Find The Best No-Makeup Makeup Style For Your Skin Tone

Find The Best No-Makeup Makeup Style For Your Skin Tone

Talking about the basic makeup trends existing in the array of options for the season, one of the most ethereal and never-fading alternatives that we’ve observed so far, nude makeup is definitely having a moment. This is a super cool and, indeed, ideal alternative for you to combine benefits like natural looks with the proportions of chic and glam, at the same time not letting any become overwhelming. Still, like any other makeup style, nude makeup also requires certain knowledge about the tricky parts and the basic makeup tips and tricks meant to make it even more ideal and great. So that’s what we have taken as our basic goal this time, trying to find the best no-makeup makeup style for your skin tone.

Discussing every single complexion one by one, we may talk about the following makeup options, meant particularly for you (Don’t miss: How to Create A Natural Makeup Look)!

Find The Best No-Makeup Makeup Style For Your Skin Tone

No-Makeup Tones for Fair Cool Skin Shades

In search of ideal shades for cool skin tones, the equally light and neutral undertones are the main focus for your consideration. Avoiding anything too shimmery, golden or yellow-based is what you need to do first of all. In order to complement these looks you may use products like tawny blush, some sheer and subtle lip shades and equally nude eyeshadow tones to match the rest of makeup.

No-Makeup Tones for Fair Warm Skin Shades

Creating a combination with warm fair skin shades is quite tricky as well, and the choices need to be carried out very attentively and wisely. Thus going for shades like yellowish and golden for the undertones is a good idea, which can be accentuated and competed with blue or green accents for the eye makeup and sheer peachy or coral lips for the final touch. Don’t forget about the hints of gold here, either.

No-Makeup Tones for Medium Cool Skin Shades

Going from intense to light, we come to the medium skin tones, which also have some specific tips and know-hows that you need to master. For instance, talking about the undertones we may note them being slightly neutral like cool champagnes and mauve. Color plays with silver tones and purplish grey eyeshadow options are also recommended. As for the lipstick, mauve rose is the way, while the blue-based pink blushes will complete this look perfectly.

Find The Best No-Makeup Makeup Style For Your Skin Tone

No-Makeup Tones for Medium Golden Skin Shades

This is another creative and versatile shade you can experiment with. They are compatible with an even bigger number of tones and undertones. For instance, you can easily match them with golden, rosy golden and copper hues and get effective results. In addition, you can opt for warm metallic shades for the eye makeup, picking some copper and gold accents. Rich caramel and bronze are also alternatives you can consider. As for the lips, tones like rose and bronze are again the do.

No-Makeup Tones for Olive Skin Shades

Making a swift transition from medium to darker options, we come to shades like olive, which is one of the chicest and the most impressive variants. So in order to avoid too exaggerated color contrasts, you first of all need to avoid shades that are too light and sheer. White shimmers and mattes are some of the greatest examples. For creating some impressive and good combinations you might need shades like pearlescent gold and copper for the eyes, peachy accents for the lips, also possibly being nude beige, and honey shades for the blushes. Apricot hues may also be useful in this respect.

No-Makeup Tones for Dark Cool Skin Shades

In order to properly accentuate these luxurious and totally fabulous skin tone, you will need accents made of hues like red-based burgundies and copper, of course. For the eyes, shades like dark brown-based copper and pewter are a perfect do. Shades like rich mocha and chocolate plum are also suitable for the lips and the berry bronze for blushes.

No-Makeup Tones for Dark Warm Skin Shades

Finally, coming to the top glamorous and sassy skin tones, we may talk about accents made of mahogany or deep nude amber tones shimmeries, which do complete the dark complexion perfectly. Matte chocolate and shimmery mahogany are irreplaceable for the eyes. The coffee-based tones are the way for the lips, which can also be finalized with a satin finish looks. Finally, rose gold blush is what will make your skin glowy and beautiful, especially when coming matched with deep bronze shimmery highlights on cheeks.

Find The Best No-Makeup Makeup Style For Your Skin Tone

So, these were the basic no-makeup beauty tips and tricks that we had prepared to provide you with. The very first thing you need to do is to figure out your exact skin tone and to pass to the search of the suitable tones for accents to have those chic natural and glam makeup looks, being so trendy and popular nowadays!

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