Top 10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses of History

Top 10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses of History

Wedding, without any doubt, is one of the most important occasions for any girl, and it’s vital to choose the exact and the best dress for that day, which will accentuate the bride’s beauty and make her the real star of the day. Inspiration is, of course, very important here, and it’s also very interesting to have a nosey at the top 10 most iconic wedding dresses of history observed with well-known personalities of all times!

Top 10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses of History

Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dresses

Being the icon of pure and simple chic image of a woman, Audrey Hepburn’s wedding dresses are like real embodiments of what’s called a timeless elegance with minimal details and designs. For her first wedding to James Hanson, she wore a super cute dress by Balmain, which was a tea length wonder having some wide chiffon sleeves, and finished off with a sweet wreath of flowers instead of a veil. This made her look simply adorable. For her second wedding with Mel Ferrer in 1954, however, the image was utterly different, while the themes were almost the same. This time it was a Givenchy made woolen tea length dress, with a soft peachy pink shade, which again accentuated her humble and cute looks like nothing else could.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dresses

Jacqueline Kennedy Wedding Dress

Another iconic dress is the one Jacqueline Kennedy wore when getting married to John. F. Kennedy in 1953. The dress was designed by Anna Lowe, and is said to have required 50 kilos of ivory silk to make it. It represents a chic princess gown with open shoulders and a full design, also having some cool cuts and folds on it.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Jacqueline Kennedy Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

The next top stunning dress in our list is the one Grace Kelly wore for her wedding. It was designed by Helen Rose, who worked for MGM. She made an absolutely stunning piece, created of delicate silk, scrupulous lace patterns, and a lot of pearls. The super long veil was the best final touch.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

She just couldn’t but be in our top list with the super amazing wedding dress she wore for her wedding with Prince William in 2011. Designed by Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s creative designer, Kate’s dress looked absolutely stunning and just princess-worthy.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Princess Diana Wedding Dress

Another adorable personality from the royal house, the People’s Princess Diana is undoubtedly another icon of femininity and womanly charm. The dress she wore on her wedding day was designed by David & Elizabeth Emanuel, and had all the stylish elements that were fashionable for those times, including those adorable lantern sleeves, a super long veil, and a lot of ruffles.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Princess Diana Wedding Dress

Marilyn Monroe Wedding Dress

Another icon of ethereal feminine beauty is the never fading image of Marylin Monroe, who does have her deserved place in the most iconic wedding dress owners. For her first marriage, she wore an absolutely charming and simple dress with delicate lace patterns and a rounded neckline, finished with a simple, yet chic veil.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Marilyn Monroe Wedding Dress

Elizabeth II Wedding Dress

The gorgeous and sophisticate design of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress has remained in the history of fashion as one of the most unique and never-to-be-repeated exemplars of absolute and unquestionable beauty. Norman Hartnell, having designed her gown found his inspiration in Botticelli’s Allegory of Spring. For designing this wonder, he used huge proportions of floral embroidery and 1000 pearls.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Elizabeth II Wedding Dress

Gwen Stefani Wedding Dress

One of the most stereotype-breaking, yet strikingly elegant gowns is the one Gwen Stefani wore for her wedding in 2002. The super creative ombre technique that was used by former Dior designer John Galliano introduces a swift transition from sweet pink to pure white, forming an exquisite work of art.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Gwen Stefani Wedding Dress

Charlene Wittstock Wedding Dress

Just another exemplification of luxury is the wedding dress of Charlene Wittstock, designed by Armani Privé. This gorgeous wonder is made of 40,000 Swarovski crystals, 2,000 pearl drops, platinum-coated thread and 30,000 ‘golden stones’, as the release from the palace informs. The 10-meter train tail is just another luxurious detail here.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Charlene Wittstock Wedding Dress

Katie Holmes Wedding Dress

Finally, the last option on our list is that of Katie Holmes for her wedding with Tom Cruise in 2006. The actress wore a Giorgio Armani dress, adorned with super delicate and subtle details, weightless fabrics, and an elongated breathtakingly cute veil.

So here were the top 10 most iconic wedding dresses of all times, which have been and will always be some examples of the timeless beauty and ethereal charm of a woman, no matter whether the dress she wears is simple or uber-sophisticated.

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses: Katie Holmes Wedding Dress

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