Wet Look Hairstyles for Women That Will Make You Wash And Go

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women

Some of the most extravagant and chic hairstyle options are the varieties suggested by the wet hairdo, which always manages to create an especially eye-catching and luxuriously chic effect. Best of all, such hairstyles don’t require too profound styling skills and efforts, while the result is always gorgeous. Thus, here we suggest having a nosey at some wet look women hairstyles you can opt for to be able to match different styles with just as different garments and makeup alternatives.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women

Jennifer Lawrence Wet Hairstyle

The popular hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence, which offers a nice diversity of short hair, includes some nice varieties of wet hairdo alternatives, too. Thus, here we have a cool and voluminous slicked back variant, which goes perfectly with the golden with blonde hair shade of hers.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Jennifer Lawrence

Lea Michelle Wet Hairstyle

In case you want to make some experiments with your bangs, and at the same time combine that with the wet effect, then the look suggested by Lea Michelle is worth opting for. Thus, she suggests a strictly sleek option, with almost no volume for the top, and a nice natural makeup.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Lea Michelle

Rihanna Wet Hairstyle

If you want to combine your wet hairstyle with pins for a more emphasized effect then try the look by Rihanna, who has been observed wearing a curious type of wet look hairstyle, achieved with the help of pins, having given her jet-black hair a very luxurious and creative touch.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Rihanna

Anna Paquin Wet Hairstyle

Wet effect is highly compatible with the retro side sweep design, so try opting for the look by Anna Paquin, who offers a cool wavy hairstyle with wet effect on the scalp. The delicate curls of her blonde hair thus get accentuated even better.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Anna Paquin

Miley Cyrus Wet Hairstyle

Another super cool and popular variant made of short hair is certainly found with the looks of Miley Cyrus. She is seen having a very spectacular design of pixie, with shaved sides and a voluminous touch. The results of combining all this with the wet effect are really impressive, despite being risky to experiment with.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Miley Cyrus

Khloe Kardashian Wet Hairstyle

Another luxurious exemplification of the wet effect hair is the one suggested by Khloe Kardashian. In case of her looks, we see a sleek back variant with slightly backcombed part for extra volume at the center, and some eye-catching design of garments, makeup, and jewelry for perfect party looks.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Khloe Kardashian

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wet Hairstyle

If you want some more luxury, then the flabbergasting combination of slick back hair with the catchy classic red lips of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is just for you! This is the next amazing combo of the wet style with luxurious details.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley

Saint Laurent Wet Hairstyle

Another source of inspiration for you may become the variants having been observed during fashion shows. Thus, the first option is the slightly effortless with wet style look, which could be seen in case of the models’ looks for the Saint Laurent show.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Saint Laurent

Dior Wet Hairstyle

Dior suggests opting for a wet look hairstyle in order to make your makeup more explicit and attractively eye-catching. Here we have an exceedingly slicked back look, with the wet effect and almost no hair left for the front.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Dior

Helmut Lang Wet Hairstyle

For the synthesis of minimalistic with wet styles, try the look of models for Helmut Lang. Watching the shows we can see a synthesis of straight and side parted hair with the curiously put wet style touches.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Helmut Lang

Prabal Gurung Wet Hairstyle

What Prabal Gurung suggested during one of his fashion shows was combining a side parted low curly ponytail with the no-volume wet hairdo. The results are worth giving a try!

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Prabal Gurung

Miu Miu Wet Hairstyle

Wet scalp plus a side parted front and a braided low bun equals the chic option observed with one of the Miu Miu shows. Charming and elegant in one!

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Miu Miu

Lanvin Wet Hairstyle

For the pair of all-wet and effortless styles, have a look at the models’ looks during one of Lanvin’s shows. Here the effortless touches are combined with some front hanging hair, which frame the face and reflect the overall style touches nicely.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Lanvin

Gucci Wet Hairstyle

What we see with the looks for Gucci’s fashion show is the exaggeratedly slicked back look, which excludes all the volume and hanging hair.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Gucci

Prada Wet Hairstyle

For the most naturally wet and right-out-of-the-shower looks, you can turn to the models of Prada fashion show. The absolutely naturally hanging wet hair is combined with some wavy touches and side parting here for the ultimately stunning effect.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Prada

Balmain Wet Hairstyle

Take the voluminous and wet slicked back look and add a bit of masculine touches to it and you will get the formula of Balmain looks made of the wet hairstyle principles, too.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Balmain

Oscar de la Renta Wet Hairstyle

The suggestion of Oscar de la Renta goes around the wavy fringes, combined with loosely left wet hair, having some retro with classic touches and extremely glamorous finishes. This is a really innovative and eye-catching alternative to use for party looks.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Oscar de la Renta

Etro Wet Hairstyle

If you’re in a constant struggle for adding some volume to your hair, then in case of wet hairdo options, you can try making something like the ones of Etro, during the fashion shows of which we can see some bouffant inspired hairstyles, with the side slicked and voluminously put central part.

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Etro

Alberta Ferretti Wet Hairstyle

The ultra-feminine drives have never been so sophisticated before! In order to combine the femininity with ancient-inspired updo hairstyles, do that like the models on the runway for Alberta Ferretti show. You are sure not to regret!

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Alberta Ferretti

Roberto Cavalli Wet Hairstyle

The classic central parted style is another suitable pair for the wet effect, as the models’ looks presenting a Roberto Cavalli fashion show suggests. This option has been proved to go well with the smokey eyes, too.

Here were the key wet look hairstyles for your inspiration, to create some impressive and cool hairdos with popular and resourceful damp hair effect. In case of matching and creating it right, you are sure to get maximum chic and memorable looks!

Wet Look Hairstyles for Women: Roberto Cavalli

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