colors. Sunset can be a breathtaking source of inspiration in this case, which can lead you to choosing shades from the opposite side of the color wheel, including orange, pink or yellow. In this case, it’s advised keeping the other bold colors to a minimal extent, like choosing a simple belt, a pair of shoes or earrings in daring hues. Keep in mind that aquamarine should still be the focus of attention and the bold accessories are here to only spice up your look.

Despite being a bit capricious, the aquamarine color will adorn you with the most effective and great looks, if you match it with the correctly picked shades and garments. We hope these fashion tips and tricks will be helpful four your picks.

How to Wear The Aquamarine Color Trend

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