How to Wear Animal Prints

Every season a new trend pushes its way into fashion, thus making us dependent and striving to follow the latest tendencies. Animal prints always keep on coming into fashion and falling out of it pretty soon. These prints can turn your ordinary look into an original, sexy one, sometimes making you look even too accentuated as well.

So in order to know how to put things together, it is essential to learn what works for your body type and personal style. Animal printed clothing pieces can look maximum chic and trendy, if you coordinate them correctly. So do not be afraid that this print is not for you. Simply learn easy style tips to combine leopard, zebra, snakeskin prints with the rest of your outfit and you will have a stunning look. Below you can find some smart ideas on how to wear animal prints and look chic and feminine, instead of vulgar.

One of the wisest tricks to add a high dose of personality to any outfit and define your figure is to add a small leopard print clutch or shoes. Animal prints don’t really work with everything. Let us have a look at the clothes that can be worn, whenever you are aiming to put on your loved leopard shoes. Once you get the best combination, then you will beat for drama, glamour and sexual appeal. If you want to stand out in the crowd with your eye catching appearance, then opt for a red dress paired with a black belt and leopard pump heels. You will have a way accentuated appearance.

How to Wear Animal Prints
Other bright colors that make a gorgeous pair with leopard prints are orange, chartreuse tones, as well as pinks and yellows.

And if you love zebra or snakeskin prints more than the cheetah ones, you can again go for some small detail in it, rather than a head to toe animal print look, if you are not that self-confident yet.

Colors to Choose with Animal Print Accessories

Whenever starting to wear new things, always start with small accessories to check how it works.

Black is the ideal color for leopard print shoes and belts.

Leopard shoes, for instance, almost always go well with black dresses, skirts, and pants. They are indeed an ideal match for leopard print shoes. A leopard belt is another addition to a simple black dress creating an interesting and trendy picture.

This is explained partly by the fact that leopard prints already have a black tone in them, that makes the latter harmonious with a black outfit, however, there is another thing that makes the combination acceptable, that is because black really emphasizes the lighter tones in standard leopard print patterns. So, that’s an easy choice.

How to Wear Animal PrintsHow to Wear Animal Prints
However, you would not like to keep your favorite shoes for black only. You may sometimes get tired of that and need a change. For this opt for white as well as neutral colors of lighter shades. This is another solution to the print. Take cream, beige and white. You can stick to such colors that are close to the second color of the leopard print, the lighter one.

These colors are the traditional colors that will always make the classics. Other colors, especially bright ones are sometimes a little bit risky, so make sure you pick the right color for a particular outfit.

All the above mentioned color rules work for zebra and snakeskin prints too, as they also contain almost the same hues in them and can make a gorgeous combination with black, white or earthy tones.

Leopard Prints with Earth Tones and Mid-Toned Neutrals

Although khaki, olive green, brown, and rust tones might be overlooked for some of us, they are still an acceptable choice for leopard prints to combine with. Remember to pick one of these colors at a time though. It’s also advised to match mid-toned neutrals and earth shades with neutral-hued prints, including leopard and cheetah patterns.

If the leopard print shoes you have are black and white, match them with cooler mid-tones, such as olive and gray. Or if the latter features a more cream base, then think about warmer tones, like rusts and browns.

How to Wear Animal Prints

• Begin with small portions, such as accessories, when adding animal print into your wardrobe. For instance, to banish the boredom it’s a smart idea to add a leopard print belt or scarf into a neutral outfit in the shades of white, tan or beige. If you want to attract more attention, go for a chic snakeskin print clutch, zebra wedges or strappy sandal.

• Pick animal prints according to your body shape. Pay attention to your size. Tighter prints like cheetah and leopard look amazing on most people, while larger ones, including cow and giraffe prints, are harder to pull off, as they have lots of white space. To make the task easier, use such prints in small doses, such as scarves, belts, a small clutch or a pair of shoes.

• Always choose one animal printed item and match it with a solid bottom or top. Hardly would you like to create the impression as if you have just escaped from the jungle. Keep to the classical look by sticking to one animal printed piece at a time. For instance, you can match an animal print cropped top or tunic with smart linen trousers or black leggings. Otherwise, if you want to make your legs the main focus, go for a bold pair of leopard tights and wear them with a neutral shift dress.

• Wear animal prints with sweaters. If you have cheetah pants or tights then feel free to use them with oversized warm sweaters you will sure find in your wardrobe. Take black, cream, red or any other color that will match the print.

• Keep things maximum simple, if you want to avoid a vulgar look. Leopard print clothing pieces come not only in traditional brown shades, but also in more cheerful purple, red, yellow, blue or any other tones. In order to avoid a fashion mistake watch out with print mixing. For a more polished, classic look, it is recommended to pick shades closest to natural animal tones.

• Better use heels when wearing animal prints. Any leopard continuing outfit looks great with heels rather than flats.

• Wear leopard prints with army and mint green. If you want to make an exception from the rule and differ from the classical colors that normally go well with leopard prints, then take army green or mint green , which really go with everything.

• Go extra bold. A silhouette-embracing leopard print dress, a bodysuit or jacket in animal prints can accentuate your look. When you sport a statement-making fashion item in animal prints, let the print become the focus of attention. Use minimal amount of jewelry, like simple stud earrings, and keep other accessories muted. To get the perfect fitting leopard clothing for your body, simply have it tailored.

• Add more drama to your look. If you want to highlight your outfit, pair leopard prints with red. You will have a sexy, glamorous look. Zebra and snakeskin prints also look glamorous with red.

Add a signature to your look by wearing leather. A leather jacket is an ideal pick for an animal print blouse or a shirt. Go for black pants or jeans and you will rock the fashion.

Typical Animal Print Combinations

• Although you can always match animal print shoes with a neutral, monochromatic outfit, such as all black, or all tan, what’s more advised is to pull together two or more solid, neutral tones. For instance, a cream skirt, black top, red belt and leopard print shoes can make a super-chic outfit.

• Another outfit can be, for example, red tights, a leopard tunic or a trench, a black belt and black high heels.

• Or you can turn your monotonous one color dress, like a beige dress into an original and elegant evening dress by adding animal print shoes, skinny belt and a clutch.

Animal print is all around us again these days: in fashion magazines and street style blogs, but it can be a tricky trend to nail down for the first time. Keep in mind that animal prints instantly call attention to the part of your body they appear on.

If you are just starting to wear this fashionable print, you had better start with small additions. You sure would like to wear leopard print and not let the leopard wear you instead.

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