Bushy Eyebrows: How to Fill in Eyebrows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are real jewels to the eyes, making them look even more mysterious and giving loads of character to the face. Underestimation of eyebrow care is foolish, since having powerful, bold brows and wearing no makeup, you can be sure to still have a distinctive look.

Bushy Eyebrows: How to Fill in Eyebrows

Gone are the days when thin, barely visible brow lines were considered sexy and stylish. The modern beauty trends place a big focus on natural beauty, as after all nature hardly ever makes mistakes. Keep in mind that the natural form of your eyebrows best fits you, and your job is only to emphasize their beauty simply letting your brows grow back and filling in any gaps.

While most women are blessed with strongly emphasized bushy eyebrows, others have to learn how to fill in eyebrows correctly to create super-sexy lusciously full brows. If you are one of them, follow these beauty tips to get bushy eyebrows!

How to Make Eyebrows Grow Back

There is no need to worry if you gave in the twenties fashion of thin eyebrows and over-plucked your statement bushy brows. The first and most important tip to regain them is to give a rest to your tweezers and let the over-plucked brows grow back. It may take weeks and even months to get the ultimate fab result.

To quicken the process, you may use natural remedies, such as castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, milk, almond oil, lemon, essential oils or simple Vaseline. Massage your brows with any of these products every day before going to bed and you’ll soon notice the smashing results.

How to Determine the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Our natural eyebrow shape is the perfect base on which we can work just a little bit to create the ideal brows. First of all, absolutely remove all the hair from the base of your nose in between your brows.

Now, give a sad expression to your face. To see which is the perfect eyebrow shape, take two pencils. Lay one of them vertically along your nose toward the inner corner of the brows and hold the second pencil crosswise so that it passes through the view angle.

This way, you’ll find out whether to make your brows bigger or shorter. Keep in mind that every face shape requires a distinct eyebrow shape. So make sure to shape your eyebrows according to your face shape!

How to Fill in Eyebrows

As you have carefully brushed your brows and got rid of any unnecessary hairs, it’s time to turn to the magic eyebrow kits to draw the perfect shape and fill in the gaps. Keep in mind that although statement eyebrows look trendy and sexy, it’s a big error to use dark pencils to adjust the brow shape. Instead, try to keep your brows more natural and give preference to eyeshadows that are two shades darker than your natural brow tone.

Otherwise, you may simply buy a professional brow kit in the natural shade of your brow color. Also make sure to obtain an angled brow brush and eyebrow stencils in case you aren’t skilled enough to draw the perfect brow line yourself. It’s quite easy to work with the latter: you simply have to pick your preferred brow stencil close to your natural brow shape, hold it correctly on your brows and fill in the gaps either with the eyeshadow or the pencil of the correct color.

Step 1: First apply a brow gel in order to keep your brow hairs in place. Then brush them.

Step 2: Now, draw kind of a guide line underneath your brow with light strokes, using an eye pencil in milky tones (black is an absolute No, No!). Afterwards blend the line with your brows, using your fingers.

Step 3: It’s time to work your angled brush. Take eyebrow ink in quite natural tones. The shade you choose highly depends on your hair color. Blondes are advised to pick an eyebrow paint pot in two shades darker than their hair, while brunettes can go with a pot just one shade lighter than their hair tone.

As you already have a white guide line drawn underneath your brows, simply pass over it with your angled brush that you have dipped in the eyebrow paint pot. The line strokes should be thin and short, otherwise you’ll get a caricature effect of Cleopatra’s look. As you make your way to the edge of your brows, make the line thinner. It’s essential to have a clean line underneath your brows and keep the top more natural.

Step 4: Now, draw a line from the top of your brow arch till the end. To know where the line should end, hold a brush from the outer eye corner to the side of nostril.

Step 5: It’s time to connect the arch to the brow by drawing another line above your brow. If you want really bushy brows, you may make this line slightly thicker for a more youthful feel. However, try not to exaggerate with it to avoid looking unnatural.

Step 6: Fill in the gaps now! As you finish this, blend any harsh lines with a Q-tip.

Step 7: Apply some concealer directly underneath your brow line to make it look slightly sharper and more defined. And you are done!

Important Tips While Defining Your Eyebrows:

• It’s essential to have the angled brush.

• Give preference to powders, instead of pencils.

• For natural looking brows, fill in your eyebrows with a matte finish tan or a brown eyeshadow.

• Work with two different shades, since the entire brow usually isn’t of the same darkness. Make the inner part slightly lighter and define the arch and the brow tail with a darker shade.

How to Wear Bushy Eyebrows

Bold and big eyebrows are already enough to make your face expressive and beautiful. There are two ways of wearing bushy eyebrows.

• The most popular way is to wear painted brows with natural lips. Brows will be the only accentuated parts on your face and they will instantly pop out on the background of a natural makeup.

• For special occasions, you may experiment more and wear thick eyebrows with dark lips. This will give kind of a Gothic touch to your look.

The trend of bushy eyebrows is like a fever, attracting celebrities, models and famous fashionisers. You also have the chance to look trendy and sexy now by simply following our easy beauty tips on how to fill in eyebrows!

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