How to Wear Fur

How to Wear Fur

Refined and luxurious, fur is the oldest material in the history of clothing. Although, in ancient times, almost every woman could wear a fur coat, as it wasn’t something luxurious, but a garment of primary necessity for cold winter months, now, much has changed in the world of fashion. Nowadays, fur isn’t just a symbol of luxury and wealth, a high social status and glamour, but it’s also subject to all fashion trends, and trends are what make our life so exciting and beautiful. Almost no cold season could go without the fur trend. From season to season we see various fur types, new colors, new garments featuring this uber-luxurious material and new styling solutions. However fresh and gorgeous these new trends come to be, there is one thing that is unchangeable, which is the base, the material: the fur.

With fur being such a widely-spread material, which is used for creating coats, vests, hats, handbags and other clothing pieces and accessories, we begin to wonder: how to wear fur and look stylish and refined, and not trashy and bulky? Here, we present some easy style tips on wearing fur, as well as basic knowledge about how to store fur and extend the life of your favorite fur pieces.

How to Wear Fur

Style Tips on Wearing Fur

Despite its nobility, high class and luxury, many people consider fur the ugliest material, since hundreds of animals suffer for creating genuine fur pieces. This is the reason why there is a tendency to use faux fur for creating a coat or any other garment. Besides, faux fur is much more affordable and almost any fashioniser can buy a faux fur item. Keep in mind that everything depends on styling, so if you have a faux fur item and style it right, you are sure to look like a hundred bucks.
There are various types of fur, different colors and shapes, and, of course, genuine and faux fur. In order to brighten up the exuberant, lush material, many fashion designers brought the psychedelic fur trend too, dying mainly faux fur in all the possible shades of the rainbow, from pastel tones to bright fuchsias, oranges or reds.

When choosing a fur, pay attention not only to the quality and its rich look, but also color. It’s advised to go for contrasts. For example, if black and gray prevail in your wardrobe, pick something colored, such as lush green, purple or mustard, in order to add a pop of color to your look. On the other hand, if you are a fan of bright dresses and printed clothing, pick a fur accessory staying in the color spectrum: purple goes well with orange, blue ” with yellow, red ” with dark green. Also, if buying a fur item is something luxurious for you, choose something classy, which will hardly go out of style. All those bright and pastel colored fur items are likely to become old fashioned one day, which you can never say about brown, gray or camel tones.

How to Wear Fur
Once you have your fur garment, it’s high time to learn ways of sporting it. Here are a few ideas on how to use fur or faux fur as a great add-on-to-anything accessory:

• If you are so much in love with fur, you’ll certainly have a fur coat. Long fur coats are more luxurious and they don’t look so good with casual outfits worn every day. Instead keep this garment for special occasions. Wear it with a long elegant dress and high heels, accessorized with chic jewelry pieces and a clutch, when you plan to go to an evening party or a formal occasion.

• On the other hand, midi and short fur coats can look more practical. You can easily pair your favorite short fur coat with a pair of jeans and leather boots. Besides depending on the design of your short fur coat, it can also look quite elegant with classic clothing pieces and cocktail dresses, sported for special occasions.

• Fur tends to make one look bigger and fatter than she really is, since it’s a bulky piece of clothing. To balance things, always wear something light and thin underneath fur. You’ll hardly feel cold, as fur is already warm enough.

• Keep in mind that fur looks extremely luxurious and instantly catches the eye. Wearing fur from head to toe, you are likely to resemble a mink or a lynx. Keep things simple and always wear one single fur item at a time. Treat fur as a piece of accessory, an embellishment to always have a successful look.

• Psychedelic fur looks great with skinny jeans tucked into boots, as well as with leather trousers and high boots.

• Certainly the easiest way of sporting fur is going for fur accessories. Like fur coats, subtle accents of fur also look quite effective, giving a touch of nobility and chic to your look. Think fur handbags, boots with fur inserts, fur hats, fur scarves, collars, ear muffs, fur jackets or vets.

How to Wear FurHow to Wear Fur

• One of the best ways of wearing fur is choosing a fur vest. It looks chic and casual, elegant and flirty. You can wear a fur vest with jeans and a pair of earth-toned boots, for example. The drop-dead gorgeous look is guaranteed! Always wear something light underneath your fur vest. A fur vest also looks chic with skinny leather pants or a cute knitted dress

• Fur jackets are also an interesting way of nailing down the fur trend. They look especially amazing with skinny pants and high boots.

• A fur scarf, a fur hat or fur ear muffins are perhaps the most versatile fur pieces. They fit almost everyone and look good with almost any kind of clothing. Besides they are small fur accessories, and when fur is less, it’s definitely more beautiful.

• Fur collars are the most fun fur accessories. Adding a fur collar on your ordinary coat, jacket or sweater, you instantly transfer your look, adding a classy touch to your outfit. You can also wear a fur scarf as a collar.

• Fur trimmed boots certainly look voguish, yet while dealing with them, always pay attention to your weight and silhouette. If you are short and plump, these shoes will definitely make you look shorter and fatter. Always opt for fur trimmed boots that contain no more than 30% of fur.

• Fur handbags, coming in various shades and shapes, can instantly add a chic vibe to your outfits. However, never try to wear a fur handbag in summer, as it’s a winter accessory.

• Fur looks chic with other refined materials too, especially leather. There are even ready-made pieces that are a blend of both the materials. Fur outerwear always looks amazing with leather footwear, leather skirts and leather pants.

• To embrace the ’70s style, you can wear fur with wide-leg pants and midi skirts. It can be a fur coat or a fur-trimmed coat, a fur scarf or a fur vest.

• When matching a short fur coat with a miniskirt or short shorts, you create the alluring ’60s vibe, which is so cool and stylish.

How to Wear FurHow to Wear Fur

How to Store Fur

Knowing the fashion tips about how to wear fur isn’t enough for a chic look. If you fur items look spoiled, you’ll hardly get the desired effect. Fur is a bit capricious material, which requires a good care. Here are a few tips on storing fur right:

• Always store your fur in summer in a special garment protector, treated with mothballs. You can also put dried orange peel or tobacco leaf into the garment protector.

• Try to store your fur in a cool dark place, so that it doesn’t fall under the direct sunlight in any case.

• Opt for a massive coat hanger with a wide solid neck so that your coat doesn’t sag in any case.

• Never wash you fur with washing powder, don’t wash it with shampoo in the shower and don’t dry it with a hair dryer.

• Don’t try to remove the grease and stains with gasoline or acetone: they are the biggest enemies of fur.

• If possible, take your fur to a fur specialist once a year so that she can repair the imperfections.

• Never store genuine fur with dyed one.

• Don’t hang fur on whitewashed walls, as chalk tends to spoil fur.

How to Wear FurHow to Wear Fur
• Never iron your fur coat, as the slightest temperature effect changes the structure of your fur garment.

• Don’t use any chemical products on your fur, such as perfume or sprays. The alcohol contained instantly gets absorbed in the fur, making it smell awful for a long time.

• If your fur garment got accidently wet in the rain or snow, don’t try to dry it with any equipment quickly. Keep in mind that fur can be dried only at room temperature. Once it’s completely dry, comb it with a brush.

Dear fashionisers, keep in mind that fur loves snow, frost, wind and when it’s politely taken care of. Don’t use perfume on your fur garments, don’t wear a shoulder bag over your fur coat and don’t get caught up in the rain. Don’t try to wear lots of fur garments at a time or layer it a lot. Learn these easy fur styling tips and you are sure to always look enviable, chic and refined!

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