What to Wear on Holiday

The holiday season is perhaps the most anticipated part of the year both for the young and the old. This is the time, when everyone gets kinder, forgets about all the problems and worries and decides to turn over a new leaf that will be brighter and more successful than the previous one. And, of course, this is the time of the year, when we all want to look maximum beautiful, stylish and just impeccable. The most exciting and fun part about Christmas is deciding what we should choose to wear on this holiday. Not only do we aim to look charming and attractive to people surrounding us, but also we want to create comfortable, festive attire that will make us feel happy and self confident. It is not an ordinary day to wear your casual clothes. Something new, something fresh and interesting should be picked to look appropriate for Christmas.

What to Wear on Holiday

Some people, however, do not spend much time on this issue. They rather think about the fun they are going to have wearing their casual clothes, eating, drinking, giving and receiving gifts and that is it. No matter how much this fun can be, it is a holiday that comes once a year so is it worthy remaining in old clothes and not making a real party for your body, highlighting your curves and legs?

Usually we get a new pair of soft and fluffy pajamas for our kids and for ourselves as well, so that to look special and homely when waking up in the morning and making our way to the Christmas tree to check the presents. There is nothing so adorable than this part of the entire holiday season. The fluffy slippers, the Christmas themed pajamas are really so cute. But before getting to this lovely part of the Christmas, we have to think about the Christmas Eve, when all of us want to look glittery, attractive and unique.

You have lots of variants of outfits to choose from. Here are some easy tips to follow when thinking what to wear on Christmas Day.

If you want to have an elegant look on Christmas then a sleeveless banded waist dress of black color would look lovely with a red cardigan that adds splash of festive color. Don’t forget about a pair of pumps and some black opaque tights. If black isn’t your color, take a gold dress, for instance, a red or a purple one. They will really look gorgeous. Wear it with ballets or heels for a clever finish.

For a more casual look, pick a cozy knitted jumper and match it with tailored black trousers and ballet flats. For those who opt for comfy stuff a nice Christmas themed sweater with a tree, Santa or any other Christmas ornament prints on it will be great too. Pair the latter with jeans and soft shoes and you will look wonderful.

A voguish cardigan worn on top tight trousers and a fitting top will be another clever solution for a casual style. Feel free to enrich the outfit with matching accessories, jewelry. Have a nice updo on your hair too.

And, you are thinking about something special? Then a red textured tube mini skirt will go well with a black slouchy t-shirt for a casual look, and when paired with a black chiffon blouse, you can go a little formal. Wear thick black tights and boots.

For an intimate evening spent with your sweetheart go for a mini or midi tightly fitting dress of such colors as red, black or gold. You can freely take one with a wide opening in the neck area. Use glittery accessories to add more chic to your outfit. Wear thin heeled comfy shoes and have a sexy hairstyle like an elegant low bun. Whichever outfit you choose, make sure you feel quite comfortable in them.

These were simple ways to dress up. However, depending on what type of Christmas you are going to have your attire should certainly match the theme. There can be a traditional family Christmas dinner, a Christmas party with friends, a business banquet or lunch with your colleagues at your workplace or a special venue. Some of these ceremonies require a dress code. So for all these occasions you should have a matching outfit to look harmonious. So now let’s take each of these Christmas activities separately, considering what should be worn for each of them.

Christmas Dinner Outfits

To start with, first of all think about your shoes. Wear comfortable ones, if you’re going to be standing and socializing quite a lot before and after dinner. You can wear ballet flats, kitten heels or high heels that are really comfortable. Also make sure to take an additional pair of comfortable shoes just in case you feel tired on the ones you are wearing.

Avoid wearing anything too tight in your tummy area if it is a family dinner. There is a great chance that you might taste different tasty homemade dishes during Christmas dinner, so wearing anything restricting could make you feel pained and uncomfortable.

Think about your hair. It is not recommended to have loose hair. Better think about an interesting updo, braids or a ponytail. Keep your hair away from the eyes and do not get irritated every time the latter comes forward when you are eating or dancing.

What to Wear on Holiday


Christmas Banquet Outfits

Since you are going out and there will be lots of people looking at you, and not just a simple family come together, determine what you should wear to feel both comfortable and appropriate.

First of all make sure to check what type of a banquet it is going to be: a themed one, an ordinary casual one or a formal one. You should try to pick an outfit ideal for the location. You will hardly wear the same outfit to a banquet held at a country club and then at an event held at local high school. If it is going to be a formal banquet then check the following outfit options:

Formal Attire

Banquets held with the workplace, other partner organizations and associations require a full-length dress for women. You can pick an elegant gown in silver or gold for a sparkling holiday look. It’ s also a great idea to choose something red or green to add a typical festive spirit to your look.

Semi-Formal Attire

Your choice of clothing is definitely wider, if it’s a semi-formal event. Think cocktail dresses in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose a black dress and make it more festive by adding the complimenting accessories, like a belt, necklace or a shawl.

Casual Attire

If you are heading for a banquet with your friends, your sport group or your relatives, opt for casual holiday attire. A cute sweater with snowflakes, a Christmas tree or Santa Claus is a lovely option indeed. Pair the latter with jeans or skirts in holiday color or pattern.

Christmas Party Outfits

Make sure to check in advance whether the party requires a dress code. The Christmas party typically held in restaurants requires special attention to your attire.

If you want to look maximum feminine wearing a skirt, go for a knee-length one or longer. Also, don’ t forget to take a jacket, a blazer or cardigan, since you may feel chilly when going outside. You can also wrap a scarf (shawl) around your shoulders. Besides, this is a good idea, since you can easily put it on or take it off, if you look different from others being over or underdressed.

If there is no indication that the party will be formal, you are free to wear casual clothes. This, however, doen’t mean you should slip into your favorite jeans and match them with a T-shirt. Instead, match the same jeans with something elegant and sophisticated and finish off your look with boots or ballerina flats.

To fully get into the Christmas mood, pick something in the traditional colors of the holiday: red or gold. However, stay away from overly Christmas related pieces, such as a snowman-printed sweater. Keep this to be warn at home better. Instead, accessorize your outfit with some elegant jewelry pieces or a scarf in the same colors.

Last but not least, if you are short of money and need some budget holiday outfit ideas, make sure to take a look at your wardrobe once more. Even if a dress may seem uninteresting to you, you can easily transform it with the help of appropriate accessories. Add a belt, a scarf, a pair of gloves or some jewelry to it, and you will not even recognize your old dress. Don not forget about a chic holiday makeup and a cool hairstyle and you can have the party started. Use your imagination, turn to some accessorizing and layering techniques and you’ll get a wow-worthy party look.

Whatever you wear, keep in mind that your smile and high spirits are the major keys to a super-successful Christmas look. Rejoice, have fun and welcome the New Year with a warm smile to have the same good mood throughout the coming year.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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