Celeb Inspired Chic Singe-Strand Braids to Fall In Love With

Celeb Inspired Chic Singe-Strand Braids to Fall In Love With

If you’re in search of maximum creative hairstyle options, which will also allow you to practice some of your DIY skills, then the singe-strand braids are definitely the exact pick for you! Apart from offering some extra fabulous hairstyle alternatives, these hairdo types are also possible to create by yourselves, in case of a bit practice and will! So here we have a list of the most effective and fabulous single-strand braided hairstyles observed with the looks of celebrities, intended to become your best inspiration sources (Don’t miss: Top 70 Braids and Plaits)!

Celeb Inspired Chic Singe-Strand Braids to Fall In Love With

High-Standing Chic

Selena Gomez comes first in our list, having been observed with the teased braid option of hers. This style is peculiar with its voluminous crown and the high-on-head position for the ultimately chic results.

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Selena Gomez

Minimum Efforts for Maximum Elegance? Of Course!

Bella Thorne presents a super creative and just as effective variant of a relaxed and natural hairstyle, which has been miraculously turned into a real red-carpet hairdo. What we see here is the loose side braid just effortlessly bringing some parts of the hair together, while the rest is left loose and untidy on the sides. Easy to make, hard to stop staring at!

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Bella Thorne

Sophisticated and Attractive

Chloe Grace Moretz presents her own version of true elegance, choosing a very sophisticated yet tremendously chic hairstyle, consisting of multiple braids woven together into one tousled and ultra-romantic braid, which will not leave anyone listless!

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Chloe Grace Moretz

Braids Meet Ponytail

What AnnaSophia Robb suggests doing with the braids is blending them with low ponytail finish so that you can have the two main advantages in one. The classic French braid thus comes with the cute low ponytail, and the results of this mix are truly unexpected and cool.

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: AnnaSophia Robb

Casual and Just Cute

Elizabeth Olsen comes up with another creative and cute solution for the comfiest hairstyle option for you being the loose side braid, which needs nothing else to complete its naturally chic and effective look.

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Elizabeth Olsen

When Extravagant Is Mildly Put

Erin Wasson presents one of the boldest solution for braided hairstyles, blending the shapes of a high-on-head bun, which is made of a simple braid, the finishes of which are left loose to form a ponytail. All this is finished up with a wide headband.

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Erin Wasson

Just Another Option for Loose Effect

Kristen Stewart is quite popular with the braid options, too. One of them is a single-stranded type, having a wavy style and some hanging front hair for framing the face.

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Kristen Stewart

When Cute Is Also Casual

Anna Kendrick shows one of the typically creative styles of hers, this time put as her own way of creating a single-strand braid. Here it has the shape of an absolutely common, yet very cute side braid, with some details of the relaxed attitude and super girly looks.

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Anna Kendrick

You Say Chic, We Say Braids!

Probably one of the most proficient and spectacular types of this hairstyle has been observed with the one by Jennifer Morrison. In her case, we can see a very delicate design of braids, which starts as a one-sided crown French braid, and later joins the bigger ponytail formed on the same side. This is both effective and super creative, besides being quite real to create on your own.

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Jennifer Morrison

The Top of Sophisticated Goes Here

Though it is seemingly intricate, yet the results and impressions it produces are really hard to omit. Allison Williams’s choice is the multi-layered and complicated braids, joint at the back of the head and elongated into a ponytail for the finish. Though this requires some efforts, the results are worth that!

So look through these awesome variants of single-strand braids and get inspired to create one of your own, which becomes a real fresh change for your looks and your mood, why not!

Celebrity Single-Strand Braided Hairstyles: Allison Williams

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