Plus Size Fashion Tips: Curvy Girl Wardrobe Essentials

Plus Size Fashion Tips: Curvy Girl Wardrobe Essentials

For curvy girls, like for all the others there are certain fashion tips and tricks, which will present them with the most impressive looks. They start with style and shape characteristics and finish up with the color and compatibility peculiarities of the garments. So here we have some basic hints, which will be a good source of inspiration for refreshing and organizing your wardrobe with more suitable and recommended options. Discover the main curvy girl wardrobe essentials below and appropriate plus size fashion tips for rocking certain trends and outfits!

Plus Size Fashion Tips: Curvy Girl Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

Lingerie is the primarily important thing here, underlying all the rest forming your looks. So never economize on your lingerie pieces, and always try to buy as high quality options as possible. These pieces are responsible for shaping your looks and making them look more perfect and neat. And as you get ready for the beach season, make sure to learn the basic principles on how to choose plus-size swimwear for you!

Try to choose as monochrome options for your garments as possible, at the same time also not excluding the color duos like top and pants from your wardrobe completely. Opt for bright and eye-catching accessories, which will be the primary accents of your looks. They can be put as some stylish handbag and shoes pairs, as well as bijou and cute scarfs, why not! Talking about the heels, try to preserve them within 1.5-2 inches, which is the perfect type for you to look chic and feminine.

Do try V-curves for the necklines of your dresses and tops. Also try to avoid too huge and too tiny prints for garments. Same with accessories as well! Never ever buy garments smaller than your size. Even when ordering something online, be sure to pick just the exact size of yours.

Pay attention to your hairstyle, makeup, and nails. These are included among the most important shaping factors for looks.

Curvy Girl Wardrobe Essentials

Plus Size Wardrobe Essentials

Office Outfits for Curvy Girls

Coming to your wardrobe essentials, we can also consider some points. The first among these are the dresses. For office looks it is more recommended choosing dresses of knee length, which can be designed with slightly body-con or a bit fluttery silhouettes.

Leisurewear Ideas for Plus Size Women

For leisurewear options, you can experiment with a variety of patterns and shapes. For instance, start with maxi dresses, which will gift you with some nice effects for the figure, also adding some touches of mystery and romance. The animal prints and saturated shades like chocolate brown lead to the most effective results. Also, you may opt for more extended shapes and designs, like floral prints on knee length and relaxed options, or the asymmetrical designs with alluring V-necks, as well as the absolutely stunning metallic shades for similar silhouettes, like in case of fuchsia, pink, purple, blue, and pearl. Wearing all-black outfits is also a good option, yet it’s a bit tricky, requiring a wise choice of accessories for the complete chic.

Style tips for Curvy Plus Size Women

Stylish Separates for Curvy Women

The rest matter of consideration involves the suit and pants duos, which also require some careful and relevant picks. When choosing the pairs correctly you will be able to conceal some undesirable details from the bottom, and to accentuate your beneficially good looks with the classy suits. Also, such duo looks will leave some space for experimenting, too, this way giving you the chance to express your individuality.

First of all pay attention to the quality of the fabrics, and choose them as soft and natural as possible. Confidently opt for bright and monochrome chic shades for your combos, which will help you look creative and just cute. The pencil skirts with all of their shape varieties are among the top suitable options for replacing them with pants. The knee length is the perfect length for them.

In case of pants, choose ones covering at least half of your heels. This way they will visually make you look taller and also hide away some extra curves. In case of choosing jackets, the picks should be appropriate to your body shape, especially that of your shoulders. For wider shoulders, some below waist length is perfect. Otherwise, you can try the cropped variants for topping cute dresses, for instance. From mystique and official black to sweet coral, beige and blue, similar colors can be your target shades for such duos.

Best Tops for Plus Size women

Coming to tops, we have some recommendation here, too. Particularly, for the start you may opt for some delicate fabrics and patterns like chiffon, silk, and some lace. The classy options with such designs are suitable for combining them with any kind of bottoms from skirts to cool jeans. The pastel and soft colors are among the favorites here. The classic shirts are also very helpful in creating nice looks for business, work, or just a visit to the theatre.

The V-necks for tops are another alluring and feminine solution for you. So are the loose and relaxed shapes with a line of pattern and fabric variants. Additionally, you can try experimenting with various prints, like the ethnic-inspired ones, florals, geometric types, and animal prints.

Finally, the peplum designs are noteworthy in this list, being a very feminine and elegant solution for your looks, nicely shaping and accentuating your sassy appearance in combination with cool pants variants.

Style tips for Curvy Plus Size Women

Plus-Size Outerwear Options

The choice of the outerwear is just as important as the rest of the garments. So in this respect you can turn to such variants, which are primarily suitable for your figure and your overall looks. Talking about the colors, brownish, pearls, blue, red, yellow, beige, and purple are recommended. Denim jackets are another suitable option to consider. The medium sized houndstooth pepita patterned variants will also look very creative for the cold season.

For the coats, try focusing on A-shaped variants more, which can at times be replaced with some belt-fastened types, too. Leather jackets and coats are also an option for you, offering a wide diversity of shapes and colors. The brighter picks for coats will secure your energizing and lively looks. With the elongated silhouettes, we advise to avoid the black color, especially with more aged women. Instead, try the classic camel, beige, grey, navy, and brown options. The matching accessories like scarves represent a super perfect final touch here.

Additionally, be sure to include some comfy pairs of shoes, for stylish and not tiring looks, suitable for just any occasion and event. Be careful for choosing the right pants for you, too. These are one of the most frequently worn and universal pieces of clothing, so they demand utmost attention. The darker shades for pants are a good try here. Jersey, cotton, and denim are the most recommendable types of fabrics for you. At the same time avoid too glittery and eye-catching designs. Talking about the size we can note that you don’t have to hide your figure inside bigger-than-yours sized. Instead, opt for the exact and suitable options, with such shapes as the trendy boot-cut.

Plus Size Fashion Tips

Sportswear Solutions for Curvy Fashionistas

Finally, coming to the sporty looks of yours, we can point out the popular sportswear brands, which offer some helpful and cool options for plus size beauties, so that they can keep fit and healthy at the same time looking attractive and cute with the correctly chosen sportswear. In this respect, we can recommend the options by Style & Co, Adidas, Reebok, American Rag, and many others. Here you can find some nice alternatives for physical exercises, daily walks, and runs, as well as just comfy options for wearing at home. Nike also has an array of super suitable sportswear suggestions for you, coming up with innovatively created and designed shapes.

Summing up some general principles of choosing sportswear, we can outline the necessity to pick some relaxed but never shapeless variants, as well as trying to match them with the most suitable and comfortable boots.

Here were the primarily important tips about the wardrobe essential of plus size beauties. Everything, including your choices, depends on your own preferences in the long run. We are just providing you with some general insights into what is recommended and what is not, and in case of taking these pieces of advice into consideration, you will achieve even more effective and satisfactory results.

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