Army Girl Style: How to Wear the Military Fashion Trend

Army Girl Style: How to Wear the Military Fashion Trend

The military style is probably one of the most interesting and noteworthy trends existing in the fashion world. This is the case when the manly influences proved to be super effective for accentuating the femininity and the uber-alluring silhouettes of the garments. Dressing up like the men, women also solved the problem of the contrast, which acted as an effective factor in creating the overall daring and charming images. Certainly, the trend we are talking about is the army style, inspired and reflected by camouflage prints, army inspired footwear, and overall, masculine resembling looks. So let us have a look at the most specific details of this trend, accentuating the main style tips and tricks that are especially recommended to opt for, when trying to wear the army-inspired garment combinations. It’s high time to learn how to wear the military fashion trend in a creative and outstanding way, creating looks that do make the heads turn!

Army Girl Style: How to Wear the Military Fashion Trend
Where The Military Style Comes From

The military style came into existence after the WW1, and this is explained by the fact that during the military actions the tailoring companies only accepted the orders of military uniforms and had a deficiency of causal garments. During the ’60s, hippies were the first to dress up in the military style. At that time this was a sign of protest against the Vietnam War. In addition, its popularity was especially going to the peak in ’80s, during which the features of the common day military style were shaped and the influence of this style also increased in women’s clothing.

The Main Characteristics of Military Style

The primary reason of opting for army style clothing pieces is the comfort the military uniforms generally have. Thus combining these factors with the overall feminine silhouettes, we have what is called the army girl style. Another advantage of these looks is their universality for the age, being suitable for any age.

The most important thing about military fashion is preserving the balance and the harmony of the details. The main army shades are the tones of khaki, grey, and brown, coming in the most diverse combinations. Matching these shades with some other brighter and catchier tones is not really recommended, though experiments are always welcome if you want to. As for the accessories like headwear, you can pick a camouflage cap, or a high fur hat with a short pile.

One of the most popular stylish pairs of the military looks is the one with sporty details, creating some very suitable options for walks in the countryside, some activities like hitch hiking, archeological excavations, and walks through the jungles. Though there are no rigid restrictions about the amount of the garments and the accessories of camouflage prints that are to be combined, certain moderate amount is recommended.

Footwear is also important here acting as a play pair for the garments. The classy and cute sandals may become a great complementation to such looks. For the top comfy and cool looks, you may also match the military style with casual, thus creating some unique and creative options for everyday wear. The boots of this style are generally very high, adorned with some specific details. If your aim is to create a feminine look, you need to pick the booties. For a daring look pick high, leather military boots adorned with spurs, chains or buttons. For casual looks of ladylike images the lace up options will be ideal.

How to Wear the Military Fashion Trend
Also, it is important not to overuse the outerwear options, which in case of being chosen wisely may create an overall catchy effect for any season and event. Another tip to follow is creating certain color diversity to avoid seeming boring and monotonous.

Matching the military pieces with the top elegant feminine dresses is a great way of creating the catchy counterbalance of the outfits that the most creative and outstanding looks of yours require. Another great idea to opt for is using the military details for creating some informal outfits, thus having suitable looks for such a great diversity of event as a bikers’ party or a rock concert. The clue underlying the success of such looks is that military elements are among the core points of many subcultures and trends. The accessories have a key role in the military style too, creating the stylish influence you want to make. Metallic options are especially important in this aspect. Silver or golden buttons arranged with one or several rows, zippers, belts, shoulder straps, etc. are all included in this range.

How to Wear the Military Fashion Trend
Finally, there are also a couple of examples about what and how you’d better not do with this style. First of all, don’t overuse the military elements, opting for an all-military option, which is probably suitable for a costumes’ party but not for casual wear. Also, there is no need to opt for some baggy garments, especially if they are chosen with not that correct color shades.

Basic Styles of Military Fashion

All in all, there are two basic directions of military style, around which the looks are formed: festive and casual.

Festive Military Style Direction

Talking about this direction, the main things we need to point out is the overall festive military inclination that the garments have, coming with strict lines and forms. The jackets have a range of strictly ordered buttons and details like brushes, shoulder straps and epaulettes.

Causal Military Style Direction

As for the casual military style, the basic concentration is the camouflage prints or the traditional monotone textures of the green shade or khaki. The casual garments of this style are often encompassing pieces like pants with simple forms, T-shirts, shirts with lapels and outer pockets.

Other styles of military fashion include the following:

High-Military Style

This style includes such garments, which present exemplars of clothing of the highest military positions. As for the basic features, characteristic details like high collars, all buttoned outerwear, strict shoulder lines, black, brown, or khaki shades can be noted. This style is meant to copy the looks of military origin absolutely. The modern options only imitate those looks adding some modern fabrics or details. Such garments are completed with silk ribbons, belts and ties. Many details are made of satin, which makes them more feminine.

Camouflage Style

The key detail of this direction as you might have guessed is the camouflage print. The modern designers use this pattern for handbags, tops, outerwear garments and even for lingerie. This pattern has something rude and at the same time a stylish flair about it. It has become a modern trend used for children’s clothing, as well as interior designs too.

Youthful Military Style

Finally, as for the youthful military style, we can note that this direction dates back to the times of hippies. And now as well, this has been preserved as a revolting style. The details of this style are compatible with other styles like vintage, for instance.

How to Pick a Military Coat

The military accents are the key details that identify this kind of coats. Those can be the broad shoulders, the Hussar styled accessories and the khaki shade. The latter is quite controversial shade and it needs to be picked and handled carefully. Brunettes, for instance, need to pick some bright and saturated tones, while the blondes need some more muted tones (Check out: Best Clothing Colors for Brunettes).

The frock coat is also having a moment right now, which has a body-conscious shape accentuated with some voluminous details at the back. The strictness is reflected with the help of high collars, lapels and shiny buttons, matched with wide belts or shoulder straps.

Combine the incompatible is the principle of picking a military coat. A classy model with golden design patterns and shoulder straps goes perfectly with jeans and skinny pants, while the stylish booties make the image aggressively feminine. The voluminous frock coats go well with floral, bright jeans and flat boots. Strict coats can be worn with lace skirts and high boots on heels.

So take these military style tips into account when opting for an army girl look next time, and be the most eye-catching and outstanding person in the crowd!

How to Wear the Military Fashion Trend

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