How to Travel Like a Supermodel

How to Travel Like a Supermodel

Any looks demand your equal attention and good taste. No matter, whether it’s a casual style, a party, a day off, or a traveling one. Moreover, the latter is just as significant and consideration seeking as the rest. Thus, there are several tips you should know about, when choosing your travel looks, following the examples of world-renowned models and getting inspired by their looks. So see how to travel like a supermodel with the help of our fashion tips and tricks.

How to Travel Like a Supermodel

Start with Details!

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the combo of the garments you opt for. Depending on the destination, in case of certain compatibility, you can start styling your cool looks from the smallest details like scarfs, which will add some personality to your appearance and will be just comfy. You can be inspired from the looks of popular supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley matching the red leather jacket of hers with a cool and big cream scarf, as she arrives at Heathrow International Airport from Los Angeles, or Christie Brinkley, matching a grey scarf with an elongated coat at LAX airport, and Miranda Kerr offering a huge diversity of ways for pairing scarfs with garments, opting for colorful pieces, monochrome versions and some contrast-suggesting looks, too.

How to Travel Like a Supermodel - Wear a Scarf
Another detail you can try for maximum cool and catchy looks is the diversity of hats, one of the most suitable versions of which is the fedora. The inspirations for this may be the airport looks of Kate Moss, styling her hair with a fedora and combining it with cool shorts, Alessandra Ambrosio, who opted for a cool combo of a grey top with skinny leather pants and a matching darker grey fedora, or the awesome combo of Miranda Kerr, who matched the black fedora with an animal print sweatshirt and suit with jeans pair. Rosie Huntington Whiteley also has her variant, introducing a great way of matching a white hat with relaxed wool garments and skinny pants.

How to Travel Like a Supermodel - Wear a Hat
Another cool piece you can try is leggings. Find the examples with airport looks of Rosie Huntington Whiteley at Heathrow airport and Miranda Kerr at LAX in LA. Also, pay a great deal of importance to your footwear. One nice idea you can go for is sporting boots. Do it like Heidi Klum did at LAX, Rosie with the greyish stiletto pair adorned with some design patterns, and Alessandra Ambrosio spotted at LAX again.

How to Travel Like a Supermodel - Wear Leggings

Go for Cool Garments

Coming to more extended pieces, you can try out some outerwear garments like blazers and leather jackets. This was the pick of one of Miranda Kerr’s looks at the LAX with the quilted leather jacket of hers, Rosie’s look at LAX again, Kate Upton with the chic green color of her jacket, and Kate Moss with one of her looks she has been spotted with leaving the Dorchester hotel.

Fashion Tips for Traveling Like a Supermodel
For cool looks with blazers, do try the variants offered by Kate Moss at Heathrow airport, Rosie with the sweet cream shade of her outerwear, and Miranda at JFK airport appearing in the checkered option of hers. In addition, you can try out the classy looks like the ones made up with skirts. For top examples see the look of gorgeous Candice Swanepoel featuring a cool black stretch skirt and Rosie again, who opts for a combo of a relaxed black skirt of tea length with a leopard printed handbag to depart at LAX.

Ideas for Traveling Like Supermodels
Pants are the next key pieces to your model-like travel looks. Put them in silky and cozy shapes and be the star of your trip! You may find such looks with former model Tyra Banks at LAX, Alessandria Ambrosio with the relaxed wide leg option, Miranda Kerr featuring a baggy look, and the graphically printed loose version of Heidi Klum.

Wearing Pants While Traveling
Experimenting with texture is another key to creativity. You may try playing with some fluffy and furry looks, like the white fur vest of Alessandria Ambrosio spotted at LAX, Candice Swanepoel preparing to depart from LAX, and Bar Refaeli at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, observed with a comfy and cute wool top in grey.

How to Travel Like Celebrities

Pick the Colors Wisely

Another array of travel fashion tips concerns the colors. Thus you can opt for all monochrome looks, like Chrissy Teigen did it in LAX sporting an all-black outfit with a cool leather jacket, Candice Swanepoel with just the contrary all-white looks, and super popular with her retro style Dita Von Teese with the typically charming classy black look of hers seen at LAX again. For more spectacular and energetic looks, you may also bring in some sweet shades like Miranda Kerr and Rosie with the cute dark blue pants and an oversized jacket.

Best Colors to Wear When Traveling
Going for stripes is the next cool thing you may do. That’s the pick of Rosie Huntington Whiteley with the combo of a purple fedora with camel boots, all matched with a stripy shirt, Heidi Klum with the sporty combo of a stripy shirt with jeans and a leather jacket, and Miranda with her awesome black and white T-shirt.
Finally, what you can do next is using some signature prints. The camouflage prints of Heidi Klum’s jumpsuit at LAX, the Scottish tartan pattern of Karlie Kloss’s elongated jacket, and the striking floral prints of Dita Von Teese’s chic dress are among the most successful options.

So here were the main tricks you can try for making your travel looks just as perfect and cool as the models do it. Do try these options when travelling and be in the center of attention like a model always!

Ways of Traveling Like Supermodels

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