How to Wear Rubber/ Rain Boots

How to Wear Rain Boots

The times during which rain or rubber boots were worn out of necessity are far away in the past and now we are evidencing the emergence of the new and the totally stunning fashion trend being the one introducing rain boots as a whole new aspect and piece for the creation of a number of fashionable and comfy combinations. Still, like any other fashion piece, rain boots are also quite capricious about the garments they may be combined and matched with. Accordingly, the styles they may create are just as diverse and interesting. That’s what we will talk about right now, presenting the basic style tips about how to wear rain boots.

How to Wear Rain Boots

Ideas for Wearing Rain Boots

Classic Style

Classic style is the very first option that can be created with the help of rain boots. For this kind of looks you may combine them with some stripy T-shirts and bluish jeans, picking them bright like in case of red, for instance. Spicing up the looks with accessories is another creative thing you may do. Necklaces with creative design solutions and some studded bags may be a great do, finished up with a classic trench coat.

Boyish Lace-Up

In order to create some masculine-inspired looks you may pick a denim skirt with a type of olive cargo pants and pick some lace up rain boots for completing the look. Finish off this combination with some padded or puffer outerwear pieces like vests and printed hats for extra warmth. As for the jewelry, you may go for some simple and chic stud earrings to match them with the rest of the pieces successfully.

Playful and Innocent

In order to create some playful an innocent looks, you may try out combining a floral printed dress with a brighter toned raincoat or rain jacket. Further, you may pick some knee high socks and spice up the look with simple golden earrings and a brown cross-body handbag of small or medium size.

How to Wear Rain Boots

Ultra-Modern and Fashionable

Almost all of the modern stylists agree on the thing that rain boots are extremely compatible with jeans of any type and shade. Skinny alternatives will be ideal for the loose upper parts of rain boots and the more relaxed variants may be nicely accentuated in terms of hiding the extra draping and loose parts. Going for printed and colorful options is also a do, still you need to be cautious not to make the prints and the designs of the boots too similar with those of the pants. The classic forms of pants may be matched with the classic monochrome pants like brown, olive, and beige.

Rain Shoes Plus Trench

The following creative and cool combination you may opt for is the blend of the classic looks of trench with the playful and free nature of the rain boots. Picking the first in lighter tones and the latter in darker hues, you can create some really effective combos. In case you want to be in the center of attention, you can easily go for brighter tones of the shoes matching them with simple shapes of coats. Short leather jackets may also be used in this case.

Rain Shoes Plus Shorts

Matching rain boots with shorts of different lengths is the following possible combination. The design patterns may also be different. They can be wide and tight, short and long, and in any case matching them with rain boots can be an ideal start of just as ideal combinations. Finishing up the looks with leggings or stockings is another creative thing you may do. A super bold suggestion is wearing rain shoes with furry golfs reaching the knee level. These variants are all quite interesting and cool to try out.

How to Wear Rubber Boots

Don’t Rush with Saying Farewell to Your Shoes When Summer Is Close

You can never predict the rainy days for sure, that’s why don’t hurry to take them off for the season. On rainy and muddy days your rain boots and a dress worn under a coat can become a romantic and cute combination. In order to avoid looking too harsh with your shoes you may soften the look with some feminine chiffon sheer tops and other girly accessories like bijou and clutches.

Taking Care of Your Rain Boots

Taking care of rain boots is very easy. The first thing you need to remember is that they are meant for rainy days and not for sunny and hot ones. In the second case they will spoil easier and sooner than it was expected. Avoid the contact of rain boots with chemical materials and don’t try to dry them on radiators, since you may spoil them that way, too. After the walk, just wipe them with a moist piece of clothing sometimes adding some glycerin to the water. This will make them look shinier and brighter.

So we are done with another range of fashion tips and tricks, this time meant to provide the fans of rain boots with the important and necessary insight for mastering the ways of wearing rubber/ rain boots and having ultra-gorgeous looks.

How to Wear Rubber Boots

How to Wear Rubber Boots

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