Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

The spring/summer 2014 season promises to be noteworthy with a number of newly emerging trends, which are presented via shapes, prints, and patterns. The colors (check out the spring/ summer 2014 color trends) are another symbolic representation of the coming season’s philosophy. What is especially spectacular about it is the comeback of certain drives, which seemed to be forgotten and left out of the designers’ spectrum. However, the collections composing the main fashion trends prove the longevity of those design solutions once more. So here is a list of the most popular spring/ summer 2014 fashion trends, set up by famous fashion houses and designers.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #1: All-White vs. All-Black Looks

These are probably one of the most popular designs of the season, which were comparatively less in number during the previous one, and we even had a fear that they might completely disappear during the next season. However, just the contrary took place, and here we can see very many elegant and timeless pieces based on the principles of these monochrome representations, the most interesting aspect about which is their new and refreshed design. So say white and imagine the curious cut-outs by Versace, the practical mishmashes of Tom Ford, super-sumptuous floor length pieces by Roberto Cavalli, minimalistic chic of Chanel, the oversized silhouettes of Balenciaga, and the ultra-feminine pieces of Diane Von Furstenberg, why not.
And when it comes to black, this mysterious shade can be found with no less diverse and stunning alternatives, such as the spectacular folds and overlaps of Givenchy, the eye-catching drapings of Chanel, minimalistic and a bit manly black by Dior, enigmatic and simple from Valentino, the extravagant and eccentric looks of Louis Vuitton, and finally the feminine and dumbfounding by Dolce & Gabbana.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: All-White vs. All-Black Looks

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: All-White vs. All-Black Looks

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: All-White vs. All-Black Looks

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #2: Transparency? Definitely!

This is another super popular tend for the coming season, which served as a very useful tool for creating cool plays, optical effects, and high-class combination garments. The ways of creating these transparency plays are diverse, yet each of them has a certain specific and second-to-none peculiarity, which is irreplaceable in case of the looks they give birth to. So we can see the examples of sheer and transparent looks in the works of the stripy and cute pieces of Mulberry, the spectacular and a bit bizarre looks presented by Meadham Kirchhoff, the extremely feminine and mystique options by Dolce & Gabbana, meticulous lace design of Alberta Ferretti, creative laser cuts from Christopher Kane, super-classy Chloe alternatives, the cream transparency by Burberry Prorsum, optical effects of Carolina Herrera, and innovative shapes of J.W. Anderson.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Transparency and Lace

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Transparency and Lace

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #3: The Drive for Metallic Shades

This seems to be a never-dying theme. With every new season, we see a huge variety of metamorphoses with metallic shades, which happen to be put with the color shades, the stylish backgrounds, and the garments combos. For this season the metallic trend has acquired a universal character, put for any time and occasion pieces, generally with the royal golden and silver shades, sometimes interrupted with some beige and red tones, too. So the best exemplars reflecting the season’s approach towards this are minimalistic designs of Diane Von Furstenberg, pleated chic by Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana classics, bold alternatives from Altuzarra, some silver glitter of Versace, girly chic of Rochas, and folds and drapings of YSL.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Metallic Shades

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #4: Time for 3D Miracles!

Talking about the newly emerging and modernized trends, the first thing that comes to our minds is the breathtakingly imaginative looks created with the 3D appliqués and details. The shapes that these designs take are more than diverse, including some traditional motives, as well as thoroughly modern and premiere ones. Thus, we can turn for examples to Marni with its sporty, yet girly floral 3Ds, fashion giant Dolce & Gabbana, having introduced the most effective and womanly pieces covered with 3D blooming flowers all over, Alberta Ferretti with her super awesome monochrome 3D roses, the fluffy and cute 3D butterflies and flowers of Blumarine, as well as the eye-catching options of Erdem, Matthew Williamson, color collages of Prada, mosaics of Tom Ford, and creative options of Antonio Marras.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: 3D Effects

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: 3D Effects

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #5: Glamorous with Fringe

The following top popular trend of spring/summer 2014 is the fringed design, which also has diverse color and shape interpretations, coming up with different proportions, and different stylish pairs. For the best looks, have a nosey at the options offered by Altuzarra, Emilio Pucci, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Fringed Clothing

