What With and How to Wear Tights

Perfect looks are created not only thanks to the right choice of garments and makeup, but also with the help of correctly chosen accessories and minor accompanying details. The latter include such pieces, which form the main flavor of the apparel compositions. Therefore, it’s important to know what and how to wear, especially when it comes to such pieces as tights. Here are some tips for your best choice, which will help you come up with nice combinations and creative ideas. Learn what with and how to wear tights correctly to create the effect of long, enviable legs and to add a zest to your stunning outfits, instead of breaking them!

What With and How to Wear Tights

How to Choose Tights

Pay Attention to the Quality

The first thing that you should consider is the quality of the tights, which will secure the further striking looks of yours. Without the high quality of pieces, you can’t rely on them as being proper finishing touches to your nicely chosen garments.

So a good way to find out whether the tights you are about to buy are of high quality or not, is to check the existence of the specific scent, which should be strong but pleasant. This is a proof of the high quality, since this odor requires quite noticeable expenses and fake variants are usually deprived of that feature just because of this factor.

Proper Fit is Essential

This is one of the most important aspects of choosing tights. They need to be neither loose, nor too small, since in the first case they will gather up, and will create a sense of discomfort in the second. You can find the size key on the back. However, if you are not sure about your size, it is more preferable to choose the bigger options, since there’s nothing more discomforting and unpleasant than too tightly sticking tights.

What With and How to Wear Tights

Correct Type of Tights with a Matching Outfit

There are certain types of tights that need to be distinguished and that require certain rules when it comes to wearing them. The first point you should take into account is the differentiation between tights and leggings. The latter differ from tights in their fabrics and sometimes in shapes as well, being generally made of cotton and including footless options.

Another differentiation should be drawn between the ways of wearing pants and the ones with tights, since they also require strict regulations to follow. Thus, you can’t wear leggings as pants or vice versa, since tights are first and foremost a lingerie accessory and the upper parts should by no means be visible.

Coming to the types of tights, we can mention fishnets for instance, which are advised to be worn with great proportions of modesty, to avoid the possible risks of creating too daring and wrongly put looks. Thus, they are good with feminine and cute garments like skirts of medium length, but definitely not with mini skirts and stiletto shoes. Classic high heels on the other hand, might serve as suitable tools for creating elegant and perfect business looks.

Ggarter options are another spectacular type of tights, which however might present some discomfort and sense of uneasiness. Pay attention to the proper condition of the stockings, too. Even a tiny hitch may ruin the most flawless looks.

What With and How to Wear Tights

Balance the Colors

After deciding everything about the shapes and types of tights, the next thing you should think about is the right color combination, which will match the garments and your overall style. It’s a good idea to use some color softening shades in case of tights, put with bright tones of garments for toning down the latter. One of the most popular shades for such looks is grey, which goes well with correctly chosen softer orange shades. Beige and black tights are probably among the timeless, classic options.

Avoid Peter-Pan looks, which come out as a result of pairing bright green tights with brown shorts. Brighter tones for tights may be selected for matching evening dresses and for Halloween looks, why not. So it’s important to preserve the counterbalance between bright and soft tones, put as tights and garments.

White tights are typical bridal accessories. They add sophistication, femininity and innocence to the bride’s gorgeous look.

So here are some major tips for the right choice of tights (also learn: How to Wear Stockings). Summing up we can say, that when choosing tights you should know how to identify the quality, how to wear each type, what to wear them with, and what colors to select for successful and eye-pleasing combinations.

Keep in mind that there are events that require wearing tights by all means, such as in the case of working in the office or attending a business meeting. In any case, tights add a high dose of self-confidence, attractiveness and femininity to a woman’s look, even while being invisible under the clothing.

What With and How to Wear Tights

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