Festival Fashion Tips: What to Wear to a Music Festival

Outdoor fun, cool music, outstanding fashion looks and celebs‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ What can be more tempting than the music festival season?! Like the event itself, festival fashion is cheerful, funky and special, and it definitely needs a review, after all it’s really a difficult task to look chic in the middle of a desert, in the sweltering sun or in the mud. As the festival fever kicks off, we all wonder what to wear to a music festival in order to look outstanding and memorable, without losing that charming spirit of free, relaxed and effortless styling? To instantly stand out in the crowd of the young and the fashionable, make sure you check out these festival fashion tips and don’t miss your chance to be a part of this crazy, awesome and energizing event that you’ll remember forever!

Festival Fashion Tips: What to Wear to a Music Festival

How to Dress for a Music Festival

Romantic floral prints, bohemian maxi dresses, denim, crochet, lace, embroidery details, country, folk and ethnic touches, vintage vibes and quite unexpected, outstanding combinations are what describe the admirable music festival style. This is when you have the chance to set your inner creative stylist free and go wild mix and matching, combining various trends, textures and fabrics together without going over the top for a charming relaxed look.

Music Festival Packing

Whether you are planning a trip to take part in your favorite music festival or you live quite close to the music destination, the most important thing about festival styling is to pack smart, taking the possible unexpected weather changes into account. Don’t be lazy to take a pair of leggings, jeans, a biker jacket, a knitted cardigan, a hoodie or a parka, as well as comfortable shoes that won’t be spoilt in the rain and in the mud with you. And in case the sun starts shining too brightly, never forget about your sunscreen, sunglasses, a swimsuit, flip flops and a wide-brimmed summer hat!

While creating your music festival packing list, always think about comfort and practicality first. Of course, you’d like to show off your recently purchased designer dress, however make sure it won’t ask for constant adjustment from your. Also take clothes that you won’t feel broken in case of losing them or accidentally spoiling them.

Make sure to take all the necessary beauty products with you, including a body and a hair shampoo, baby wipes for taking off the dust and grease from your face and body, face scrub, toothpaste, makeup products, deodorant and a sunscreen. It’s a good idea to carry the most essential things with you in your bag all the time, in case you need something.

It’ll also be smart to take bandages, first aid medial supplies and water bottles with you. While at the party, stay away from taking too much cash with you, since there will be lots of people all around you and you won’t even notice how you lose your money.

Music Festival Styling Tips

Perhaps the only rule about music festival styling is to forget about all-things-glamorous and special, and think effortless, hippie, indie, bohemian, casual and fun. This is the best event for you to don a sweet floral or ethnic printed mini dress or a breathtaking boho-chic maxi one, a pair of short ripped or studded denim shorts worn with bandeau tops, crop tops or a loose tee. Chambray shirts, maxi skirts, rompers, jumpsuits, waistcoats, crochet blouses and tops, jumpers and sweaters… There are so many cool clothing pieces that you can mix and match creatively for smashing hot festival looks!

When it comes to the color palette, you can stick with eye-popping neons, brights and prints, or go more romantic by giving preference to neutrals, pastels, creams, beiges, camels and denims. It’s a good idea to check the fashion trends and find something special for you close to your personal style and interests. Layering, contrasting, combining and mix-n-matching are highly recommended for creating one-of-a-kind looks. Make sure you have a nosey at the following musical festival fashion tips!

• Since most music festivals are organized in summer and in some deserted area, where the sun is shining stronger than ever, this is the right time to show off more skin! Go for a pair of denim shorts or a miniskirt and make your long tanned legs the center of everyone’s attention! You can pick high-waisted shorts or mini swing skirts, pairing them with some printed tees or crop tops.

• A lovely festival frock is what will make you look ultimately girlish and spectacular throughout the cool event! Pay attention to the trendy patterns, colors and prints, while making a choice. You may pick simple mini dresses with a vintage feel or asymmetrical ones with transparency details and lots of crochet and lace. Dangerously tempting will be a ground-skimming boho dress matched with a flower in the hair and flat strappy sandals!

• Think denim, denim and lots of denim! The all American denim look is proved to be one of the coolest and most common festival looks. You may match your denim short, romper, pants or skirt with some crochet or printed tops and cowboy or biker boots, for instance! In case you like to keep denim less, opt for a denim vest or a denim jacket!

• Experiment with lots of tribal patterns, florals and mixed prints.

• Never forget about a lovely swimsuit. Take your proportions and likings into account while choosing swimwear for you! Pay attention to the trendy details, colors and prints again giving preference to what makes you look divine.

• Shoes are perhaps the most essential elements, when it comes to festival fashion. In case of bad rainy weather, give preference to rugged boots or Hunter willies, matching the color and the prints to your entire outfit. Sneakers, cowboy boots, biker booties, oxfords, flat sandals, loafers and wedges are all fab festival picks!

• Despite your preferences when it comes to bags, music festivals require tiny bags, since you don’t want to bother everyone with your huge leather sack. Cross-body bags, small vintage rucksacks, mini satchels or a leather shoulder bag with fringe details will look way too festive to be ignored!

• Of course, it’s impossible to talk about music festival fashion without mentioning lots of accessories! This is when you have to put your creativeness to the test and spice up your looks in the best way. Sunglasses, seventies-inspired floppy hats and wide-brimmed ones, lots of earrings, necklaces and rings, scarves and hair accessories are festival fashion must haves!

• As a final touch, don’t forget about a youthful relaxed hairstyle and some trendy makeup. Here, you can opt for a fishtail braid or let your messy tresses hang down loosely. As for the makeup, leave it clean and minimal, you aren’t going to a wedding party! You may opt for a bright lipstick, it will add a zest to your look!

For music festival fashion inspiration, you can always look to Kate Bosworth, who always manages to look incredibly stylish every time, she hits the famous Coachella party or other music festival. Famous boho-chic brand Free People can help you get the ultimate indie look and if you are looking for more affordable style solutions, keep an eye on the famous high street retailers, since they all come up with special festival lines as the season arrives! Last but not least, don’t forget about extremely high spirits and a smile on your face!

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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