Russian Women Beauty Secrets

Russian Women Beauty Secrets

The beauty of the Russian women has been the greatest source of reflections and mystery throughout quite a long while and many ladies and women have tried to reveal the secrets of their ethereal charm and chic. They are flawless, impeccable, they have the most beautiful leggy legs and slim figures, the perfect skin, hair and face. So what’s the secret of Russian beauties? Today we are going to present some of the basic and the most significant beauty tips from Russian women exclusively for you!

Russian Women Beauty Secrets
First of all this long-lasting and enchanting beauty may be explained by the peculiarities of the lifestyle. Russian women walk more as compared with others and this is one of the primary factors of their being fit. Secondly, the longing for being beautiful irrespective of the natural traits and the existence or the absence of the natural beauty is what the Russian ladies definitely have in their blood! They really go to extreme lengths to present themselves with the most impressive and eye-catching ways possible, and they, in fact, manage to! Their regular visits to spa centers, beauty shops, gyms and other types of beauty and fashion centers secure those impeccable looks firmly and steadily.

As for the wonderful flamboyant style of Russian women (Check out: Most Influential Russian It Girls and Fashion Bloggers), we may add that they have a specific and quite catchy image, described as the conglomeration of garments and designs that reveal and demonstrate their beauty to the full, encompassing high heels, metallic hues and some skinny shapes for the expose of their beautiful and sassy bodies.

Common Russian Women Beauty Tips

Talking about the basic peculiarities of the procedures the Russian women use when perfecting their looks we may note such crazy and unexpected methods as slightly slapping your face when applying makeup, which helps to preserve your skin young, fresh, and healthy for quite a long time. As for makeup in general, you might have already guessed that the Russian ladies are quite fond of makeup. Being almost always naturally gifted with big and charming eyes, they really know how to make them work for the most flabbergasting results. Thus applying heavy coats of mascara and eyeshadow is not untypical of the Russian ladies.

Another natural characteristic feature they possess is the light complexion of the skin, due to which they have the sassiest combinations with bright tones of lipstick as well, which can come with the shades of red and brown, and final touches like lip glosses are not unusual for their everyday looks, either. This accentuates their natural beauty and helps keep the lips safe against the dry and wintry climate of their region.

Details like perfume are not omitted when dealing with the beauty secrets of the Russians, and after Paris, Russia is the second most well-known and cool source of perfection in this aspect.

Russian Women Beauty Secrets
Other secrets referring to the lifestyle we already noted in the beginning may be the activities like swimming, leading an active lifestyle and cycling a lot. These activities secure their physical exercise and by means of this they keep their body slim and fit. As for the traditional diet they follow, the ideal variant is using a lot of root vegetables, which, despite tending to be a bit caloric, really work well for the extra fats. Another fave of the Russians is their traditional range of hot soups mainly coming as veggie ones.

Another natural gift from nature that has been given to them is the useful plants and herbs, namely hops, plantain, nettle and clover, all of which are super helpful for keeping the skin fresh and healthy without exercising some extra efforts for that. Apart from being ultra-useful for the skin, these herbs are also efficient for the scalp, making the hair shiny, voluminous and strong.

Russian Women Beauty Secrets
Apart from this, comparing the situation of the Russian women now and during the times of the Soviet Union, we should first of all talk about the extremely wide access to the world’s most popular and effective beauty products as one of the most important factors of the Russian ladies being so well-groomed and gorgeous. Additional beauty treatments like cosmetic surgery, tattoos and body piercings are also gaining popularity among the young ladies and this is just another reflection of the change of values and ideologies. The drive for being fashionable and stylish is really overwhelming their philosophy and making them long for flawless perfection all the time and for any occasion.

So here were the basic Russian women beauty tips we would like to introduce to your attention hoping that they were helpful for you and for your impeccable looks in the future. Ace it like the Russian girls!

Russian Women Beauty Secrets

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