Beauty Dos and Don’ts During Pregnancy

Beauty Dos and Don'ts During Pregnancy

There are certain phases of life for a woman, which can be considered the most beautiful, the most pleasant, the most awaited, and of course, the most responsible ones. Probably the primarily significant among these, involving just all of these aspects simultaneously is pregnancy. This period is a very special time for any woman, which presupposes great anxiety and excitement, at the same time combining them with great emotional experience she just can’t but have during it. The need for drastic and thorough changes of everyday routine is simply unavoidable in this case. So it is very important to be aware about all the important aspects that need to be overviewed and altered during pregnancy. These aspects are very diverse, involving nearly all the activities and actions taking place in a woman’s daily life. So it’s out of question that appearance, encompassing the clothes, skin care products, makeup, and much more is primarily important to consider. There are certain spheres requiring the pretty future mommies’ attention. So let us have a look at some beauty dos and don’ts during pregnancy.

Beauty Dos and Don'ts During Pregnancy

Beauty Don’ts for Pregnant Women

Here is a brief list of the not so recommended activities a woman usually enrolls in during her everyday curriculum. The following aspects are advisable to be temporarily removed from the mommies’-to-be to-do lists.

Chemical Products

This is probably the first matter of concern that is necessary to pay attention to. Chemicals are found with a great variety of types, in a woman’s everyday activities and actions. This refers to all the types of materials that are used for dyeing hair, applying nail polish and manicure, as well as some specific elements included in skin care products, most frequently used with the face. The skin of a woman becomes extra-sensitive to such elements, and misusing a certain tiny thing might bring to serious consequences.

However, in case of being correctly exploited, such materials as nail polish and hair dyes may not be so harmful, if combined with absolute evasion of skin contact and right ventilation, so that the smells might not disturb them either. In any case, it is better to avoid such activities for a while, not taking the risk and just temporarily cutting down on visiting nail and hair salons. However, in case of urgent need, they can turn to natural and non-toxic means, particularly with the hair dyeing.

Such skin care products as those containing antibiotics often prescribed for acne should be avoided, too. These can be compromised with some harmless options as oral erythromycin, for instance. Vitamin A-containing products are also advisable to avoid. Self-tanner is also suggested to exclude for a while, being guided by the principle “Better safe than sorry.’

Exceeded Amount of Heat and Sunlight

What is just impermissible during this period is staying under the direct sunlight or in extreme heat conditions for a long time. If you want to avoid the unpleasant dark spots on your body, then don’t overdose with the sunlight. Similar attitude is advised for hot baths and therapies as well, especially during the first trimester, when the baby is extremely fragile.

Scented Hygiene Products

For their own sake, it is highly recommended to avoid scented hygiene products like scented sprays, sanitary napkins, and bubble baths. They are not safe from the prospect of catching infections and some other problems of this sort.

Laser Treatments

This is another matter of concern, when talking about beauty treatments. It’s recommended to avoid such kinds of treatments, and to postpone them until the delivery. Since the hormonal changes are quite significant during pregnancy, women are advised to wait for the return to the usual state of their organism, ready to accept such kinds of treatments.

Some Aspects of Apparel Options

Talking a bit about the style tips as well, we can say a few words about the choice of the fabrics and shapes. Thus, it is preferable for a pregnant woman not to get overwhelmed with complexes about her appearance and not to hide inside oversized silhouettes. However, it is also important to avoid too tight silhouettes, paying an utmost attention to the comfort of the pieces.

Beauty Dos and Don'ts During Pregnancy

Beauty Dos for Pregnant Women

Finishing up with the strict and rigid restrictions, let us mention some of the points that are permitted and even to some extent required for the health and beauty of a pregnant woman.

Regular Skin Care

During this period it is important to take a good care of the skin and to protect it against outer influences and effecting factors. Thus, it is important to use sun-protecting and moisturizing creams, which will also contribute to extra proportions of oxygen to penetrate into the skin. E vitamin is also an important ingredient to be included with larger amount.

Physical Exercises

Keeping fit and sporty is very important for the healthy state of women’s organism and body, so physical exercises, intended especially for pregnant women are highly recommended for them. They will provide the future mommies with good and energizing stimulus and good body tonus for the day. Never economize on time, cutting down on everyday exercises.

Silicone Prosthesis

It is hard to say clearly whether surgeries are harmful for the period of pregnancy or not. However, in respect of silicone prosthesis, they are not considered harmful and dangerous for the mother and the baby. Even in terms of breastfeeding, they generally don’t act as obstacles.

Beauty Dos and Don'ts During Pregnancy

Style Tips for Pregnant Women

Coming to the style, it is recommended for women not to avoid buying such garments, which would be useful after the delivery as well. The state of pregnancy is quite a natural and beautiful one, and there is no need to conceal it inside oversized garments. Also, the preference to natural fabrics should be given, illustrated with such options as cotton and other soft and smooth fabrics. Women should seek for such pieces, which have some side gathers, pleats, and other details, helping to soften the body shape, accentuating the extreme femininity of the looks. Flats are highly advisable for them, too.

So, here were some useful tips for the perfect and healthy 9 months of the long-awaited happiness that a person can have. Starting from the very beginning, it is essential to look after the baby properly. And the pregnancy should be the best start!

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