Emerald Green Trend: How to Wear Emerald Green

Emerald Green Trend: How to Emerald Green

The color of immortality, life and nature, the color of opulence, rebirth and the universe, emerald green is the most magical, refined and elegant shade in the color wheel. It’s not by chance that we love green eyes and the spring season, when everything is in blossom and it’s green all around. “Emerald green to everyone’ ” this is how we can describe this rich and classy hue, as it suits girls of any color. The emerald green trend gives high class and self-confidence to every fashioniser’s look and helps her create a memorable style. Ready to drop a jewel bomb to your wardrobe? Here, we bring to your attention the styling tricks of the emerald green trend, useful fashion tips on how to wear emerald green for you to get a new makeover and look like a precious jewel in the crowd of mortals.

The best thing about the emerald green trend is that it can flatter literally everyone, regardless of skin tone, hair and eye color, and one’s personal style. This opulent jewel tone looks amazing in combination with a sea of other hues that you already have in your wardrobe. There aren’t any special tips on choosing emerald green clothing, as any girl can go and pick her favorite shade of this jewel tone and look amazing, no matter she is blonde, redhead or brunette. So hurry up to buy a few emerald green clothing pieces and learn ways to create drop-dead gorgeous looks getting inspired from the following emerald green style tips!

Emerald Green Trend: How to Wear Emerald Green

Head to Toe Emerald Green Look

The best way of standing out in the crowd with your emerald green clothes is getting dressed in this magical shade from head to toe. A dress or a tunic, a skirt suit or shorts worn with a tee, cropped trousers and a light chiffon blouse will look perfect in a single color, complemented with green accessories, such as bright emerald green high heeled shoes or ballerina flats, flirty handbags with big buckles, some oversized sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat, and, of course, sparkling emerald earrings. This outfit especially flatters red-haired beauties, but also brown-haired fashionisers and brunettes. Blondes are advised to break the overall green look with neutral shades of cream, black or white in order to create a beautiful contrast with their hair color.

Emerald Green Colorblocking

Emerald looks amazing with almost any other color. It makes a harmonious couple with the hues of the opposite color spectrum. Emerald green in combination with purple, red and orange creates the most impressive look. In all the cases, the symbolic glow of emerald green gives a touch of purity, energy and freshness to every day and evening outfit. You can choose en emerald green dress and finish off your look with red accessories, for instance, or go for the unmatchable combo of emerald green and gold, such as an emerald green dress complemented with a tiny gold clutch and stylish golden strappy sandals.

Emerald green also looks chic with all the neutral hues, including black, white, brown, camel, beige, gray, nude tones, as well as with burgundy, eclectic blue, bright yellow, metallics and pastel hues.

Emerald Lady: Emerald Green with Beige

Emerald green with beige (as well as with milk, white and light gray) makes the clearest and calmest combination. For instance, you can pick emerald green shorts and wear them with a breezy white blouse, a thin brown belt and camel ankle booties. You are sure to look very fresh and romantic.

Or go for loose emerald pants worn with a cream blouse, brown bag, black shoes and a green hat. Don’t forget about the emerald earrings and the beige outerwear. You can keep the blouse monochrome or printed in delicate polka dots, for instance. This is a great outfit for office too.

It’s also a nice idea to wear an emerald green dress or any other emerald green outfit and finish it off with beige accessories, such as shoes, sunglasses, hats and jewelry pieces. Your bag can be beige or green. Beige footwear will calm down the deep emerald green look, giving a touch of sophistication to it.

Emerald Green Trend: How to Wear Emerald Green

The Dreamer: Emerald Green with Soft Blue

This is a soft and light color combination, which comes like a breath of fresh summer air. Think, for instance, an emerald green flirty dress accessorized with a pale blue bag, blue bracelets and green high heel shoes. This outfit is ideal for a romantic date or for a cocktail party.

Flower Garden: Emerald Green with Pinks

No wonder, nature is the best designer. It never makes mistakes. Look around and draw inspiration from the flowers and plants: bright and beautiful flowers always look amazing with the lush emerald green. This is a royal combo. From pale pinks to juicy fuchsias, pink tones look amazing with emerald green.

Opt for a romantic floral printed blouse, a pair of blue jeans and an emerald bag, for instance. What about a lovely crimson skirt and an emerald green bag with pastel pink touches? The combo of a soft purple blouse, a bright skirt and an emerald clutch is also striking. Play with floral prints, various shades of pink and emerald green and you’ll be a real winner!

You can keep it pink or green, when it comes to your footwear, handbag and accessories. It’s not obligatory that they are all in a single color. For instance, choose light pink shoes and a green bag.

A Paradise Bird: Emerald Green with Fuchsia and Eclectic Blue

All the jewel tones look astounding together. The combo of emerald green and fuchsia or that of emerald green and eclectic blue arouses only admiration. For example, go for an emerald green dress and finish it off with a fuchsia clutch, a fuchsia scarf, golden shoes and golden jewelry pieces. Isn’t that amazing? Or you can try the vice versa: a fuchsia dress worn with emerald green bracelets, an emerald green bag and black ballerina flats.

Another daring solution is choosing an eclectic blue dress, an emerald green trench coat, emerald green jewelry pieces, a green bag and eclectic blue high heels. You will hear only aaahs and uuuhhhs!

Red and Orange Mood: Emerald Green with Orange

Besides the classic combo of emerald green and red, this opulent color looks amazing also with orange, creating a crazy summer mood. For instance, choose an orange outfit and finish it off with emerald green shoes and accessories. You can also try the vice versa.

Modest Emerald Green: Emerald Green Accessories

If you aren’t into eye-popping colors and prefer neutral clothes, you can liven up your look by opting for emerald green accessories. For instance, a black dress finished off with emerald green shoes, emerald earrings and bracelets and a golden clutch will look incredible. Whether it’s a gray, black, cream, beige or brown outfit, emerald green embellishments can instantly balance your trendy look.


Emerald Green Trend: How to Wear Emerald Green

Makeup and Jewelry for Emerald Green

Since no look is complete without the matching makeup, you should also know what makeup suits emerald green clothing. Emerald green is so rich and bright that it instantly eclipses any neutral makeup. That’s the reason, it’s essential to use supporting colors on the nails and face. Pale green eye shadow is a definite must-have for an emerald green outfit. When it comes to the nails, you can choose between green, red or black.

If your emerald green outfit is complemented with golden accessories, you can also go for golden nails and golden makeup for a more luxurious and festive touch. Don’t shy away from bright red lipstick and red jewelry pieces too, such as a red necklace, a red enamel bracelet, and striking coral earrings. Well, to this end, gold jewelry is a win-win option for an emerald green dress.

In terms of beauty trends, it’s also popular to use emerald green hair highlights. In order not to spoil your natural hair color, you can just opt for temporary dyes.

Emerald Green Trend: How to Wear Emerald Green

Where to Wear Emerald Green

Emerald green is a luxurious color, so it’s the best solution for special occasions. However, you can also wear emerald green to office and on the casual basis. Make sure to keep it modest, when you sport this color at the office. In all the other cases, you can turn on your fantasy and play with colors and prints, as emerald green is quite versatile and looks incredible in any color combination.

Now that you have so many ideas on how to wear emerald green clothes, you are sure to crush in love with the emerald green trend and make this stunning jewel tone the dominant option in your wardrobe. Don’t resist your temptation and play emerald green!

Emerald Green Trend: How to Wear Emerald Green

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