105 Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks Every Woman Should Know

105 Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks For Woman

Beauty is something that needs to be achieved with quite a great deal of attention and care and it’ not only about achieving it, but also preserving what you have, since no one wants to have that glimpse of gorgeousness for just a day. So there are a number of useful beauty hacks, tips and tricks every woman should know in order to perfect their looks and to preserve them like that. Thus, the list of beauty tricks goes as follows!

105 Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks For Woman

Skincare & Makeup Hacks, Tips and Tricks

1. If you want to have a long-lasting and impressive eye makeup with your eyeliner it’s a very good idea to turn it into a gel. This magic can be done in literally one second, by holding your fave pencil under the flame for just one second and letting it cool for some 15 seconds more. This will help you have steadier and smoother eyeliner effect.

2. In case you want to nicely accentuate the eyeshadow, you may just cover the whole eyelid with white liner to create a sort of background for the rest of the shades.

3. Creativity and resourcefulness are things you can always use for anything including makeup. So going for this type of solutions, you may, for instance, use a spoon to make those ideal arrows in the corners of the eyes. For doing this you’ll need to make the straight line with the outer side and the curve, holding the liner against the rounded side. Then just fill the space that might be left between the lines.

4. If smokey effect is what you’re aiming for, another creative way is drawing a hashtag right where the smokey look should be and then just blend it for the ideal result.

5. And once more the spoon may come to help you, this time to create the ideal accent on the lashes with mascara without leaving marks on the upper eyelid. Holding it between the lashes and the lid, you’ll avoid those mascara marks that would go on the lid otherwise. Using a business card instead of a spoon can also be practiced.

105 Beauty Hacks For Woman
6. The same technique is also useful for the mascara application on the lower lids and lashes.

7. Using a scotch instead of the spoon for clearly marked and nicely created looks and techniques like the cat-eye is another useful makeup tip you may follow.

8. Talking about perfecting the eye makeup with the help of the accents on lashes, we should also share one more tip with you, telling about how to curl lashes easily. For doing this you need a simple step, which is heating the curler with a hair drier before the application. Be sure not to overheat it not to burn the lashes.

9. To plump your lashes even more, a simple trick like using some translucent powder before the mascara is a great thing you can do.

10. If you’re having hard times struggling to get the false lash glue right into its place all over along the lids, a simple thing like bobby pin can be irreplaceable for you.

11. If long-lasting lipstick is what you want to have you need to apply the lipstick, tap all with a tissue, add some powder and then apply the second layer of the color.

12. Other extremely creative and crazy techniques you can opt for is transforming a loose eyeshadow into a lip-gloss for instance! To get this you need to blend the eyeshadow you have with some salve or petroleum jelly and apply it to the lips after mixing. It’s easy and effective!

13. Cute and sweet makeup options like cupid bows also have an easy and effective way of creating them. In this case you may start with drawing an X in the place of the bow with a liner, continuing with lining the lower lip and finishing all with the similar motions with the lipstick.

105 Beauty Hacks For Woman
14. Getting rid of annoying imperfections like dark circles is so easy! You simply need to create a triangle with you concealer with the base going right under the lower lid and the point directed towards the cheek. This conceals both the circles and the redness of the eyes.

15. In order to get the best results of contouring you need to use a simple pencil for marking the right line of the cheekbone and apply the bronzer according to that, later simply diffusing it to have natural looks.

16. If you are having hard times rewetting your mascara, you may simply add some saline solution to it and there you go with your mascara feeling like brand-new! Still, it is recommended not keeping mascara for more than three months, since after that it collects bacteria and causes infections.

17. Another way to make this work is adding some eye drops to it and mix it with the mascara. And for making it last longer, you need to avoid pumping mascara all the time, since this gets air into the tube and dries the wand.

18. Going back to contouring tips, you can also map the areas that need to be contoured with a gel eyebrow pencil to be able to mark everything easier. After marking all and applying the base, be sure you’ve included the areas around the temples, along the hairline, the sides of the nose, the tip of the nose and the crease of the eyes, mapping all with a deeper colored pencil. After getting all this done, you will need an all-over highlighter applying it for the cheekbones, the central part of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the central part of the chin and the cupid bow. After smudging all you’ll have the ideal contouring.

19. If you want to clean your skin quickly and effectively, you may use a toner slightly misting your face with it, then pat it with a tissue. After all is done, you may apply a layer of loose powder.

20. Quick moisturizing is not impossible either. For this you need a simple conditioner for both hair and skin, applying it with massaging motions in the shower, rinse it, and pat dry. It will work nearly as effectively as the body lotions, but you won’t have to wait for it to sink in.

105 Beauty Hacks For Woman
21. For perfectly imitating the ideal skin, the key shade for you is pink. Thus having some pink lipstick with a sweet shade on will totally distract everyone from the imperfections of your skin and will create a sweet look.

