How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

The creative shapes and designs are, indeed, endless, and each of them requires mastering the general rules of compatibility with other garments, not talking about the overall principles of choosing the colors for each garment. Wide-leg pants are a very spectacular aspect in this respect, being one of the most creative and cute pieces for emphasizing your elegance at the same time adorning your looks with a specific manly influence for the best effect. To look like a trendsetter fashioniser, follow the basic style tips and rules on how to wear wide leg pants, and what to pair with them!

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants
The overall relaxed silhouettes wide-legged pants have presuppose that they are suitable for the spring/summer season. Still, opting for this type you shouldn’t absolutely forget about the skinny options, either, combining the looks made of each for the appropriate and relevant occasions. So if you want to create some good-looking combination using wide-leg pants, the very first thing you should remember is that there is absolutely no need to follow the stereotypical idea about this type of pants being suitable exclusively for tall women. Just the contrary, it may become a super effective way of visually making you even taller, if you match the pants with the correct shapes and accessories. Thus, opting for a high waist option is the first step. For the second, you may also style your looks with a belt, which will nicely accentuate your waist. Matching these silhouettes with the full flare and the tight fitting top are also great do’s in this respect.
Especially if you have the pear type figure (Check out: Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Body), you may visually make the hips look narrower with these pants. Also you may match your wide-leg pants with some heels or wedges, stiletto shoes, or platform versions if you want to look taller. If you’re tall enough, peep-toe sandals, pointy toe flats, and ballet flats are the do for you. Also, don’t forget to counterbalance the loose shapes of the pants with something tight fitting for the top.
Talking about the shapes, we may choose between the high waist and low waist options. As we mentioned above, the first are ideal for accentuating the waist and making the hips look narrower. In this respect, you may try matching these options with cropped tops, creating some very nice and catchy looks. On the other hand, the low-waist options allow some more versatile approach, enabling you to match them with some loose and relaxed tops, and also make some experiments with the textures and designs. The most diverse cuts and drapings are applicable here, from pleats and solid textures to floor sweeping and weightlessly sheer options. The choice of the fabrics is accordingly versatile in this respect. Satin, wool, silk and even crepe are all go variants.

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants
In addition, you need to think over the styles and principles according to which you may create you stylish combinations. There are certain compatible options involving the wide-leg pants. The first is putting these pants into some minimalistic looks, matching them with cropped tops (Learn: How to Wear Cropped Tops) and even such pieces as a bandeau. The vice versa principle works, too, and can be put with the catchy and lavishly picked prints and patterns.
Further, as the general style of the pants implies, wide-legged pants will look great with some proportions of the manly inspirations, which can be created with some oversized blazers, topping classy shirts or bandeaus. Being half-tucked, you may make the pants more visible. Also you may play with the deep side parting for your hairstyle or the good-looking wavy looks for the best match.
On the other hand, there are some styles of wide-leg pants that will work best when combined with sporty vibes. In this respect, opting for the universal bandeaus, or a sporty halter-top may be a good idea. As for the footwear, platform options will be the best here. In order to make some experiments, you may combine the platform with flip-flops. A low ponytail and some cool sunglasses may be the best final touches.
Finally, the classiest of all can be the enhanced feminine looks, which seem to be hard to achieve with these pants. Still, it is quite possible if using the right design clues and combos. Thus, opting for some delicate tops like lace, ruffles, or classic shirts may be an essential step here, just like the killer heels, some cute flats, or striking platforms. Floral prints and embroideries add some extra chic, which is best complemented with feminine hairstyles and some pinky makeup, especially for the lips.

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants
Talking about the colors, the very first option we should note is ethereal white, and the everlasting mystique black. Going for more modern and creative looks, you may also try experimenting with earthy shades, tones of blue and green, and some hues of red. Pastel shades (Check out: How to Wear Pastel Colors) may prove to be useful in this respect, too.
So don’t hesitate to opt for these ultra-modern and classy pieces, which in case of being implemented correctly, will gift you with the most dumbfounding looks ever!

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