DIY Natural Skin Care Facial Masks To Thoroughly Eliminate Your Beauty Problems

DIY Natural Skin Care Facial Masks That Will Thoroughly Eliminate Your Beauty Problems

It’s no secret that nothing can be more effective for your skin care than the natural non-chemical and non-toxic products. Apart from being extremely helpful, they are also absolutely harmless to use and will surely leave no undesirable side effects on your skin. So here is a list of some useful natural skin care masks that are able to make your beauty problems vanish immediately.

DIY Natural Skin Care Facial Masks That Will Thoroughly Eliminate Your Beauty Problems

DIY Avocado Beauty Recipes

This is one of the most miraculous products, which can become you real BFF for the efficient skin care. Due to the rich resources of vitamins A, B6, E, C, and K, avocado is irreplaceable for keeping your skin smooth and soft, and for protecting it against sunburn, too. There are thus several purposes, to achieve which, you can use avocado. For instance, if you want to soften your skin or cure its sunburn, you can make a facial mask by mashing 1″2 ripe avocados and adding a tablespoon of honey. After leaving the mask on for 10 minutes, just rinse it. This turns out to be especially effective due to the amino acids protecting the skin against outer damages and quite easily penetrating into it.

Avocado is useful for regaining the natural glow of hair, too, to do which you need to mash 1″2 ripe avocados with a tablespoon of honey, add 1 egg or 2 tablespoons olive oil and this time leave this on for 20″30 minutes and rinse the hair. The natural oils of avocado act as perfect conditioners, and vitamin E restores the shine.

DIY Banana Beauty Recipes

This is another natural wonder, which is ready to come up with its help in overcoming such problems as acne, puffy eyes, or dry hands. All this is quite real due to vitamins A, B6, and C plus zinc and iron, which are included in the resources of bananas. Thus, if you want to fight against dry hands, mash two bananas and apply to clean, dry hands for 20 minutes and rinse. The results are promised to be immediately obvious.

For puffy eyes, it is useful to put the mashed bananas on the puffy areas, which are sure to disappear soon, because of the potassium, which quickly pulls the excessive fluid out of your skin.

As for acne, it can be fought with the peels of a banana, which should be rubbed from the interior to the affected areas three times a day, and the results won’t keep you waiting for more than a week.

Finally, to make a refreshing and universal face scrub, mix one mashed banana with a tablespoon of sugar and apply it to face in a circular motion to get rid of the dead cells, and then just rinse.

DIY Natural Skin Care Facial Masks To Thoroughly Eliminate Your Beauty Problems

DIY Carrot Beauty Recipes

You might have encountered people, who use carrots or carrot juice for reducing weight or for increasing height. A natural cold-pressed concoction is also useful for improving vision, too. Furthermore, there are certainly some other beauty tricks, which you can opt for using carrots. The first one is evening out your skin with the help of carrot masks used once a week. To prepare it you will need to mash and strain one carrot to get the juice, add two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of oatmeal, and mix. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, and rinse.

Also, carrots are useful against split and brittle hair, for which the main role is taken by vitamins A and E. To prepare a mask for this you need to clean 3-4 large carrots and peel off the outer layer of skin. Then put them into a pot and add coconut or olive oil, covering the carrots thoroughly. Simmer on the lowest setting as long as you get an orange color. Strain and store the magical liquid in refrigerator until next usage.

DIY Natural Skin Care Facial Masks To Thoroughly Eliminate Your Beauty Problems

DIY Grapes Beauty Recipes

The next product we want to introduce this time is grapes. They are no less efficient and easy to prepare, having an array of benefits and contributions for the skin. So the main reasons of this efficiency are vitamins B1, B6, and C, as well as calcium. First and foremost you can use grapes for discolorations and stains on teeth. All you need to do for that is just eating grapes regularly.

The damaged cuticles are no problem either, since there is a treatment for this too. All you need to do is mix 10 grapes with 2 tablespoons of sugar. Rub the mix onto each nail bed, and then rinse it off.

Finally, grapes are useful for dry hands, which can be treated with cutting a handful of grapes in half and squeezing the juice out. Cotton balls are most suitable to use when applying it over the face, after which you should just rinse it off.

There is nothing that efficient and suitable to use as the natural products. You don’t necessarily have to pay for all those expensive and chemically enriched ones, in order to achieve successful results. Nature has it all!

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