22. Additionally, all you need for some chic and nicely accentuated eyes for a party is just a perfect liner trace along the top lash line just passing the outer corners of the eyes slightly. Simple and effective!

23. If a quick revitalizing is what you need after a long night, you may start with applying some concealer to the corners of the eyes, also using it under the lower lashes and the areas next to the nose. Bronzer may also be helpful for the final touch.

24. You also need to apply the blush taking into account your face shape, in order to have maximum effective results. Thus, if you have an oval face, the accents on the upper sides of the cheekbones will be the ideal spot. For a long face, the spots need to be just a bit lower and closer to the center. For the heart-shaped faces the ideal place is the middle part of the face, along the cheekbones. As for the square shapes, it’s somewhere in the center of the half of the face, while for the round shapes it’s the middle part of both the sides.

25. Another useful technique for hiding the eye bags with a concealer is doing it with a certain sequence and focus. Thus, first of all you’ll need to mark and highlight the crease of the bag, and then apply a darker shade of foundation on the entire space to make the puffy look fade away.

26. Properly highlighting the eyes is also important for the successful eye makeup. Thus, starting with the lighter tones like white, cream, and pearl applied to the inner corners, the middle top part and the part under the brow bone, you need to go on with the darker tones.

27. For preparing your lips for lipstick application and exfoliating them you need to use a simple toothbrush. After doing this, you may use a DIY treatment made of sugar and coconut oil, or else covering the lips with lip balm or a petroleum jelly before scrubbing.

28. Just like the highlights, eyeshadow application also depends on the type of your eyes and the effect you want to achieve. So find out the exact shape of your eyes and match and accentuate it with the correct type of eye makeup.

29. To make your eyes look bigger, the most effective and time-proof technique is using white eyeliner for the lower inner lids. In contrast with black eyeliner, white option nicely accentuates the shape of the eyes, making them visually bigger.

30. You may also use a little bit of tight-lining to create some natural and beautiful accents. This is a technique with which you apply the liner in between the lashes creating the effect of not having any makeup, still having that cool accent and the visually thicker lashes.

31. There is also a great way to avoid the painful moments when using false eyelashes. For doing all these procedures without causing much pain, first of all apply a slight layer of powder before the mascara. The powder needs to be applied to the top and the bottom of the lashes and can also be replaced by a softer variant like baby powder. Further, you need to apply two tones of mascara to the bottom and top parts of the lashes, having some stops of 3-5 minutes in between each, to avoid the clumpy look. Try to cover all of the lashes with mascara, not just going from bottom to top, but going back and forth repeatedly. Finally, you just need to check if there are any gaps left, and then fill those with liquid eyeliner or the tip of the wand for the complete look.

105 Beauty Tips and Tricks For Woman
32. When curling eyelashes, it is also recommended double curling the lashes with inverted directions, starting with the usual position with the handle held downwards, and repeating the curling with the handle held upwards for the double effect.

33. When it comes to finding the exact shade for foundation and matching it with your skin shade, the primary thing you need to remember is that it’s better to match the shade with your neck rather than your face, since it won’t really look good if you have your neck so dramatically different from the shade above the jawline.

34. In order to create a visually higher arch above the eye, you just need that magical white or any other light matte pencil, which you need to apply to the whole length of the brow and blend it until it diffuses.

35. If you don’t want to use waterproof eyeliner and don’t want the usual one to go downwards shortly as you apply it, there is a nice way of doing that. For the most successful results you need a white loose powder to apply it right under the lid to prevent the liner’s going down, creating a sort of barrier for it.

36. As for the lips, just like the eyes, there are some ways to make them look bigger. And for the lips it can be done with the help of a liner, which can go slightly above the natural lip line to visually make them bigger and not to look artificial. Still, it’s important not to overdose with this.

37. If you want to have a perfectly effective DIY tinted moisturizer, there is a very easy step you can do that with. Simply mix your fave and most frequently used moisturizer with a small amount of concealer to get the right proportions of the coverage and to enjoy the stunningly efficient results!

38. In order to lift your eye makeup, you just need to apply some small proportions of a highlighter above the eyebrow and blend it. This does work instantly!

39. Don’t get rid of the expired mascara wands. Just wash them and keep them for using for other purposes, like using them as eyebrow brushes for filling the brows in and making them look thicker and better.

40. If clumps do annoy you every time, you need to take time and to wipe off the wands before each application. In this way, though you’ll need several times of application, the results will be, indeed, clumps-free.

41. If you want to hide some imperfections of skin, like blemishes you need to be precise. And to do that you need a resourceful trick. Thus, you need to use an eyeliner brush for applying your concealer. This way add some precision and control to the process.

