Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women

Each hairstyle has its certain advantages and peculiarities that require being taken into account when picking your new hairdo option. One of the most capricious and at the same time versatile options is the bob hairstyle, which gives you an opportunity to experiment with such looks, the possibilities of which you probably might not have with longer hair. So here we have gathered together some celeb-inspired top 50 bob hairstyles for you, in order to provide you with some more and creative variants to think over.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women

1. Rebecca Romijn Bob Hairstyles

The first look we would like to present is the classic and natural bob of Rebecca Romijn, who combined the short shaggy bob of hers with the cute golden hues of her hair, having some darker shades for the roots, all finished with the classic central parting.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Rebecca Romijn

2. Kara Tointon Bob Hairstyles

Popular TV star Kara Tointon presents another interesting bob variation, which apart from being quite good-looking also suggests a nice way to shorten visually the medium height of your hair. She opted for lavish and voluminous curls, to make her brunette locks look shorter, but no less cuter, putting them into a charming brunette bob.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Kara Tointon

3. Alice Eve Bob Hairstyles

Like in case of all other styles, bob looks do not eschew retro touches, either. So one of the most memorable options is suggested by charming Alice Eve, who opted for an under curled faux bob, adorned with a side parting, and very impressively shiny golden shades. This is a perfect playmate for the catchy makeup options, too.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Alice Eve

4. Mia Wasikowska Bob Hairstyles

For the most charming results, you may try experimenting with the bob hairstyle matching it with bangs. This is the pick of cute Mia Wasikowska, too, who has been spotted with the sweet chin length brunette bob of hers, with side split bangs and some effortlessly wavy finishes.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Mia Wasikowska

5. Milla Jovovich Bob Hairstyles

Going on with the bob plus bangs looks, we can’t but also mention the messy looks suggested by Milla Jovovich, one of the red carpet looks of whom is thoroughly based on the messy and effortless principles, applied both to the bob and to the bangs. The smokey eyes accompanying this look are another ideal playmate for the red carpet luxury effect.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Milla Jovovich

6. Julianne Hough Bob Hairstyles

What beautiful Julianne Hough opted for in case of her bob is the straight design with very subtle wavy finishes. The dip dye effect applied to her shiny sun-kissed hair is the exact detail for complementing her chic look.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Julianne Hough

7. Zooey Deschanel Bob Hairstyles

Zooey Deschanel comes next, presenting a super awesome alternative of a faux bob (Learn: How to Style Faux Bob Hairstyle), which appears adorned with some curly finishes and side swept shapes. The pin used for fastening one side is Zooey’s pick for acting as a final brushstroke to her sophisticated faux bob.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Zooey Deschanel

8. Arizona Muse Bob Hairstyles

Be creative like Arizona Muse! The popular models’ suggestion for bob alternatives comes as the spectacular side parting used for the impressive classic blonde hair of hers. This is a very easy and chic way of making your bob look creative and just cute.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Arizona Muse

9. Edie Campbell Bob Hairstyles

Another sweet and gorgeous variant of bob is presented by Edie Campbell, who opted for the classic and a bit old-fashioned bob variant, which suggests the classy straight chin-length bob with the light bangs and slight touches of messiness.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Edie Campbell

10. Michelle Dockery Bob Hairstyles

Another example of chic bob hairstyle is presented by Michelle Dockery, who opted for a very effective side parted hairdo, with the gently undercurled side hair and glossy finishes. One of the best variants of presenting the bob hairstyle is thus the classiest one!

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Michelle Dockery

11. Patricia Arquette Bob Hairstyles

Here comes the next transformation of the classic bob, this time by Patricia Arquette, who opted for the minimalistic looks again, leaving her hair straight and smooth, adorning the look with some side sweep hints, too.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Patricia Arquette

12. January Jones Bob Hairstyles

Just another retro inspired look! Here we have a Betty Draper reminding option with the peculiar finger wavy hair, the traditional side sweep, and the glam finishes like jewelry and chic makeup. Going even further with the retro-inspired looks, she also presents the slightly curly style for the tips, finished with side parted design and asymmetrical touches.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: January Jones

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: January Jones

13. Cobie Smulders Bob Hairstyles

Cobie Smulders is the next exemplification of feminine chic, presenting the voluminous with luxurious bob hairstyle of hers, suggesting some delicate, yet a bit messy curls, side parting, and overall super impressive red carpet looks for top bob made options.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Cobie Smulders

14. Christina Hendricks Bob Hairstyles

Christina Hendricks opted for the following creative and cute bob alternative, in her case put as the gently worked out finger curls, the charming side parted design and the unforgettable copper shade of her hair.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Christina Hendricks

15. Claire Danes Bob Hairstyles

If you are not ready to take risks having your hair cut into a bob, then there is a huge variety of faux bob alternatives for you, like the one by Claire Danes, who has been spotted having the side parted and luxurious blonde faux bob option.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Claire Danes

