Romantic Women’s Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Women's Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Ready for the most romantic day ever? Or probably you’re in panic trying to decide what to wear and what kind of hairstyle to choose for that special day? If so, here we have some very nice celeb-inspired hairstyles for Valentine’s Day, meant to provide you with some nice ideas for any hair length, from short to super long!

Romantic Women's Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have short hair, then there is a huge array of options you can try for the romantic or super modern and youthful looks. Here are some examples!

Jennifer Lawrence Short Hair

The popular star of the “Hunger Games’ movie has recently become a real fashion icon for having short hairstyles, especially her famous pixie. For her looks, Jennifer demonstrates all the incredible and classic versions of a pixie you can ever experiment with.

Valentine's Day Short Hairstyles: Jennifer Lawrence Short Hair

Valorie Curry Short Hair

Valorie shows a classier form of a pixie, seen at the Tory Burch Rodeo Drive opening and for many other events. Her delicately laid down front hair turns into something like bangs swept to one side and gifted with a nice shade play of black and blonde.

Valentine's Day Short Hairstyles: Valorie Curry Short Hair

Michelle Dockery Short Hair

In case you have a bob, you can put it with a classy look like Michelle did for the 71st Golden Globe Awards, styling her hair with a cute side parting and slightly curled down finishes.

Valentine's Day Short Hairstyles: Michelle Dockery Short Hair

Caitlin Fitzgerald Short Hair

Here is just another creative suggestion for you, made of a wavier look for the blonde bob, adorned with a side parting, and matching the nice makeup and garment combo Caitlin chose for the Golden Globe.

Valentine's Day Short Hairstyles: Caitlin Fitzgerald Short Hair

Coco Rocha Short Hair

The absolutely gorgeous Coco Rocha amazes us with the short hairstyle of hers, too. The do she chose for Diane Von Furstenberg’s Journey of A Dress Exhibition Opening Celebration represents a sleek back and side swept hairstyle, adorned with an uber-modern vibe and matched with her expressive eye makeup nicely.

Valentine's Day Short Hairstyles: Coco Rocha Short Hair

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Another super popular variant of short hairstyle can be found with the diverse alternatives of Miley Cyrus, who shows something different and unexpected for each of her experiments. One of the best Miley Cyrus short hairstyles shows the straight and ultra-short bob of hers for Beacher’s Madhouse premiere.

Valentine's Day Short Hairstyles: Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Medium Hair

The next length of hairstyles we are going to present is the medium close to shoulder variant, which also offers some versatile types of experiments.

Kelly Osbourne Medium Hair

Starting with one of the most extravagant and catchy options, we suggests going for an experiment like Kelly, dyeing your hair into pale purple and cutting them into an elongated bob finished off with side wept bangs. This is what Kelly did at the SAG Awards.

Valentine's Day Medium Hairstyles: Kelly Osbourne Medium Hair

Cate Blanchett Medium Hair

Cate Blanchett comes up with another creative and classy suggestion for medium hair, wearing it with a deep side split and some sight waves for the finishes. This was her pick for the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Valentine's Day Medium Hairstyles: Cate Blanchett Medium Hair

Amy Adams Medium Hair

Absolutely charming and cute Amy Adams shows another nice way of wearing your hair with medium length, using some sweet curly finishes, side parted style and overall nicely framing front hair for the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Valentine's Day Medium Hairstyles: Amy Adams Medium Hair

Hayden Panettiere Medium Hair

What Hayden chose for the Golden Globe Awards was an uber-flabbergasting slicked back do, with some hardly noticeable volume for the front and absolutely no front framing hair or bangs.

Valentine's Day Medium Hairstyles: Hayden Panattiere Medium Hair

Kate Mara Medium Hair

Another creative and cute option may be seen with the looks of Kate Mara for AFI Awards. Here, she combined her medium length hair with a messy and wavy do, which did look effective and chic.

Valentine's Day Medium Hairstyles: Kate Mara Medium Hair

Malin Akerman Medium Hair

Opting for some curls is another variant for you to consider. Malin Akerman offers a classy and nice solution for this, which she opted for at the People’s Choice Awards.

Valentine's Day Medium Hairstyles: Malin Akerman Medium Hair

Cheryl Burke Medium Hair

Cheryl shows just another nice option of curling your hair into a chic hairstyle, this time complementing the look with some side swept bangs and little voluminous look. This was her pick for the People’s Choice Awards.

Valentine's Day Medium Hairstyles: Cheryl Burke Medium Hair

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Long Hair

Finally, if you have long hair, you have even more interesting options you can try, using braids, straight looks, curly or wavy options. Here are some more suggestions.

Kim Kardashian Long Hair

The very first thing you can try is experimenting with the layered cuts and the colors. This was the pick of super popular Kim Kardashian for Stephane Rolland fashion show.

Valentine's Day Long Hairstyles: Kim Kardashian Long Hair

Julia Roberts Long Hair

What Julia Roberts chose for the SAG Awards is something timeless and uber-beautiful. She used her nicely layered hair for creating a chic curly hairstyle with central parting and nicely framing hair.

Valentine's Day Long Hairstyles: Julia Roberts Long Hair

Mariah Carey Long Hair

The look of Mariah Carey for the SAG Awards suggests opting for a curly hairstyle and combining it with a side flip finish for the extra glamour.

Valentine's Day Long Hairstyles: Mariah Carey Long Hair

Sandra Bullock Long Hair

Finally, you can just let your hair straight and simple for pure chic, like Sandra Bullock did it at the Critics’ Choice Awards. The nicely sleek hairstyle looked effective despite the minimalistic vibes, also having the typical central parting.

Valentine's Day Long Hairstyles: Sandra Bullock Long Hair

Zooey Deschanel Long Hair

Also, you can try styling your hair into updos and half updos like Zooey Deschanel did at the Elle Women in Television celebration. The charming and cute do she created complemented her pure and breathtaking beauty even more.

Valentine's Day Long Hairstyles: Zooey Deschanel Long Hair

Bella Thorne Long Hair

Bella suggests another chic hairstyle that the long hair enables you to have. That’s the braided look like the one she had at the Elle Women in Television celebration.

Valentine's Day Long Hairstyles: Bella Thorne Long Hair

Tyra Banks Long Hair

Finally, you can opt for an uber-fabulous and catchy option like the voluminous do of Tyra Banks at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 50th anniversary bash. The luxurious updo complemented her lavishly wavy and healthy hair perfectly, finished off with the voluminous part for the crown.

So here were some ultra-cute Valentine’s Day hairstyles for women inspired by our favorite celebs for you to get inspired and to have more ideas to decide from, for the most effective and unforgettable looks!

Valentine's Day Long Hairstyles: Tyra Banks Long Hair

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