Grunge Fashion Trend: How to Dress Grunge

Grunge Fashion Trend: How to Dress Grunge

Bold and outrageous, the grunge fashion trend comes back from the ’90s revived, with the intention to stay long and stir a new fashion fever. Moreover, the grunge style has become so popular nowadays, that it even features some sub-genre looks, such as grunge indie, neo-grunge or glam grange, which is more girly and sophisticated.

Grunge Fashion Trend: How to Dress Grunge

Since fashion trends know the tactics of attracting attention best of all and the grunge trend is no exception to this end, you may now die to learn how to dress grunge and look glamorous and sexy at the same time. Therefore, we bring here some fab grunge fashion tips that will help you adopt this chic style in the most interesting manner.

Grunge Fashion Trend Characteristics

The slouchy 1990s grunge fashion is a style born as a popular youth subculture back in 1991 with the appearance of the grunge rock brand Nirvana and their uber-successful album ‘Nevermind’. It’s safe to say that the new musical band became a real trendsetter both in the music and fashion industry, establishing a new genre in these worlds, which was meant to live forever.

Gaining a huge popularity thanks to its celebrity fans and a huge army of followers, the grunge fashion trend became one of the most sought-after trends, characterized by carelessness, comfort and heavy layering. The grunge style can be easily recognized by details and vibes that give an outfit a worn-out, sloppy appearance. This means ripped jeans, second-hand clothing, slouchy sweaters and tops, loose jackets and pants, graphic t-shirts, clunky shoes (sneakers, combat boots), dark colors, cropped tops, pattern mixing (Learn How to Mix Prints and Patterns) and casual hairstyles.

Quite often, the person who wears clothes in the grunge style looks like a street beggar, who has no other choice, but to wear worn-out clothing. Upon closer examination, you find out that grunge clothing is of excellent quality with an external homely appearance. With their outfits, grunge style followers show to public their indifference towards their appearance, clothes and generally the material world, conveying to the public the spiritual supremacy.

Over the time the grunge style has undergone a number of changes, bringing the neo-grunge style characterized by nearly the same elements, only with a grown-up, polished look, the indie/ Hippie grunge style, which stands out with its romantic, vintage vibe, and the glam grunge look that is more feminine and luxurious. In all the cases, the modern grunge style embodies sophistication and uptown aesthetics with less ripped jeans and more feminine, ethereal looks quite often interpreted in chiffon and organza.

Grunge Fashion Trend: How to Dress Grunge

How to Dress Grunge

If you feel tired of all the glamour and business-style fashion, grunge trend is a cool style to adopt. Simply follow these easy grunge fashion tips!

• Give preference to darker colors, since the color of grunge is black. The modern grunge also allows wearing gray, neutral tones and other colors than black, however, essential grunge loves darkness.

• Update your wardrobe with denim. This can be a denim jacket or vest, denim shorts or jeans, preferably ripped, worn-out, stone-washed or dark.

• Leggings and lace, ripped or patterned tights in darker hues have become essential elements in a grunge-style wardrobe, replacing denim. If you don’t love baggy jeans, you might like to embrace this tendency.

• Flannel shirts are a must for a chic grungy look. If you want to look more feminine, you may opt for not too loose flannel shirts. You can wear your flannel shirt as a tunic over a pair of leggings or tight jeans, or with denim shorts, matching it also with a tight tank top underneath.

• It’s hard to imagine the grunge style without the signature band t-shirts and crop tops, or ones featuring interesting graphic prints and patterns. You can also pick a t-shirt with flag motifs.

• Leather in all its forms has become an important detail in the grunge style. This can be a biker leather jacket or leather shorts, a leather skirt or leather boots. A tight black leather dress worn with patterned or ripped tights will instantly make you look grunge.

• Forget about heels, and go for clunky shoes! The grunge style is all about comfort and insouciance. Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens or combat boots are a must for a totally chic grunge look.

• Details matter in the grunge style! Don’t forget to finish off with edgy accessories, such as ones featuring chains, spikes, studs, zippers and metallic details. Round sunglasses and a headscarf can also be a good addition. When picking grunge accessories, try to be minimal, going for this or that item and not everything altogether.

• When it comes to the handbags, you can either go for oversized bags or cross or tiny cross body bags.

• Layering is grunge! Don’t be afraid to experiment! Layer, mix and match, play with contrasting prints and patterns confidently, making new stunning grunge looks.

Grunge Fashion Trend: How to Dress Grunge

Grunge Makeup Tips

Makeup in the grunge style has little value. It’s either completely absent or uses dark shades. Grunge makeup doesn’t require eyeshadow mixtures or sparkles. You are advised to play natural, preferably with darker tones. A good idea is to create bushy eyebrows and add a bold touch to your lips by wearing some deep color, creating wine-stained lips, for instance.

Grunge Fashion Trend: How to Dress Grunge

Grunge Hairstyles

Grunge hairstyles don’t require special care. Here, the messier, the better is the trick. Moreover, grunge hair is almost greasy, yet it still looks good. Relaxed “bed hair’ is what you need, instead of overly feminine hairstyles!

Any change in style is always exciting and interesting! If you want to feel like completely in a different body, if you want to boost up your mood, don’t be afraid of radical changes and adopt a new style. Put aside your complexes, restrictions, and embrace the grunge fashion trend in its entire splendor! Keep in mind that there isn’t any special guide to the grunge style: just wear what you really like and you’ll definitely find your peculiar cozy and comfy grunge style!

Grunge Fashion Trend: How to Dress Grunge

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