42. For softening the possibly harsh line drawn by the eyeliner, you need a simple trick. Just use some brown eyeshadow over the liner and instantly soften the line and make it more delicate and smooth.

43. In order to get the highly defined 3D lip look, you need to use some frosted blush or eyeshadow, tapping it to the center of the bottom and top lips.

44. If brow gel is what you’re missing at the moment, you can replace it with a lip balm. You need to apply it with your finger, fixing the place and the shape of your brows exactly.

45. To get a glamorous and sassy glow just mix a bit of liquid highlighter or moisturizer to your foundation and you’ll have the most impressive and cool dewy glow ever.

46. To gift your shattered eyeshadow or blush a new life, just add some rubbing alcohol to them and mix this until you get a smooth mass. Leave it for a night and in the morning you’ll find some brand-new products.

47. Finally, you need to know all about the time you can keep and use each makeup product in order to avoid undesirable effects like infections caused by the bacteria that appear in your makeup products. Thus, in case of mascara it’s 3 to 4 months, blushes and powders from 12 to 18 months, nail polishes will go for about 2 years, lipsticks live for 12-18 months, foundation is to be kept for 6-12 months, and the eye pencil is recommended using for 18-24 months.

48. To fight an unexpected problem like a blemish, one effective way is using 100% Greek yogurt on it. The lactic acid clears the imperfections, and the probiotics fights the bacteria.

49. If you’ve run out of blush on the very important and urgent moment, don’t get into panic, but use a dab of lipstick you have and love most.

50. If lip-gloss is what you’re short of, you can place the closed tube in a mug of warm water, letting it stay for some 10 minutes. After that, the remaining gloss in the sides of the tube will melt and you’ll have some extra amount of it until you get some new ones.

105 Beauty Tips and Tricks For Woman
51. We talked about making the eyeliner smoother and softer, heating it and making it melt, but it turns out you can do the vice versa as well. In case it’s too smooth and soft you can place it in the freezer for some 15 minutes.

52. Being creative and resourceful, you can even create new shades of lipsticks, cutting some pieces of the old ones and melting them together to get a new shade.

53. To add that charming pillowy effect to your lips, you need to apply some blush with the corresponding shade to the lipstick.

54. Additionally, you can blend your naturally nude pink lipstick with some white liner for the totally nude and natural effect.

55. For the delicate and sweet smokey eye makeup you can use some cream-like shadows, which last longer and look more effective.

56. To create that ultra-modern and innovative Edie Sedgwick eye look, you’ll probably need a gel cream line for instant definition.

57. Another great tip is making the highlights with the help of a fan brush. Being smooth and flexible it’s ideal for the exact application and accents.

58. In order to fill in the eyebrows you’d better use your eyeshadow. This looks natural and cute and doesn’t require any superb efforts.

59. For contouring the cheeks, you need to use shades like gray to look more natural and chic.

60. Further, you may also need some fluffy eyeshadow brush to gift your lips with that impressive and cool ombre effect, intensifying the color in the center and using the brush for the diffused feel of the edges.

61. Another creative thing you can do is applying mascara with a fan brush to avoid those clumpy lashes. With the help of this technique you’ll be able to reach the roots and to make the lash line completely covered with mascara.

62. The following easy way to contour is doing that with the help of applying the cream bronzer in the center, later gently diffusing it around the edges.

63. Be sure to leave some gap between the upper and lower liners not to close up the eye. These two lines should begin and finish according to the starts and finishes of the lashes.

64. When it comes to the application of the glitter, we would advise you to do that with a wet brush in order to prevent it from falling right away.

65. There is also a cool and resourceful way of creating some natural looks with applying some eye makeup and wiping it off to get that second-day and no less effective makeup look.

66. The next cool way of getting bushy brows is topping and perfecting them with mascara.

Hair Hacks, Tips and Tricks

67. If you don’t have time for either dry or wet shampoos, but you need to get rid of that unpleasant “dirty’ look, you may sprinkle some translucent powder over the roots of the hair and just brush through.

68. Go for reverse braids, making them stand out with the help of braiding the strands under each other instead of the traditional over-braiding techniques.

69. If you need to get rid of the messy and voluminous locks very quickly, you’ll need some water and a bit of hand lotion. After having your hands wet with this, you need to pull you hair back into a French twist wait for some 10 minutes after which you just have to take your strands down.

70. Quick hairstyling is also possible, and to do this you just need to concentrate on the correct part. Thus focusing on the top and front parts first will help you get done with the styled looks easily.

71. There’s nothing classier and more universal than a ponytail. Pulling your hair back and styling with a spray is all that you need for the ideal look.

72. If bobby pins keep falling off and disappearing, there is a great way to make them stay wherever they are told to! You need to place them on a paper towel and blow some hairspray on them. Becoming sticky, they will not fall off any more!

