Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

In the beauty and fashion industry, it’s hard not to go back to the roots from time to time, as it’s actually the rich background that has helped the famous fashion designers to be where they are now. To this end, swinging sixties serve as an endless source of inspiration, always leading to one-of-a-kind gorgeous looks, no matter it’s about makeup or outfits. Better known for her nickname Twiggy, English model Lesley Lewson is closely connected with this fashion epoch, as it was her that brought the bold boyish haircut, androgynous style and the so-popular Twiggy makeup trend, which is so hot even in our days. That innocent look emphasized by big lashes, lots of mascara and a well-highlighted crease line inspires girls and women throughout the world. So here we come up with the sixties inspired Twiggy makeup tutorial that will help you get a dramatic makeover within a few minutes.

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

How to Create a 60’s Mod Twiggy Makeup Look

For the whimsical and personality-filled Twiggy makeup look, you’ll need the following makeup products and tools:

• Foundation
• blush
• concealer
• eye primer
• an eyebrow kit
• a white eyeshadow base
• a butter hued eyeshadow, a champagne, a black and two different tones of brown eyeshadows
• black cream eyeliner
• mascara
• false eyelashes
• a nude lipstick tone
• makeup brushes

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

As you are standing in front of your big mirror having all the necessary products at hand, follow the step-by-step Twiggy makeup tutorial!

Step1: Start your makeup with the base, that is the face. If you want to imitate Twiggy in every aspect, you might want to create a slightly pale face by opting for a foundation tone that is a bit lighter than your natural skin color. However, don’t exaggerate with the color difference in order not to create a fake mask-like face that differs from your neck color and the overall body. To achieve the effect of a porcelain skin, take a foundation in a lighter shade without a pinkish sub-tone. You may add a drop of a highlighter into your liquid foundation, if you want to create a radiant skin. Camouflage the dark circles under the eyes, the small blood vessels and any other skin imperfections with your foundation.

Step 2: Twiggy is known for her sunny freckles. Therefore, if you also have ones, don’t try to conceal them. In case you want to create fake freckles, take a peach pencil and put some dots mostly on the nose and the area around the eyebrows, while the chin and the forehead usually contain less freckles. If you don’t like the freckled effect, skip this step and switch to the blush. Twiggy used an apricot blush shade; only make sure to apply it under the cheekbones, rather than the apples of the checks.

Step 3: The 60’s mod Twiggy trend stands out with kind of tapered eyebrows that are neither too thick, nor too thin as a thread. Take an eyebrow kit exactly in the same hue as the natural tone of your brows. We have used here an E.L.F. brow kit in dark. Create the desirable eyebrow line and slightly fill it in.

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial
Step 4: The main emphasis of the sixties Twiggy makeup look is a pair of childish-like huge eyes, so it’s here that you have to work more. Start your eye makeup by applying an eye primer (Too Faced Insurance) and a base (NYX Jumbo Milk). After this, apply the basic shade on the upper lids. Take some matte light colors, such as white or light blue. We have used here a butter color from the NYX Butt Naked Palette. Add a white eyeshadow over the butter one (from the same palette).

Step 5: Using a black cream eyeliner, create a fake crease in an oval shape. Blend the line with a small brush. Next, apply a brown eyeshadow (Sleek Au Naturel) over the black line and blend it, using a lighter brown color.

Step 6: Apply a shimmering champagne color right under the eyebrows to highlight the arch of your brows.

Step 7: Apply a white cream eyeshadow on your waterline. We have used the NYX Jumbo pencil here. Then, use a brown eyeshadow (Sleek Au Naturel) over your lower lids. Next, apply a black eyeshadow on the lower lash line.

Step 8: For more dramatic eyes, apply a black liquid liner on the upper eyelids.

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial
Step 9: Your eyelashes should be maximum thick and long, so it’ll be hard to do without falsies. After applying two coast of black volumizing and lengthening mascara on your natural eyelashes and using some concealer under the eyes, apply your false eyelashes. We have used here Red Cherry #43 for the top lashes and Red Cherry #49 for the bottom ones.
If you have thin and light lower lashes, you may follow Twiggy’s trick and draw fake lower lashes with black eyeliner.

Step 10: In contrast to well-emphasized big eyes, lips should be kept natural. You may take a simple lip-gloss in nude, pale pink or beige tone. We have used here a NYX Nude on Nude lipstick.

The fabulous sixties mod Twiggy eye makeup looks amazing at any party, yet not for formal occasions and for a normal working day at the office. Stand out in the crowd with this look at a cool party and don’t forget to remove your makeup thoroughly before going to bed, which is actually a lifetime rule for Lesley Lewson!

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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