How to Wear Leather

Undoubtedly leather is one of the sexiest and most luxurious fabrics that can be worn forever. That is why when buying a leather piece of clothing or accessories, you can be sure that you have not made the wrong investment. The latter is indeed very fashionable, original and of high quality.

Whenever purchasing any leather clothing, you should first of all learn to understand which type you need and can afford buying: natural leather, that is not cheap, and artificial leather, that looks perfect, however it is not durable, besides sometimes it really looks very cheap on you.

Since leather is not an ordinary fabric that can be washed once worn, you should learn how to use it accurately. Follow the essential tips below.

How to Wear Leather


How to Wear Leather

• Always opt for such a leather piece that suits your silhouette and accentuates your best assets. There are various styles of leather pants, skirts and jackets, so make sure to pick the best style according to your figure. Keep in mind that the sizes of leather garments are often quite small and accordingly the leather pieces can cling, so a little looser one will not be harmful to you. Besides, the more you wear it, the more it molds to your figure.

• Every type of clothing has its best season to be worn. For example, velvet is not a typical summer wear at all. What concerns leather, it can, however, be worn in summer sometimes. Yet do not only follow the instinct that you should be wearing your leather garment just because it is trendy or looks perfect on you. If you feel uncomfortable and sweating in it during hot summer days, you had better not wear that thick fabric, which makes you too warm.

• It is also important to consider the type of event or place you are attending. Leather can be very fashionable and modern but not appropriate for every occasion. So make sure you know exactly who you will be surrounded by, to decide what to put on. You do not want to end up looking too much overdressed and sex appealing, do you? Especially if you like those tight pants that may make you blink in the crowd.

• Also it is a basic rule not to combine too many leather pieces at a time. It is preferable to stick to one leather piece of clothing rather than covering your body entirely with this fabric. When pairing a single leather piece with other simple fabrics, you will first of all highlight the leather, besides tone down the outfit also.

• Since leather is not a simple fabric that can be hand washed or washed in the machine, be careful with leather. You have to care for it by special products that are designed for leather care. First of all you will not damage its look, secondly you will make it last long by periodically giving it a slight repair.

• However, as everything else, any piece of clothing that is worn too much can one day become useless. When you notice that your leather clothes are already becoming shapeless, stretched out or any scratches appear on them, you had better get rid of that piece.

• Be careful, not to wear too many accessories at a time, while wearing leather. Better refrain from chunky jewelry pieces if you don’t want to create a trashy look. Too many silver rings, big earrings and necklaces worn with leather will make you look cheap.

• To add an interesting vibe to your look, try other colors of leather rather than traditional black or brown leather. Think bright shades, like green, red or blue or go for creamy and earthy tones.

If you like leather, you can always have at least one piece of it in your wardrobe.

Leather Skirts

Leather skirts have become an inseparable part of a fashionable wardrobe. Every self respecting fashion addicted girl will sure keep this article in her wardrobe, since the latter is appealing, feminine and versatile, of course. They can be of different shapes and colors. Worn with different tops every time, you will create a different, sexy look. Picking up a leather skirt is not hard, once you know your size and your body peculiarities, yet it is difficult to decide how to wear it to mostly benefit from its effects. There are lots of options of pairing leather skirt with, such as pairing it with a polished piece like a prim, silky blouse. You will get a feminine, stylish result. Or you can take a black leather pleated mini skirt with some chic green button-up shirt, peep-toe heels, and a mini bag, that can be ideally a perfect choice for a cocktail. If you do not want to stick to the traditional black, however, you can easily opt for colored leather skirts. An elegant mini mustard straight skirt worn with a laced white blouse will always look fantastic on you. Pair that outfit with white or beige heels and a small clutch and you will have a trendy look.

Leather Pants, Leggings

Leather tight trousers for skinny figures can be an ideal casual wear. By pairing the leather pants with a classic silk blouse you will sure not have a biker look, yet can wear this outfit on practically any occasion. A pair of high heels, which is always the best choice when wearing leather, will compliment the outfit. Do not forget about a bag, preferably a multi strap suede satchel, which will only be another addition to this chic look. Accessories, such as a necklace of bright colors, like velvet, blue or even green, can contrast the outfit, thus creating and incredibly fantastic and fashionable result.

If you are fond of leggings, you can try leather ones. When pairing the latter with both flats and extremely high heels you can have a modern look. Whenever you want to make your legs be statement making, feel free to take slim and tight leather leggings and combine the rest of the outfit in a way to make it visual.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

• First of all make sure it fits you well. Since leggings normally get your body shape after being worn several times and it is likely that you will have your knee zone a little bit loose, you can take a size smaller.

• It is aesthetically accurate to always wear leggings with tunics, no matter how slim your figure is. Leggings are those pieces of clothing that should no way be worn with short tops. They are too tight to be left bare. Especially if you are overweight, a tunic can help you hide your curves on the back.

• If you like belts, then you can define your waistline with one.

