Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow

While many colors are often regarded as the main without being so, yellow quite often acts as an additional color, despite the fact that it’s one of the basic colors in the color wheel. This may be because of the fact that most fashionisers don’t know how to wear yellow and they try to stay away from the bright yellow fashion. Being the color of the sunshine and happiness, yellow instantly attracts loads of attention wherever it appears and cheers up one in an instance. The flirty yellow color is proved to be infinitely romantic and luxurious, when paired with the right colors. Check out our yellow fashion tips and don’t be afraid to paint your wardrobe in delicate sunny hues!

Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow

How to Choose Yellow

Actually, yellow has more than a dozen variations, with the main yellow tones being pale yellow, light yellow, greenish yellow and yellow with a grayish undertone. So before deciding to wear yellow clothing, first find out which shade flatters you the best.

Yellow for Pale Skin: Girls with a pale skin tone are recommended to opt for mustard yellow, dark yellow and very pale yellow hues. You’d better stay away from the primary yellow color and neon yellows.

Yellow for Normal and Olive Skin: If you have a medium or olive skin tone, you are advised to experiment with lemon yellow and super-daring yellow tones, such as a bright tone, which will glow up your skin.

Yellow for Dark Skin: Women with a dark skin tone are perhaps the luckiest ones, when it comes to yellow fashion. They can wear absolutely any yellow tone and look amazing, with the exception of neon yellow, which will create a too sharp contrast with your skin tone. Golds will look particularly amazing on dark skin.

Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow

How to Wear Yellow

As you pick the perfect yellow tone for you, learn what stylish combinations to create with it. Some dazzling yellowish outfits can be the following:

Yellow with Orange: Matching these two sister hues that come so close to each other in the color wheel, you create the most joyful color combination. Yellow can break the too bright and juicy look of an orange or a red outfit, creating the perfect pair with them ever! If you decide to wear yellow with orange, be ready to accept millions of compliments.

Yellow with Blue: Self-confident and bold girls looking for brash and outspoken outfit ides can always experiment with the fun side the yellow with blue combo creates. Especially amazing does yellow look with a darker blue shade.

Yellow with Purple/ Lilac: The duo of yellow and purple or that of yellow and lilac is full of mystery and charm. You can never make a mistake, experimenting with these lovely color combos.

Yellow with Red: Seeking for extra attention? Try the bold color combination of yellow and red ” perhaps that’s what is right for you!

Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow
Yellow with Green: Could there be any woman, who isn’t in love with daffodils? This is the case, when nature never errs. Get inspired from your favorite yellow flowers and match yellow with green!

Yellow with Brown: For a super-romantic and melancholic appearance, think yellow with brown, the favorite color combo of autumn. This is perhaps the most natural color composition, since it’s again seen in nature!

Yellow with Gray: Yellow with gray creates a modern high-tech combination, which is all about high fashion and elegance.

Yellow with Black: Yellow with black is the favorite game of contrasts of fashion designers around the world. In case you want to look more aristocratic, match black with gold.

Yellow with Two Colors: When you already feel like a pro in yellow fashion, be creative and mix and match yellow with more than one other color. For instance, try the color composition of yellow with dark fuchsia and black or go even further wearing a bright color-blocked dress that has lots of yellow accents.

Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow

Other Important Yellow Fashion Tips

In case you still aren’t persuaded to start wearing yellow, go on discovering our fashion tips on rocking different popular tones of yellow.

How to Wear Yellow Mellow

Dessert yellow mellow is the creamy, pale yellow tone, which is impossible to hate! Yellow mellow is considered an ideal shade not only for resort tunics, but also aristocratic evening dresses, as well as cocktail skirts and dresses falling down loosely and freely. The most amazing thing about yellow mellow fashion is that it suits practically anyone: platinum blondes, brunettes and redheads. This yellow shade also looks spectacular on the beach and in case you still feel insecure in yellow, you may simply experiment with yellow mellow fashion accessories.

Yellow mellow makes great color pairs with pastels, while bright and saturated colors slightly dim the light creamy tone.

How to Wear Honey Gold Yellow

Known as honey gold yellow or ochre, golden yellow is a warm earthy shade that compliments almost any other color perfectly. Women with a cool white face are advised not to wear this color. The color flatters especially girls with an olive skin tone.

Honey gold yellow seems to be the best yellow tone for fall, winter and spring. Particularly chic looks ochre leather, be it a leather jacket, shoes or a bag. Other than that, you can opt for a honey gold yellow cardigan, a sweater, a skirt, pants, a blouse, a coat or simple accessories.

This warm yellow color blends well with other warm tones, such as brown, green and red. Other colors that make perfect pairs with ochre are teal, gray, oxblood and white. You can also wear honey gold yellow clothing pieces with denim.

How to Wear Chartreuse Yellow

Yellow tinged with green is chartreuse yellow, named in honor of the famous alcoholic beverage of the same exact color. It’s regarded as a fusion of two basic colors: yellow and green. Chartreuse yellow is the perfect color to embody blossoming spring. It perfectly suits women with a peach skin tone and brown hair. Red-haired women can also experiment with this vibrant tone, while brunettes are advised to go for a lighter shade.

Chartreuse yellow looks amazing in combination with brown, rust, beige, black, navy blue and purple. If you doubt to wear this color or not, simply pick something small, such as a bracelet or a clutch in chartreuse yellow.

How to Wear Lemon Yellow

Lemon yellow is associated with freshness and purity. It best suits women with dark hair and an olive skin tone with a light touch.

Lemon yellow is a bold color in itself. It looks amazing with green, light brown, purple, gray, blue, black, white and light orange.

How to Wear Pale Yellow

Grayish yellow or pale yellow is another basic pastel shade. Pastel pale yellow compliments almost any other pastel color, such as coral, calm beige, gray, pastel blue or pastel pink. It also looks lovely with green and blue.

Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow

How to Wear Yellow Accessories

Whenever a big color trend comes, yet it seems too bold for you, you can always rely on fashion accessories. Adding a pop of color to your neutral, monochrome outfits is the best trick of standing out in the crowd with your unique appearance. So if you don’t love the big splashes of yellow in your look, simply go for a yellow handbag, yellow shoes, a yellow scarf, yellow jewelry pieces or just a yellow nail polish. You can match your yellow fashion accessories with clothing pieces in other colors, sticking to the basic yellow fashion tips described above.

Yellow fashion is preferred by those, who love life and adventures and who know the tricks about how to wear yellow right. Be bold to wear yellow and conquer, delight and dazzle!

Photos courtesy of Negin Mirsalehi, Fashionising

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