All The Beauty Secrets For Dry Skin Revealed

All The Beauty Secrets For Dry Skin Revealed

Skin is one of the most important and significant factors forming your ideal and flawless looks. Keeping it healthy and good-looking is an important and great thing that demands your attention and proper treatment. Such problems as dry or too oily skin are quite vital and are to be solved as quickly and effectively as possible. So here we are going to present some basic secrets and beauty tips for dry skin, you may take into consideration.

Causes of Dry Skin

Defining the probable causes of dry skin, we may note the cosmetic products of poor quality, too frequent face washing, some medicaments, and also the influence of the environment and the changes connected with aging. The results of this problem may be the inflammations, hyper-sensitivity, and unpleasant things like irritated skin. And however surprising it may sound, the causes of this type of reaction may be the simple washing procedures, the application of cosmetic products, or even blowing wind.

All The Beauty Secrets For Dry Skin Revealed
If you don’t treat this problem correctly and don’t take measure it will end up in such serious consequences as xerosis. The explanation of the processes taking place in this case is quite grounded and definite. First of all, the main protective function of the skin is carried out by the horny layer of the skin, where the dead cells of our skin are situated. Unlike the rest of the layers of epidermis, this layer has the lowest proportions of water. However, it does need some water to preserve the elasticity and wholeness of the skin. Water-lipid mantle carried the function of preserving the wholeness of this layer. It is formed with sebaceous glands and lipids. So it’s this mantle that protects the skin from sunlight, cooling and overheating, over moisturizing and over drying. If for some reasons this layer fails to carry out its functions properly, the protective layer of the skin gets weaker. Microcirculation (the decrease of the amount of liquid going from dermis to epidermis), increased (or decreased) production of skin oil, etc. all result in the deficiency of moisture in the living layers of the skin and the dry effect emerges. The following consequences are also numerous, among which we may note the slowing down metabolism, the weakening protection of horny layer, and the penetration of bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Talking about the causes of the skin dryness more in detail, we can point out such factors as the skin diseases, congenital dryness caused with genetic factors, as well the genodermatosis symptom (hereditary diseases of the skin), age-related changes, since with aging, the synthesis of the lipids of horny layer is disrupted and the cells cease to support the coordinated work of the enzyme systems, weather conditions like low humidity, when skin needs extra hydration, irrational skin care in case of which dryness can be caused with poor-quality cosmetics, soap, too frequent washing and hand washing, medications like even short-term topical application of glucocorticoid drugs, and somatic diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, etc. that can cause dried skin.

Dry Skin Treatments

Other than moisturizing, there doesn’t exist any treatment more effective so far. Hydrating means are divided into two types: hydrophilic and hydrophobic.

The first type holds water near the surface of the skin and penetrates into the structure of the horny layer, hydrating it from the inside. The hydrophobic (occlusive or – locking) form a membrane near the skin that retains moisture and restricts water evaporation from the skin surface. Since the horny layer is better penetrated by the hydrophobic compounds this alternative is more preferable.

But we must remember that the occlusive moisturizers successfully eliminate dryness, inflammation and itching. They are suitable for external treatment, for example, after the chemical, mechanical or laser peeling. However, consulting your doctor before passing to actions is a good idea. Mineral and vegetable oils, liquid silicones, and natural animal waxes, animal fats, etc. are all included in the array of occlusive means.

Dry Skin Causes and Remedies
Finally, we would like to give a few tips for treating dry skin. First of all, be careful with peeling at home. Despite the existence of moisturizing ingredients in the peeling products, they still may harm the skin. Secondly, you’d better not use monograde oils for moisturizing. These products may also lead to over drying if used in solo. Thirdly, you should also decrease the frequency of using the foundation creams and creamy powders. In addition, you should also exclude products like cleansers, various foams and gels. Instead, you may use a simple soap without moisturizing additives, and after that just apply a nourishing cream. Basically it’s better to replace moisturizers with nutrients.

Furthermore, you should start taking evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil. Finally, it would be great to make and apply a mask consisting of egg yolks, fat sour cream, ripe white grapes and a few drops of peach and apricot kernel oil two times in a week.

So these were the basic points of dry skin we would like to concentrate on, drawing your attention to the importance of taking care of your skin properly and treating the problem of dry skin effectively.

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