• Whenever wearing black leggings, take any bright colored tunic that matches your skin tone most. For a colder day you can add a jacket on top the tunic, like a tailored one, which is the perfect pairing for leggings. Opt for a body-hugging jacket that accentuates your waist. Since your tunic is already a bright one, opt for a traditional black jacket. To finish the look wear high heeled pumps and accessories. Bracelets, earrings, as well as a small handbag will serve as the final touch.

Leather Accessories

Such accessories like purses, bags and shoes are real must-haves in every girl’s wardrobe. You may not feel like trying leather clothing on you since it is not your style, however, accessories that make your every look final should prevail in your wardrobe. The best accessories are those that are of high quality, and can be worn without fear that they will soon get worn out.

Natural leather accessories are quite durable. So you will not be mistaken if investing in a couple of different styles of handbags, belts or purses in leather. You can use them for different occasions. You can refresh your casual outfit with a simple touch of such accessories as well.

If you can buy a clothing item in faux leather, then do not do that with accessories at least. Since not so much leather is used for the preparation of the accessories, it will not cost that much as leather clothing, so do not economize and get the best in the shop.

Always keep several skinny and bold belts in your wardrobe; you will sure need them one day. What concerns bags, they are universal and can be used for every occasion, for casual wear, evening outfit or special formal occasion. High heeled leather pumps are always in fashion too.

Leather footwear is indeed very comfortable and healthy to wear. Leather boots, for example, come in a variety of styles, length and colors that you cannot decide which one to choose. The way you wear your leather boots depends on your taste first, as well as on what kind of a look you are aiming to create. Whichever case it is, always take those pairs that fit well. For a modern, fashionable look you can tuck your skinny pant legs into tall leather boots. For boot-cut jeans, let the latter sit over the boots not go inside it. If you like ankle boots, wear the latter with pants, not skirts, since they tend to make your legs appear shorter. However, mid-calve or knee-high leather boots can easily be worn with both skirts and dresses. Choose dresses and skirts, the hems of which sit above the top of the boot.

If you like more feminine and sophisticated looks, then pair classical round toed high heels with dresses or skirts. You can also wear tights that will look fantastic with heels. Consider the look you want to create and experiment with your wardrobe essentials pairing them with your leather accessories.

How to Store Leather

Once you take a right care for your leather clothing or accessories, the latter will look fresh and serve you a long time.

Here are some tips to remember when storing leather.

• Always hang leather clothes in the wardrobe, rather than keep them in drawers, when it is likely that they will get wrinkles.

• Keep you leather covered with a cloth bag to protect it from any loops from the hangers or something else. Also keep accessories in special packs, better in breathable containers, avoiding plastic ones. Never overstuff one container, always leave room in it. And keep the leather in a climate controlled area, away from sunlight or moisture.

• Do not forget to take the stored leather pieces out of their shelter from time to time. Periodically wear the clothes not to simply keep them stored.

Faux Leather Tips

When talking about leather, we cannot touch faux leather which is of much demand as well.

Unlike natural leather items, faux leather is easy to handle. Faux leather is widespread today. You can see lots of jackets, bags and other accessories coming in this quality. They are of different styles and colors, as well as thick or thin fabric ones.
However, faux leather is not breathable as the real one is. It is very budget friendly to acquire, yet does not serve longer than a normal leather item. Besides, sometimes they look like real leather. In some cases, however, they lack the quality and can be told from afar. Many faux leather clothes come in animal prints: ostrich, reptile, calf, bison, gator or pigskin, which add more fashion to the clothing. Usually, colorful or embellished faux leather pieces cost as much as a genuine leather item.

Another great alternative to leather/ faux leather is patent leather, which is the same leather, but with a glossy finish. Patent leather is more eye-catching than regular leather due to its shiny quality. Therefore, while wearing patent leather, be more careful. You are more than obliged to keep the rest of your outfits simple. Use just one patent leather piece at a time, matching it with simplistic accessories and solid clothing.

Patent leather looks especially amazing on shoes, handbags, accessories or outerwear. Besides, you can go for a colored patent leather item, rather than a black one. For instance, choose a red, green or a yellow patent leather outerwear and matching it with a simple outfit, you’ll get a chic, look-at-me effect.

How to Store Faux Leather

Unlike real leather, you can wash the faux leather. Putting some soap on a sponge you can clean the jacket surface, by rinsing the sponge with warm water. After that you can wipe the leather with a soft cloth. Finally you can spray leather conditioner on top the jacket and let it absorb for a couple minutes. If there is any excess, you can wipe it away. Once finished you can wear it or if you are going to store it, keep it in a cool place away from sunlight.

Whichever leather you can afford buying and feel comfortable in, remember that they should be worn according to the same principle: never go for too many leather pieces at a time. If you are wearing leather bottom, choose a simple top or the vice versa. However, any leather accessories, like belts, shoes and bags will never make you look overdressed, so you can freely make as much use of them as you like. Only make sure to match the colors and styles with your entire outfit.

Also make sure to take care of your favorite leather clothing and accessories and you will always have something special in your wardrobe to show off.

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