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #6: Pleats and Flouncy Skirts

Pleated designs and volants appeared to be quite popular with the coming season, too, presented via countlessly cut and combined options, which have created equally diverse, yet equally unique silhouettes. The most memorable pieces were found in the quilted options of Balmain, pointed and trendy types by Dolce & Gabbana again, brownish looks of Lanvin, sheer and delicate alternatives by Fendi, colorful and a bit crazy versions of Mary Katrantzou, and classy options from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Pleats and Volantes

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #7: Asymmetrical Drives

Talking about the shape diversities, we can’t leave out the flabbergasting asymmetrical options (Learn How to Wear Asymmetrical Skirts), as they represent one of the most feminine and creative alternatives of the season. Very many color plays and fabrics have contributed to creating indeed cute and sweet options. Such fashion houses and designers who opted for this drive are Victoria Beckham, Rodarte, J.W. Anderson, Eudon Choi, and, of course, David Koma.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Asymmetrical Shapes

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #8: Cropped Tops and Pants

So the shape diversity does not stop here, expanding to the level of curious cuts, too. This way we have the awesome cropped tops trends (Learn How to Wear Crop Tops), which have evolved as a result of super creative and fabulously cut options, frequently found with the works of Emilio Pucci, Jil Sander, BCBG Max Azria, Proenza Schouler, DKNY, Marques Almeida.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Cropped Tops

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #9: Sporty Glamour

It wouldn’t be so multi-faceted if there weren’t any stylish mixes, present among the trends, too. So talking about the spring/ summer 2014 fashion trends, we should also note the interesting interpretations of sporty motives, which have been gifted with a cool and chic touch when making these fresh options. Thus consider the collections by Anna Sui, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Marni, Gucci, and Emilio Pucci.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Sporty Clothes

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #10: Bomber Jackets

Popular, comfy, timeless! Bomber jackets are a real never-to-die garments for all the times and styles. It would be quite unnatural if bomber jackets were not present with the looks of this season. So here are the best and top actualized variants of bomber jackets found as the ones by Trussardi, who created a spectacular snakeskin mix for this, Erdem with its synthesis of jackets with evening looks, oversized designs of Balmain, as well as Stella McCartney, Richard Nicoll, Christopher Raeburn, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc by Marc Jacobs offering a completely sporty and extra glamorous options.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Bomber Jackets

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #11: Le Smoking

Here is another classy and modern shape to introduce among the others of our top list. Le smoking as such has first been created by Yves Saint Laurent, as a symbol of extreme femininity and chic, presented by means of manly silhouettes. Nowadays, it is a widely spread drive, this time presented with different color plays like the yellow and white versions of Blumarine, the electric blue of Pucci, and Massimo Rebecchi.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Le Smocking

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #12: Floor Length Wonders

There are certain trends creating regularities among shapes, too, one of the ways of expressing which is the length of the garments. Thus, the maxi dresses and skirts (Learn How to Wear Maxi Skirts) proved to be top popular for the season, too, demonstrated with a huge variety of prints and patterns (check out the spring/ summer 2014 print trends), and paired with just as diverse garment options. The reflections of this trend can be observed in the collections of Christopher Kane, Monique Lhuillier, Dior, Chanel, Rochas, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar De La Renta.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Maxi Shapes

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trend #13: Ethnic Inspirations

The most modernized and trendy drives are also discovered as ethnic inspirations from tribal motives to ancient civilizations. They proved to be a very useful way of bringing forth new ideas and new shapes, introducing the old and well-known ethnic features from the spectrum of fashion designing. Thus we see the most successful results are the Egyptian inspiration of Valentino, and the tribal motivation sources of Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, Hermes, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tom Ford, and Gucci as well.

In a word, the spring/ summer 2014 fashion trends are quite outstanding with their modern and fresh drives, huge proportions of creative work, and immensely used imagination for actualizing and giving a second breath to some retro and even forgotten looks. So we’re looking forward to seeing even more expanded techniques and designs for the following seasons, too.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Ethnic Clothing

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