16. Rebecca Hall Bob Hairstyles

Side-swept styles seem to be quite popular for the bob hairdos. The following impressive look is suggested by Rebecca Hall, featuring a naturally wavy bob, emphasized with the color plays of brown, black, and copper, and being a cool accompaniment for natural makeup, too.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Rebecca Hall

17. Rita Ora Bob Hairstyles

The strict and straight short bob of Rita Ora is especially dramatic and cool with the curious side parting of hers, adding some more luxury and glam to her looks.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Rita Ora

18. Naomi Watts Bob Hairstyles

A simple, yet skillfully put option of bob is presented with the look of Naomi Watts, who suggests having a classic central parted option suitable for such shades as the platinum blonde of hers.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Naomi Watts

19. Olivia Munn Bob Hairstyles

Another super impressive and elegant option is suggested by Olivia Munn, who opted for a tousled hairdo, with curly finishes and super glossy black hair for ultimate chic effect. Olivia also suggests a straight hairdo option, in case of which we see a straight side parting and ultra-straight jet-black shade, matched with the natural makeup.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Olivia Munn

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Olivia Munn

20. Jennifer Lawrence Bob Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence’s pick for the Christian Dior Haute Couture fashion show stopped on the ultra-straight bob, with side swept bangs and nice color plays of blonde shades.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Jennifer Lawrence

21. Karlie Kloss Bob Hairstyles

VS Angel Karlie Kloss offers her idea of bob hairdo, putting it curly and wavy, on the background of a chopped bob, and with classic straight bangs, the overall looks of which are ideal for the impressive smokey eye effect and the glossy lips of hers.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Karlie Kloss

22. Katharine McPhee Bob Hairstyles

The super impressive bob is what Katharine McPhee was observed with for the Clinique event in NY. The dip dye was combined with the wavy looks, and put with memorable pinky lips and rosy cheeks for maximum charming looks. Another option of hers suggests an undercurled and side-parted look, with nicely styled bangs on one side, too.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Katherine McPhee

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Katherine McPhee

23. Sky Ferreira Bob Hairstyles

This is another creative alternative to experiment with when deciding what to make your bob look like. Sky Ferreira suggests cutting it sharp and styling with a side sweep, making sure to have side swept bangs and some part of it on the other side, too. Volume also matters a lot in this look.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Sky Ferreira

24. Mandy Moore Bob Hairstyles

The luxurious wavy look of Mandy Moore’s medium sized bob is also easy to create at home. All you need is to use an iron after washing and drying your hair, applying the curls to all over your bob for voluminous and chic effect.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Mandy Moore

25. Brittany Snow Bob Hairstyles

The effortlessly put bob looks go on, as we see another bright exemplification by Brittany Snow. She picked an all wavy voluminous do for the super short blonde bob of hers, adoring the look with some touches of the messy effect.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Brittany Snow

26. Marion Cotillard Bob Hairstyles

If you want some more variations of faux bob hairstyles, then have a nosey at Marion Cotillard’s look for the Cannes 2013. Here we have a delicately side parted version of a faux bob, with cute undercurled finishes, accompanied by attractive fuchsia lipstick for the maximum effective results. Marion also offers an alternative for straight hair lovers, putting her bob with an asymmetrical sleek option with side parting and very charming finishes with natural makeup spotted at the SAG Awards 2013.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Marion Cotillard

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Marion Cotillard

27. Nicole Richie Bob Hairstyles

Nicole Richie presents an elongated version of a bob hairstyle, adorning it with a zigzag parting and subtle touches of effortlessness. The hairdo she got as a result is suitable for parties and casual looks, too.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Nicole Richie

28. Emily Blunt Bob Hairstyles

Here comes the super creative and absolutely charming option by Emily Blunt. For her perfect red carpet look, she opted for a layered bob, with some wavy framing front hair, and an amazing auburn with chestnut shade.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Emily Blunt

29. Kimberley Walsh Bob Hairstyles

The two in one principle got its expression as the duo of dip-dye with wavy bob for Kimberley Walsh. The cute golden finishes picked for the tips match the nude pinky makeup of hers ideally.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Kimberley Walsh

30. Jessie J Bob Hairstyles

Naturally chic looks get a new interpretation with Jessie J’s ultra-stunning bob. Here we have a central-parted sleek bob with some face-framing hair and slightly undercurled tips for the maximum impressive looks. The next variation of Jessie J’s hairstyles presents a retro-inspired finger wavy do with a classy side parting this time.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Jessy J

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Jessy J

31. Alexa Chung Bob Hairstyles

Introducing a huge variety of any style with the bob version, Alexa Chung comes up with a super impressive do, for which she managed to create a 90s’ inspired effortless look with side swept bangs and messy touches.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Alexa Chung

32. Cameron Diaz Bob Hairstyles

Another effortless with chic bob hairstyle is suggested by Cameron Diaz, who made a great combo of platinum blonde hair and striking blue eyes of hers, opting for an effortless side swept bob, matching the rosy makeup of hers so well!

