Quick Fixes of Common Beauty Mistakes

Quick Fixes of Common Beauty Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes and this refers to beauty as well. And yes, there is a number of beauty mistakes, which at times need to be fixed very quickly, despite the fact that most likely you will get into panic trying to find the way out of that embarrassing situation. So we are here to help you with some quick fixes of common beauty mistakes almost all of us make sometimes.

Quick Fixes of Common Beauty Mistakes

1. That Ugly Night Manicure

This can’t but have happened to you at least once. Trying to fix the ugly and imperfect manicure you’ve left for the night before and applied right before going to bed, the best way is evening out the wrinkles with a buffing block and applying a second layer of color to the bare parts of the nails.

2. When Applying a Conditioner, Don’t Do That for All Over the Hair

This is another common and widespread mistake many ladies are in the habit of repeating. To prevent that oily and greasy look, you just need to start applying the conditioner at your ears moving to the ends. In this way you’ll be able to have the volume and not have to wash your hair that often.

3. If There’s Red Lipstick on Your Teeth

Felt this? We’re pretty sure you did! And in order to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon, you’ll need a tissue to which you need to press you lips letting them blot. Afterwards just stick your forefinger in your mouth and pull it out removing the extra lipstick from the inside of the lips. You can also use some Vaseline on the lips to make it impossible for the lipstick to adhere to the teeth.

4. If That’s Not the Color You Picked for Your Hair

Experimenting may lead you to quite frustrating results, especially if you’re not attentive enough during the process. One of such consequences may be the wrong shade of your hair, which is, indeed, frustrating at times. So if nothing else can be done in that short period of time you may simply hide the problematic parts, opting for hairdos like messy knots or ponytails.

Quick Fixes of Common Beauty Mistakes

5. If Eyeshadow Keeps Falling Down On Your Cheeks

In order to avoid this frustrating and sometimes quite time-consuming problem you need to hold a tissue over your cheeks to avoid having the drops of eyeshadow on the makeup and foundation.

6. Those Hickeys!

Too common, too frustrating, too hard to deal with! This curious and at times irritating types of hematomas need to be treated as such. Thus, using some lasers can be the 100% effective and efficient way of getting rid of them. Still, if you don’t have time even for that, you may conceal them, applying some yellowy-greenish cream to it in order to mix with the maroon and to pat it with a brush to soften the edges. You can finish all off with a shimmery powder.

7. Just Look at Those Deodorant Marks on Your Clothes!

To quickly and efficiently remove these marks from your clothes you just need a dryer sheet to get rid of those white marks. Otherwise, remove the garment and rub the two pieces of the marked area against each other.

8. If the Pillow Doesn’t Want to Let You Go and Leaves Those Marks All Over Your Face for Revenge!

Just fight it back using a gentle micro-exfoliating cleanser, succeeded by a moisturizing mask to revitalize the skin. Otherwise you may also use a face massage. An ice-cold washcloth is another way out.

9. That Blush Is…. Ermm… Too Much

In this case you can just dust the extra proportions away or use a translucent powder over the cheeks to diffuse the color. In case you’re wearing a cream blush, you can use a slight layer of foundation over the extra pieces of blush.

10. Panic Caused by Rash Caused by an Aggressive Face Mask

If you’re not allergic, this is way better to solve. If you don’t have antihistamine like Benadryl at hand, you can use a DIY treatment made with cold milk compress and ice cubes. A 5% hydrocortisone tropical cream twice a day is the necessary finish.

So it’s not as hard as you thought! Just don’t get into panic and try to think and act reasonably in case of any beauty problem and you’ll find the solutions way quicker!

Quick Fixes of Common Beauty Mistakes

Photos courtesy of Elle, Fashionising

Written by Rima Kh.
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