Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On

Finding inspiration is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it requires searching for and finding the most creative and cool sources, which will be able to provide you with the right and fresh ideas in case you’ve run out of style options. So looking through the celeb’s fashion blogs is a really good idea in order to find and discover new things, new looks, and new fashion inspiration. Thus, here is a brief list of top celebrity fashion blogs, which you can consider primarily.

Louise Roe’s Fashion Blog or Style Overload!

This blog is one of the first options that you can consider. The successful TV host and fashion journalist Louise Roe, who is famous for her collaborations with top fashion magazines and brands, offers some really cool options on for you, which consist of a diversity of topics from food recipes to fashion news and beauty tips.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Louise Roe

Alexa Chung’s Fashion Blog: When Inspiration Has No Limit

She is always in the spotlights of our attention in matters of fashion and style. British model, television presenter, and fashion icon Alexa Chung‘s personal blog, is the second super suitable source of inspiration featuring both updates about her activities, and some stylish tips about the most attractive and trendy looks.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Alexa Chung

Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Blog: The Cute and Girly In a Cup

Successful and famous MTV’s Laguna Beach star, designer, and “bestseller author” Lauren Conrad also presents her own version of an inspiring and informative blog on, which features everything from the smallest details to the most important things, touching upon such topics as cooking, home decor, a bit of party planning, as well as self-improvement tips.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Lauren Conrad

Alejandra Alonso’s Fashion Blog or When Romantic Meets Chic

Absolute Spanish beauty Clara Alonso, noted for her successful collaborations with many fashion giants also has her say in our list of top celebrity fashion blogs. In her case apart from presenting very useful beauty and stylish tips on, she also comes up with constantly refreshed updates about her journeys all over the world. Her blog might be useful for inspiration, and just for fun.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Clara Alonso

Olivia Palermo’s Fashion Blog: The Street Style Giant

Best celebrity street style is definitely provided by Olivia Palermo, who offers some extremely useful fashion and style tips on, which still do not just finish up on that. She also gives her readers the chance to shop some items, the best part about which is that the majority of them is quite hardly accessible, and that’s just nice to have a chance like that.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Olivia Palermo

Oh So Coco: Coco Rocha’s Fashion Blog

We just love her so much! Breathtakingly charming and attractive Coco Rocha presents her life updates and preferences with the help of her creative and motivating blog “Oh So Coco’ (, which features some really crazy stuff about the model, and about what’s new in her life and career.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Coco Rocha

Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Blog: Glam Has No Limit Here!

This is certainly not a recently launched blog about all-fashion topics, since Kim is quite famous for her active blogging and for never letting anything miss out of our attention. So what we find in her personal blog,, is the right proof of this, since there she posts just everything about herself and her daily activities, which undoubtedly include huge proportions of fashion topics, as well.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Kim Kardashian

Anna Dello Russo’s Fashion Blog or The Extravagant AdR Factory

“Fashion maniac’ Anna Dello Russo is the most popular celebrity blogger in our list, with her truly chic-inspired AdR Factory blog (, where we can see some really thorough posts about fashion news and about what’s happening in the world of fashion and showbiz in general.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Anna Dello Russo

Dianna Agron’s Fashion Blog: You, Me & Charlie is a super spectacular fashion blog run by Dianna Agron, who prefers to be called Charlie. Thus came the name of the blog, which started as a small in-group shared elements about anything, and then developed into a big source of fashion inspiration. Here we can find all about music and video updates, inspiring topics, as well as fashion, and fashion again!

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Dianna Agron

Ashley Madekwe’s Fashion Blog: Ring My Bell

The popular artist and quite successful fashion blogger Ashley Madekwe can’t but be in our top 10 list, too, featuring her awesome and all-encompassing blog about stylish tips, world fashion news, and various useful info. is the favorite destination of her fans!

So here were the primarily significant celebrities’ fashion blogs, which appear to be a useful range of ways, from providing us with great sources of inspiration, to informative and practical advantages. So look through these blogs whenever you need some creativity or just want to entertain yourself with some fashion delights.

Top Celebrity Fashion Blogs to Get Hooked On - Ashley Madekwe

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