Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends

When talking about perfect looks, all the details require equal attention, if you want to reach the desired effect. From the major parts like garments, to the tiniest ones, like accessories and other design elements, everything should be taken into consideration. Hairstyles also compose a very important aspect of this list, especially well put with suitable accompaniments. So, we can clearly state that very spectacular drives have been invading the fashion trends for the spring/summer 2014, especially well demonstrated with hair accessories. The main philosophy of these motives is composed of the relaxed and worriless attitude giving birth to some effortless and at the same time absolutely cute and feminine looks. The tools and techniques serving for creating those looks are extremely diverse and creative. They include some nice comebacks of retro and past traditions, as well as modernized and fresh interpretations. The styles, which these means ultimately create, are just as diverse and multi-faceted. So, let’s have a look at the most popular spring/summer 2014 hair accessory trends illustrated below!

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends

Spring/ Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trend #1: Floral Themes

This is a very popular and trendy drive for the season, introduced as a nice array of ultra-beautiful, unique, and feminine variants. They include a variation of options, and what is interesting about them, is the huge range of styles they serve to bring forth. Thus you may go for nay of these chic options:

Hippie-Inspired Floral Headbands: No Way More Creative and Cuter!

The very first option, worth mentioning in this list is the awesome hippie interpretation that is found among the looks of Anna Sui, for instance, which are created with a specific bohemian-resembling shape of headbands adorned with flower appliqués perfectly matching with the selected wavy hairstyle and golden shades.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends -Hippie Floral Hair Accessories

Super Feminine and Sweet Blooming Floral Hair Accessories

What comes next is the Dolce & Gabbana interpretation of floral drives, which are listed among the most feminine options, suitable as elegant and chic accompaniments. Here the florals come as delicate adornments, which take us back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, embedded with romantic mood and spring touches.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Floral Hair Accessories

Floral Barrettes: Practical and Cute

Another way of putting floral themes as hair accessories is using them on barrettes, which are comfortable for making nice hairstyle options, as well as for achieving fresh and unrepeated looks. An example of these alternatives can be found within Jenny Packham collection. Here, this technique comes as an additional accent for the voluminous and effortless hairstyle.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Floral Barrattes

Flower Hair Pins

The transformed option of the barrettes can be considered the pins, which are also a very creative way of making really effective and chic hairstyle. These magic looks have been the focus of Zac Posen collection, who managed to use the garden-inspired themes as cornerstones of the fairy-resembling models’ looks.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Flower Hair Pins

Colorful and Tiny Flower Hair Accessories

This is one of the most attractive and girly ways of applying the floral drives. This trend is especially well shown in Honor’s collection, where we find some iridescent and subtle sprinkles of flowers, making a fairy-like appearance and very impressive pair for the girly looks.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Tiny Flower Hair Accessories

Huge and Effective Flower Headbands

The ultimate version of demonstrating the floral themes as hair accessories is a very impressive representation, observed with Emerson’s suggested looks. Here, super huge floral adornments most frequently found in purple shades are put to complete the black and white pairs for garments. The floral details have rounded trio shapes, consisting of many tiny flowers put together. Though this option is not too suitable for having it on frequently, it can guarantee the eye-catching looks for any important occasion requiring unique appearance.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Huge Flower Headbands

Spring/ Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trend #2: Gold Rush

This is the next very popular hair accessory trend of the season being the drive for golden details, which create some remarkable and luxurious pairs with the correspondingly chosen garments.

Petite Goldies for Huge Effect

Dries Van Norten came up with a unique interpretation of chic and glamorous ways of applying golden shine to the looks. Thus, they are represented via a very spectacular option based on small and thin gold stripes for hair, gifting the hairstyle with noticeable proportions of glittery charm.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Golden Hair Accessories

The Age of Golden Flakes

Another super creative design made with golden elements is the decision to put them as randomly occurring shiny flakes on some faux bob hairstyle options. Lela Rose spring 2014 is the source, where these alternatives appear most frequently.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Golden Hair Accessories

Golden Stripes Again

Going on with the stripes, we can also mention the cool and thin golden stripes, created as headbands and introduced by Elie Saab. Here, these adornments contribute to making the looks even more glamorous and chic, perfectly complementing the classic night looks offered.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Golden Headbands

The Stripes Get Wider

If florals can be put as barrettes, why can’t golden details used similarly? Jason Wu thought about this, too, when introducing super cool barrettes of gold, used to create striking and classy ponytails, wonderfully matching with the garments.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Golden Barrettes

Spring/ Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trend #3: Headbands Rule the Show

Coming to other widespread and differently put design shapes, we can also note the headband trend, which has acquired very many contemporary and retro interpretations during the fashion shows.

Minimalistic Touches Are Never Forgotten

Victoria Beckham came to prove the everlasting nature of minimalistic ideas for fashion trends. This time, she introduced the classy hairstyle alternatives for the best spring looks, created with the help of monochrome thick headbands, mainly concentrated around darker tones.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Minimalist Headbands

A Bow Does Make a Difference

Talking about the cute aspects of using headbands, we can’t but mention the pretty options suggested by Alexis Mabille, who decided to combine the popular bouffant hairstyle with some navy blue ribbons, tied in a bow. Impressive and just cute!

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Bow Headbands

Talk About Luxury and Imagine Jewels

It would be quite surprising if there were headbands in several fashion lines, and none of them had the jewelry details on. Tanya Taylor didn’t let this happen, introducing her variant of styling hair with jeweled alternatives, being both monochrome and colorful.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Bejewelled Headbands

Spring/ Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trend #4: Leather On the Go

Leather trends have been especially popular and up-to-the-minute during these spring/summer shows, used not only for styling and designing awesome garments, but also for creating eye-catching hairstyle. Thus, we can’t leave out the memorable leather made hair accessories from our list.

Here Come the Headbands Again

Probably the most expecting and suitable way of creating leather accessories for hairstyle is using it for headbands. This way, the designers have a wide choice of shapes and colors, matching them with the rest of the elements composing the looks. Valentino presents the most skillful alternatives of leather headbands, using them to achieve the complete myth-inspired and never-to-be-forgotten combos.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Leather Headbands

From Big to Tiny

As in the case of golden elements, leather details are found with minimal proportions, too. Diesel Black Gold used these tiny leather ties, to complete the cool, comfortable, and effective braided hairstyle options.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Leather Ties

When Ties Are Not Enough, Bands Come to Help

Probably the last remarkable design created with leather are the hair bands, used with some effortlessly made loose ponytails. This idea was put forward by Helmut Lang designs, where the basic choice stopped on the mishmash of classy and effortlessly casual for this fashion line.

Here were the basic hair accessory trends for spring/summer 2014 observed during the shows of the most popular and prestigious fashion designers and brands. Each of these options has something outstanding in it, and in case of choosing wisely, they can be perfect accompaniments for impressive and second-to-none interpretations of the most impressive looks of yours.

Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Accessory Trends - Leather Bands

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