How to Dye Brows and Eyelashes

How to Dye Brows and Eyelashes

Harmony is one of the primary factors of a woman’s successful looks. If everything is in harmony, then the totally impeccable looks are guaranteed. Thus, if we say flawless harmony we first of all mean the harmony of all the major and minor elements composing a look in general. And such parts as the brows and the eyelashes are some of the most crucial details for the beauty of the face. That’s why we are going to provide you with some basic beauty tips and tricks about how to dye brows and eyelashes in order to complete your ideal looks and not have them irrevocably altered or misstyled. So here we go with the step-by-step instructions!

How to Dye Brows and Eyelashes
Step 1: First of all you need to find out the state of your brows and your lashes and to make sure they are healthy enough for the new processes and applications. They shouldn’t be damaged, weak, etc. This is a must not only because of the fact that the dyeing process will make them even weaker, but also because the color simply won’t stay on them as long as expected and will fall off quite shortly after the application. So it’s important to start with some strengthening treatments and options for growth stimulation before passing to the dyeing proper (Check out: How to Make Eyelashes Grow Naturally).

Step 2: The next step of yours should be the careful scrutiny of the instructions and the descriptions given with the product. It should have been necessarily subjected to dermatological tests and should absolutely correspond to all of the standards existing. Despite the fact that the formulae of the dyeing products for brows and lashes differ from that of the options for hair, still picking the not corresponding types for your skin may cause problems, like inflammations and allergic reactions.

Step 3: Choose the tones of the brows and the lashes wisely. This is also critical for the successful outcomes and you need to be really careful and cautious when picking the colors that suit you. Thus, you need to make the brows a tone darker than your hair and the lashes a tone darker than the brows. This is the key for the most natural and beautiful looks. Some really catchy combinations may be created with the help of matching light tones of hair with much darker tones of brows. Another super attractive yet a bit risky combination may be created with the help of picking some reddish shades for the brows if there are any in the color plays of your hair. However, in case you’d rather avoid such risky choices, you may adhere to shades like brown and darker tones like black. In addition, if you accidentally made your brows darker than you wanted, you can also lighten them using the products almost all of the retailers of dyeing products provide you with.

How to Dye Brows and Eyelashes
Step 4: It is not recommended carrying out procedures like dyeing right after waxing the brows. Your skin is uber-sensitive then and the color may get into the open pores and micro pores and cause infections.

Step 5: Don’t follow the general and traditional recipes to dye your brows and lashes. Rather look and study carefully the instructions given on the package and try to find the exact shape that you need taking into account that the shade you get as a result of mixing the paint with water is going to acquire a darker hue after the application. The time required waiting after the application is 10 minutes for the lashes and 3-6 for the brows on average.

Step 6: Post-application procedures that come right after are generally meant to preserve the shade as long as possible. On average one dyeing procedure is enough for some 3-4 months. The colors fade away gradually and to prolong this process you need to keep the contacts with cleaning means and products as minimal as possible. Of course, this doesn’t mean you will have to cut down on using treatments for the brows and the lashes. You can still use the strengthening ones and those providing some stimulation for their growth. For instance, using castor oil is a great way of making them stronger and healthier and for gifting them with a natural glow.

So just try to follow these steps as much as possible and the results will really surprise you coming as the ideally dyed eyebrows and eyelashes. Just give them a try!

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