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Cameron Diaz

33. Fearne Cotton Bob Hairstyles

Another experiment made with bob hairdos may be observed with the red carpet look of Fearne Cotton, who tried a more voluminously put side parted bob for the elongated and elegant blonde bob of hers.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Fearne Cotton

34. Kerry Washington Bob Hairstyles

The poker straight bob of Kerry, created with classic straight bangs and matching peachy makeup goes perfectly for the impressive and simply put party looks of hers.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Kerry Washington

35. Leighton Meester Bob Hairstyles

Messy with voluminous is the formula of the stunning looks of Leighton Meester, who opted for a blunt bob with ultra-sleek design and slightly effortless effect for the scalp finished off with the striking red lipstick.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Leighton Meester

36. Katy Perry Bob Hairstyles

For more extravagant and innovative looks, try experimenting with colors like Katy Perry did with the classy layered bob of hers, which comes with the alluring pinky shades and a deep side parted design for the ultimate chic effect.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Katy Perry

37. Chloe Sevigny Bob Hairstyles

The next curious suggestion of a classy bob is presented by Chloe Sevigny, who opted for a clipped back and tucked behind the ears look, finished off with the cropped straight bangs for maximum complete looks.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Chloe Sevigny

38. Keira Knightley Bob Hairstyles

This midi bob Keira Knightley has been spotted with seems to be created just for her face shape! The delicately under clipped and center parted locks of Keira leave nothing else to add for the perfectly put natural looks of hers.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Keira Knightley

39. Jessica Alba Bob Hairstyles

Another source of inspiration for bob hairstyles can be Jessica Alba, whose bob dos range from straight to curly, sleek to voluminous updo versions.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Jessica Alba

40. Pixie Lott Bob Hairstyles

Super cute and messy are what make up Pixie Lott’s magnificently chic bob looks. For the ultra-blonde shade of hers, she has been trying an array of alternatives, more frequently opting for such looks as the effortless central parted and face framing do.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Pixie Lott

41. Jennifer Aniston Bob Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston has been observed with a very classy and glamorous variant of a bob hairstyle, too, which suggests ultra-straight hair design and a fabulous center parting for ultimate chic.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Jennifer Aniston

42. Scarlett Johansson Bob Hairstyles

Scarlett Johansson demonstrates the following super stunning variation for a bob hairdo, matching hers with the effortlessly curly finishes and the striking auburn shade with central parting for the ultimately flabbergasting result.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Scarlett Johansson

43. Dianna Agron Bob Hairstyles

The next suggestion from another bright and creative representative of the fashion world Dianna Agron is around the chopped and layered bob, adorned with unforgettable touches of effortlessly put tousled locks and a just as memorable golden blonde shade.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Dianna Agron

44. Cheryl Cole Bob Hairstyles

This is the following creative suggestion to opt for with a bob. Cheryl Cole offers to get it into asymmetric shapes, for sweeping it from one side to the other at a point, gifting the whole look with touches of volume, too.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Cheryl Cole

45. Emma Stone Bob Hairstyles

Bob goes perfectly with auburn hair shades. This can be proved once more with the impressive and simple do of Emma Watson, who suggests matching the delicate straight tresses with a side parting and matching nude pink shade for lips and cheeks.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Emma Stone

46. Tori Praver Bob Hairstyles

The impressively luxurious textured bob of Tori Praver is a super irreplaceable option for any party or a red carpet occasion. You can match this look with bright makeup solutions or nude and natural ones, in both cases being sure of the maximum chic results. Experiments with colors like blonde are also a nice idea for this.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Tori Praver

47. Kate Mara Bob Hairstyles

This is one of the ultra-modern and stylish combinations you can opt for. The impressive wet effect (Check out: Wet Look Hairstyles for Women) combined with the side parted and sleek look is the perfect accompaniment for the blunt poker straight bob of Kate Mara.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Kate Mara

48. Rosamund Pike Bob Hairstyles

The charming red carpet look of Rosamund Pike comes to prove once more, that you don’t need any extra luxurious techniques and details for the chic results. This can be easily achieved with natural looks, too, like she did in case of her side parted and cute blonde bob.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Rosamund Pike

49. Beyoncé Bob Hairstyles

The gradient cut for bob hairstyle is just another creative solution worth trying. Beyoncé’s look is one of the most popular and amazing embodiments of this bob hairdo.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Beyonce

50. Emma Watson Bob Hairstyles

Opting for the edgy razor-cut and sleek bob like the case of Emma Watson is one of the most effective dos in the list of super stylish and modern ones. Refraining from the voluminous effect and picking the no-volume subtle layers instead is a very creative idea to experiment with, too.

Thus, you have a very elaborate range of bob hairstyles, each of which has something special and personality stating with it. You just need to find the most suitable ones for your face shape and complexion and to enjoy you flawless bob-made looks.

Top 50 Bob Hairstyles for Women: Emma Watson

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