Copied and We Know It: Best High-End Fashion Pieces You Can Get At a Lower Price Now

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Alexander Wang Parental Advisory Shirt Copies

All of us have probably had that sneaking feeling when seeing the sumptuous and chic pieces of fashion giants come and invade the runways of the most popular fashion weeks urging us to have this or that particular garment or piece but not actually affording it. But wait! The solution is closer and easier than you think! We can already point out a number of copied variants of the most eye-catching and important signature pieces of the world’s most influential and stunning fashion houses. Coming as the cheaper alternative for those accessories and garments many high-street fashion brands come to our rescue presenting some options having almost identical designs, but, of course, presented at a lower price! So let’s have a look at the best designer inspired pieces copied by high-street fashion retailers that we managed to find out and note.

Zara Crocodile Pattern Leather Handbag Can Be Your Chanel Boy Bag!

This sumptuous and chic accessory from Zara is the evident copy of Chanel’s boy bag being of the most noteworthy signature pieces of Chanel. Coming with slight differences in terms of using crocodile patterns instead of the quilted pattern, Zara presents a cool alternative for enjoying the benefits of this look.

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Chanel Boy Bag Copied by Zara

SuiteBlanco Skirt That You Wanted To Get From Alberta Ferretti!

Another super stunning copy expressing the most direct and vivid vibes of another fashion giant’s creation is the stripy skirt with tones of pink, red, and white, which come with almost identical patterns with the skirt we noted during Alberta Ferretti’s spring 2014 fashion show! Luxurious and affordable is what this look can be best defined with!

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Alberta Ferretti Striped Skirt Copied by SuiteBlanco

Zara Skirts with Pleated Hemline Carry The Breath of VB

Another super creative and noteworthy copy we would like to talk about is the pleated hemline of some of black and white skirts and dresses presented by Zara and copying the style of the skirts we saw during the Victoria Beckham spring/summer 2014 fashion show in New York! This creative design solution is thus what can make your looks fresh and elegant with a single touch!

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Victoria Beckham Copied by Zara

H&M Fringed Handbag Screams Gucci

Talking about the ingenious copies, we can’t but also speak about the fringed handbag we saw among the pieces of H&M being the evident copies of the shimmery reptile-skin adorned fringed bags of Gucci. Thus an access to another luxurious and great piece has been granted to us!

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Gucci Bag Copied by H&M

Zara Ugly Shoes Inspired By Isabel Marant

Zara is quite popular with its clones from fashion giants, and another absolutely trend-setting piece has been borrowed from the collection of Isabel Marant, in case of which we had T-strap sandals adorned with some metallic O-rings and a flat platform. Looking at Zara’s clone we discover an altered version of the ugly shoes trend set by Marant, which still preserves the basic design solutions.

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Isabel Marant Sandals Copied by Zara

ASOS Plaid Sneakers Are So Celine!

If you are wondering about where you may get the retro-inspired checkered sneakers that stunned everyone during the show of Celine, ASOS knows what to do! It’s absolutely identical and the only difference you may find here is probably the quality. But still, this is a really nice alternative for picking this style.

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Celine Slip Ons Copied by ASOS

Zara Fringed Sandals Remind of Marni!

Combining the two megatrends of the season being the fringed details and the sandals, we have the absolutely stunning sandals by Marni, which have been skillfully copied and altered by Zara again! Getting them for about ten times cheaper, you will be able to enjoy the stylish and cool looks of yours to the full!

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Marni Sandals Copied by Zara

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

Presenting the next stunning and cool trend put forward by Alexander Wang first, we come to the text-printed shirts of black and white shades, combining the advantages of these color plays and setting a fresh trend into fashion. Still, you again have the chance to have these pieces without spending sky-high amounts of money on just one. You may choose between the clones by Storets, Mango, and H&M.

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Alexander Wang Parental Advisory Shirt Copies

Zara Bejeweled Clutch Bears The Name of Mawi

Another flabbergasting and blindingly chic thing has been presented by Mawi, which, despite being comparably new to the fashion world, already has its army of followers including many celebs and famous people. So if we speak about clones, the interpretation of Zara is worth mentioning, since despite excluding the all-glittery textures, this clutch still has the big jewels adorning it.

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Mawi Clutch Copied By Zara

Zara/ Chloe Golden Sandals

Going on with the most impressive and catchy copies we come to the interpretation of Chloe golden sandals again carried out by Zara. These two versions looks have so much in common that if you don’t remember every single detail about the original, you can hardly differentiate one from another. So yes, it’s chic and it’s cheaper again. Thanks Zara!

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Chloe Golden Sandals Copied By Zara

The Transparent Pencil Skirts of Burberry Are Zara Too!

The Burberry spring/summer 2014 show was marked by the use of lots of transparency and lace details, mainly coming as beautiful see-through pastel pencil skirts! So as you enter a Zara store, you are sure to come across a baby blue variant of these skirts at much an affordable price tag. The fresh green, blackberry and yellow Zara skirts can also be a great choice for you, in case you long for Burberry!

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Burberry Lace Pencil Skirt Copied By Zara

The Extra-Big Chanel Pearl Bracelet Is Available at Zara Too!

One of the most iconic Chanel pieces, the pearl detail in jewelry designs came super-huge this spring and it was as big as attracted the attention of Zara too! Instead of spending an entire fortune for getting any of Chanel’s pearl bracelets, save your money and get an affordable one at Zara!

So here were the basic fashion clones and copies of the new season we would like to introduce to you. In case you wanted any of these luxurious and expensive pieces but didn’t dare to, these alternatives are really suitable and cool for you. We do hope we managed to help you with your choices and to secure your fresh and good looks!

Best Designer Clothes At Affordable Prices 2014: Chanel Pearl Bracelet Copied By Zara

Photos courtesy of Zara, Blanco, H&M, Stylebistro

Written by Rima Kh.
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