73. To avoid or get rid of those irritating flyaways, you just need to run a dryer sheet over your hair to instantly solve all the problems!

74. To make your ponytail look more effective and cool you’ll just need to create two of them and then connect them wrapping a 1-inch section of a strand around the both, pinning it underneath.

75. In order to get a DIY clarifying shampoo, you can mix ¼ cup of organic apple cider with 1 cup of water, apply it to the hair and finish all off with your usual conditioner.

76. If you want to keep your hair back just tuck an invisible braid behind the ear and it will hold the position of the hair still doing that in a loose and invisible way.

105 Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks For Woman
77. You can also use some rags for keeping the hair super flat and ultra-sleek before going somewhere. Taking the rag off right before you leave you’ll have that impressive and cool do.

78. Go for crazy, messy, casual, and chic at once, doing that with the help of creating a ponytail, wrapping it around the base and securing this with pins.

79. To create a hairstyle, which will define the face and add some more allure to it, you may opt for the do made of some inwardly curled and voluminous hair, which may also have not that messy top part. The most important is the direction of curls.

80. You may also create a V-like pulled and twisted hairstyle for an updo to add some personality and innovative chic to your looks.

81. To get some extra volume you can tease your hair with a brush and upwards motions to get the effect to the full.

82. In order to create some retro feel, you can spice up your hairstyle with some accessories, like scarfs wrapped around your neck and over the hair.

83. Having a look at the season’s trends we may also discover the preference towards matte finishes of hair rather than the traditionally shiny ones. To get this look you may use some dry shampoo for the final step.

84. If you need to part your hair you can use your nose as a guideline to make the ideal parting.

85. The effect of healthy hair can be easily achieved with the help of the combination of hair wax and dry shampoo, which come counterbalancing each other and gifting you with a nice and great look.

86. Finally, if you’ve run out of shine spray, you can use your heat protectant, the oil-based formula of which may gift your hair with the necessary amount of shine.

Nail Hacks, Tips and Tricks

87. If quick and easy methods of getting ideal nails interests you, you may try out removing all the polish, cleaning the space under the nails with lemon juice, and massaging a thick motion into the cuticles.

88. If you want a matte nail polish but don’t want to buy any, why don’t you make one? If your answer is yes, then you just need to mix a nail polish with a loose powder and see the magic!

89. To cut the drying time of the nails, just soak them in cold water after finishing and hold them there for some one to three minutes.

90. To get an ideal French manicure you may use scotch, applying some across your nail and painting them over with polish and then just peeling them off.

91. In order to get rid of such unpleasant things as yellow stains from nails, you just need to scrub them with whitening toothpaste mixed with lemon juice for additional clearing effect.

92. In order to moisturize your nails you need to soak them in olive oil for some 5 minutes.

93. In order to perfect your pure white, pink, or any nude nail polish, you can always use some ridge-filling base.

94. In case you are a fan of making nail art yourself, you can use some bobby pins for extra precision and accuracy.

95. Go for easy designs and patterns like geometric shapes easily drawn with some vertical and horizontal stripes.

96. In addition, before passing to the application of the nail polish, you need to carefully roll it between your hands to remove those air bubbles.

97. Also, you may create some horizontal stripes with a striper brush rolling your finger from side to side and making the process of application easier. This technique refers to any types of stripes.

98. For a renovated option of the French Mani, you can experiment with the shades of the same color family to create some natural contrasts and interesting color plays.

99. You can also create a cool ombre effect for your nails deliberately messing up the polishes, especially a glittery one with your fingers.

Other Beauty Hacks and Tips

100. If you’ve run out of your fave shaving cream somewhere in the middle of the procedure, don’t hesitate to use your conditioner as a replacement. Its hydrating effect will fully compensate for the shaving cream.

101. Another surprising and not that pleasant but still very useful thing you can try is using a toilet seat cover as a blotting paper if you’ve run out of paper. Having some similar formula, they both will remove the excess oil quite effectively.

102. If you have the constant problem of swollen and puffy eyes, there are some things you need to change in your habits. For instance, you may add a pillow and sleep on your back. This will promote the fluids circulation and you’ll say farewell to these problems.

103. To effectively get rid of this kind of problems, you can use two teabags placing them on the puffed areas. And again the caffeine will increase the circulation and the puffy eyes will be gone!

104. If dry and cracked feet worry you and disturb you, you may get rid of this problem rubbing some Vaseline over them before you put on your socks or go to bed and you’ll see the stunningly cool results the next day.

105. Another cool thing you may do is drying your hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel. In case of the latter, the rough fibers may damage your hair shaft and cause some undesirably messy looks.

Here was the list of the most important beauty hacks, tips and tricks that we think every woman should know. Taking them into account, you’ll be able to secure your fantastic looks for any occasion and just every day!

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