How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion, Becoming Famous and Earning Millions

How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion, Becoming Famous and Earning Millions

“At first you think about sharing your interests and ideas with people who share something common with you, then you see their number is growing bigger and bigger and finally you get what’s called a business from fashion, which does secure your huge income and popularity.’ This is what we are going to talk about this time, introducing how personal style bloggers make business from fashion, becoming famous and, of course, earning millions! “A blogger with a bigger audience, and prominent persona, she’ll make the bulk of her income from brand partnerships,’ says Vanessa Flaherty, Vice President of Brand Development at DBA, and well, that’s exactly what describes the greatest part of those mega-successful bloggers’ activity.

How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion, Becoming Famous and Earning Millions
Nowadays, we may see some very popular and successful fashion bloggers coming up with their own books, ad campaigns, TV shows, etc. Six-figure salaries are, of course, not that frequent but they do exist and certain factors underlie the success of those who do make that work. The primary points include aspects like the page views. The more they are, the more chances of success you have. On the other hand, having an active range of followers is also important, and may even counterbalance the comparatively small audience of follows. But still, becoming a successful and rich fashion blogger requires much more than that.
Taking into account the super huge number of personal style bloggers, it gets harder and harder to get your say loud enough for everyone to hear. Nevertheless, successful and charismatic personalities like Chiara Ferragni (the popular creator of “The Blonde Salad‘) did manage to make it and to become one of the richest and the most triumphant fashion bloggers nowadays. Like all the others, she also started her blog for just sharing her photos with a narrow company of friends and followers, but the necessity of growing all that into something more immense and important overshadowed all the rest. “Then I started to realize that having my own personal space would be something more powerful than publishing photos on other social media platforms,’ notes Chiara.

How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion: Chiara Ferragni
Thus fashion blogging is getting a more and more intricate and complex, yet at the same time demanded vocation! The cooperation between brands and bloggers is no longer unrealistic, since their number is growing quite rapidly. The next step that might follow in this process of development may be the creation of some new blogger-made brands and products, which will become the real and equally efficient competitors for many of the todays’ brands. Again considering the example of Chiara, we may already witness the development of her own brand presenting some cool accessories and shoes for the fans. Broadening the range of uber-stylish examples, we may also talk about Snob Essentials, presented by Tina Craig and Kelly Cook, (who described their collaboration as the result that followed after they discovered they had common passion for handbags as business undergraduates at the University of Southern California).
Brand collaborations are also a huge source of income, when already successful and famous personal style bloggers are invited by popular brands to create special capsule lines for their followers, or when some uber-luxurious fashion houses notice the success of the blogger and invite her to represent their certain line of products. When you already get a good base of followers and fame, it becomes normal to accept luxurious gifts from popular fashion houses to wear them and promote this way their goodies. In addition, they do get paid extra money for doing this! This is when your love for fashion totally coincides with the pleasure of earning money and having fun.

How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion: Gala Gonzalez
Further, we can’t but talk about another very significant source of the income of fashion bloggers. Like in anything else, advertising also matters here. As in case of Tina Craig and Kelly Cook, who started with just a few Google ads hoping to “break even’ on their new hobby, many other successful bloggers commenced with that type of steps and ended up selling ad spaces to luxury and gigantic fashion brands. Thus earning some six-digit salaries becomes way more realistic if you have a considerably big audience and do work on ads.
However, there is a range of factors that you need to pay attention to, before expecting to lie in bed and wait until money gets piled up there. And the assets like active and engaged readers we talked about above, are what attract the brands most. Some fantastic thingies like affiliate links also do their part of magic here. In case you have no idea about this, affiliate link programs are a sort of product links, which, when clicked, drop a cookie on your computer and the sky-rocketed dollars get compiled at the very moment when you buy anything from the site you are taken to. In this case the blogger acts as your referrer, and that’s how they make money out of that., WhoWhatWear, Into the Gloss and many other popular fashion sites all have this kind of links. Thus talking about this phenomenon, Chelsea Cain, an account consultant at RewardStyle, noted; “In Q4, we expect our top style bloggers to earn upwards of $50k/month with rewardStyle.’ Though she added, “like the larger retail industry, there are seasonal fluctuations in performance.’

How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion: Annabelle Fleur
The contents of the material the bloggers post also matters, since it can’t but be catchy, attention-grabbing, interesting, intriguing, and getting people read it. The author also needs to be interested and curious about what he/she is writing, since if it’s not essential and unique for its creator, it won’t be such for anyone else. “Monetizing on content is really hard. Bloggers have to be building brands if they want to construct something meaningful in this space.” Kelly Framel, The Glamourai, adds, “You have to take it seriously. It’s a real job‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö√Ünot a get-rich-quick scheme.’ Details like high-quality and good photos (it’s not a waste of money, when you hire a professional photographer to turn your hobby into a real business), consistent and systematic work and updates, and dedication all matter in the overall success and outcomes. So the lack of even one of these factors may lead to failure, as it actually did in case of very many fashion bloggers, who didn’t manage to plough their way through the world of fashion blogging till the end. On the contrary, bloggers like Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, Chiara Ferragni, Elin Kling, Medine, Hanneli Mustaparta, Bryan Grey-Yambao (Bryanboy), Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes), Tavi Gevinson (The Style Rookie), Susanna Lau (Style Bubble), and Rumi Neely (Fashiontoast) and many-many others really did grasp what successful and prospective fashion blogging presupposes.
Thus these were the basic things we would like to introduce to your attention this time. Getting inspired by the popular fashion bloggers, you may bring in some innovations and creativity into your style, as well as start a fashion blog yourselves! Following the tips for success and adding some hard work and dedication, you will also have all the chances to succeed! So once more it’s not about why, it’s about why not?!

How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion: Leandra Medine

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