Things To Start and To Stop Doing In Your Beauty Routine

Things To Start and To Stop Doing In Your Beauty Routine

Your beauty daily routine is the most important thing that makes up your look. So if you keep it correct and healthy you will have the equally healthy and beautiful looks. There is a number of things you keep doing during your routine and another range of things you never do. Still, some of the former may not be recommended and what you don’t do may sometimes be necessary for good results. That’s why here we are going to speak about the basic beauty do’s and don’ts for you to figure out what you should start and what you’d better stop doing in your beauty routine!

Things To Start and To Stop Doing In Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Dos To Give a Try

Thus, first of all we may talk about the basic dos you can add into your beauty routine, if you haven’t done that yet.

1. The very first thing that will fill in the gap of creativity is experimenting in terms of makeup and hair. Never be afraid of going for some experiments and cool tricks. The only time that we wouldn’t advise you to do this is right before an important event. In order to prevent the results that you might not like that much before an important occasion, don’t experiment with anything. Still, if there isn’t anything significant and serious in the future, just be bold and go for the most diverse and crazy changes to try yourself in various styles and images.

2. Curl your lashes to get an extra accent on their beautiful looks. Get a nice and high-quality curler with metallic details and go for the perfection to simply have it!

3. Work on defining your brows and making them look catchier and better. You can do that successfully with a powder, a pencil, gels or other products (Check out: How to Fill In Eyebrows).

4. Take care of your body both from the inside and outside to get ideal looks. Keep your organism healthy and fit to have that healthy glow everywhere! It is also important to drink lots of water to enable your organism get rid of toxins and waste.

5. Pay attention to the areas around your eyes. Treat them with a special cream for nice and ideal looks.

6. Choose the beauty products wisely. Think over the type of your skin, hair, etc., to be able to pick the exact beauty products for you. For instance, when choosing a shampoo try to figure out its compatibility with your hair type, picking some richer options with a conditioner for dry hair, some milder options for normal hair and the mildest for oily.

7. Opt for some tinted moisturizers to keep your skin nicely accentuated and glowy, hiding the imperfections and highlighting the pluses.

8. Pay an utmost attention to exfoliating. You can do this with a number of ways, starting with tools like brushes and peels and finishing with exfoliating masks and other products. This is one of the primary secrets to flawless looks.

9. When it comes to picking mascara, try to have it waterproof especially for the lower lids. The latter also require some accents so the best looks may be created this way.

10. Finally, try to develop the beauty routine according to your needs and preferences and not based on others’ advice. Figure out what’s best for you and follow that regimen strictly to have the perfect results.

What To Do And What Not To In Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Don’ts to Stay Away From

Passing to beauty don’ts we can talk about the following points, some of you might be doing quite frequently.

1. Try to avoid accentuating your lower lids too heavily. This way you kind of pull your eyes down and also make them visually smaller. Even when making a smokey eye look, you shouldn’t put too much emphasis here.

2. Try to avoid using beauty products containing chemical elements or sunscreen. Instead you may use some made of natural chemical-free sunscreen in order to protect your body and skin. The chemical-free options don’t let the sunscreen penetrate into the skin, reflecting it, while the others neutralize its effect after the penetration.

3. Don’t dye your hair if you haven’t conditioned it well enough. You can’t avoid hair breakage and loss when doing this. In other case you can bravely and confidently go for any color matching your complexion!

4. Don’t go to extreme lengths with tweezing your eyebrows! Having brows resembling the logo of Nike or not having them at all is definitely not a good idea!

5. Never ever use too heavy makeup. Apart from looking unnatural, you also risk to damage your skin.

6. Don’t use expired and old makeup tools. Generally, they contain a huge number of bacteria, which will cause infections and will just not work right and proficient enough.

7. Never use bronzer all over the face for the imitation of tan. Applying some highlights with a fluffy brush is way a better idea. Otherwise you may also use some matte bronzer to highlight the areas around the cheekbones, the temples and the hairline.

8. Don’t avoid investing in beauty products and tools. For instance, don’t economize our money using one brush for everything. Put aside some extra money and get all the options you might need in order to have equally effective results for everything instead of not sufficient ones when using one for all.

9. Don’t use shades, which will highlight your imperfections. Try to conceal them with the contrasting shades. For instance, try to avoid greys and black for eyeshadows, if hiding dark circles is one of your aims.

10. Avoid tanning and sunburn as much as possible. Despite the fact that it looks super sassy and effective it does harm your skin a lot. So just try to cut down on that.

Thus these were the basic beauty tips and tricks that we wanted to present here. We do hope you will follow them and will perfect your daily beauty routine as much possible. That’s the start of everything else!

What To Do And What Not To In Your Beauty Routine

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