Baroque Trend: Victorian Fashion Tips

Victorian lace, shiny silk, noble gilded embroidery in the Baroque style, jackets, cloaks, capes and French-style pompadours have their distinct place in the fashion world, since they do look chic, luxurious and, of course, divine. Pompous Victorian fashion makes a huge comeback in magnificent velvet and gilding. The Baroque trend dictates all voguish fashionisers what to acquire for their wardrobes to keep up with the hot tendency. The main elements of the Victorian trend of the XXI century are velvet, brocade and gilt. Rich fabrics and trim add grace, importance and aristocracy to any lady’s image.

The Victorian/ Baroque trend is one of the most anticipated trends of the moment. It stands out in all of the styles with its originality. Such a trend makes our looks turn to an elegant one. The ornaments worn according to this style help us be ladylike, gentle and very attractive. There are different nuances to keep in mind when sticking to this trend. You can easily go for a typical baroque style dress and keep it simple, or wear an ordinary dress you already have in your wardrobe accentuating it with baroque style glamorous accessories, like necklaces, earrings and shoes, thus creating a new and feminine look.

If you are so much in love with this special tendency and are still wondering how to wear the Baroque/ Victorian trend, make sure to take a look at the useful information about the style presented below.

Baroque Trend: Victorian Fashion Tips

Rock the Baroque Trend in a Modern Way

Baroque is one of those styles that is not typically intended for an everyday use unless it is made a little ordinary. Make some changes to this style and you can wear it not only for evening but also for daytime. Since this style itself offers a great range of romantic and lavish patterns and elements, be careful when putting all your outfits together. If you want to nail down such glamorous style outfits, you can opt for Baroque-style accessories instead of clothes. Lace socks and tights with laced ankle booties, jewelry, bags, and sunglasses can be an ideal addition to your look. Use black and gold color combo to pull them off. Of course, you could also experiment with other colors like white, red, purple, and cream. Also make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple, if you are wearing baroque style shoes and a clutch.

Feel Free to Mix Styles

Feel free to take a Baroque piece like a jacket, top, or pants and pair them with classic wardrobe essentials like silk black blouse or white collar-less shirt, classic black pants or a pencil skirt. This will create a more balanced look and you’ll be able to take the Victorian trend from special occasions to the streets too. Keep in mind that less is good, and use just one or maximum two Baroque style pieces while mix and matching the trend with everyday-wear clothing.

Prefer High Quality

When it comes to choosing any Baroque piece of clothing, it’s better to opt for high quality and good looking fabrics and prints. Hardly would you like to have a cheap look, when sticking to this aristocratic style. The good quality piece will not only look fabulous but will also serve several seasons.

Here are some options of clothing if you want to wear a particle of this gorgeous style on your body. Follow the styles below and check which one you would like to obtain.

Baroque Style Velvet Coat

Velvet, which is a symbol of this style, really looks very rich and elegant. Opt for a knee-length or ankle reaching velvet coat to hit the target. High aristocratic collar trimmed with embroidery or lace, slightly flared sleeves, hem in the form of skirts and draping characteristics are all the main elements to focus on when updating your wardrobe. The coat can be worn in different ways, every time creating a new style. Pair it with heels, flats, high boots, which are tucked in tight pants and you will look very stylish.

Victorian Lace Dress with Embroidery

The lace dress, which is typical of this style, will always look elegant and sophisticated. Choose one with insets of brocade, georgette, chiffon embroidery with bright gilt. This ladylike dress is all over the shops now, so you can easily get one according to your body shape, your skin tone and your taste of course. Match your lace dress with some Baroque style earrings and heels and your graceful look is guaranteed.

Consignment Collar with Rhinestones

All of us sure love accessories even more than outfits sometimes. For this style the latter really plays a great role, since you can have a simple outfit, yet carry a great symbol of the Baroques style on you by simply wearing a necklace in the style or any other accessory. Here, we have a very lovely and original accessory that is worth having in your drawer. This trendy overhead collar in the style of “Peter Pan” on a satin ribbon, decorated with sequins or beads, lace and chiffon appliqués, is what you should hurry up to buy. It can be worn on a black background, like a simple black blouse, a black dress, yet look fantastic. The collar can be also entirely fabric, and completely out of metal and stones.

Baroque Jacket with Gold Emphasis

A fitting jacket, emphasizing the waist and hip area, adorned with gilded embroidery, is another must-have for fans of Victorian fashion. Choose a velour or tweed jacket that is cut to the waist and decorated with gold leaves on the collar, cuffs, or on the entire length. The jacket can be easily mixed and matched almost with all the clothing pieces from your wardrobe.

Victorian Pointy Lace Boots

The so-called Edwardian heels, that are typically embroidered gold shoes with a characteristic elongated and pointed nose, lace or satin buttons, are another vibrant example of the Baroque trend. Despite their appearance, these shoes are in fact comfortable to wear. The so much popular lace pumps are perfect for an evening look. Velvet options can be worn in dry weather in autumn, whereas the elegant gold plated version is to be kept for special occasions.

Long Vintage Necklace

Apart from a tiny clutch of black velvet with gold trimmings, true follower of Victorian style can also opt for an original gold-plated necklace with large pearls. Velvet, lace and chiffon trim are welcome. Noble materials emphasize the swan neck and porcelain skin, honing aristocratic image.

Wearing Baroque Jeans

Another easy way of nailing down the baroque trend can be wearing denim with ornate patterns. In this case, try to choose simple lines and avoid too many layers or textures on top of the baroque style jeans. For instance, think a pair of red velvet jeans matched with a lightweight chambray button-down to soften the velvety texture. While wearing baroque style jeans, keep your top as minimal as possible. Although the baroque trend is too ornate and can allow wearing extremely elaborate pieces combined, you’ll get a more romantic look, when keeping things to minimum. Just choose a simple blouse in a solid color that goes well with the color of your baroque jeans.

Shoulder Dusters

Another accessory that comes in the style is a pair of long tassel-style earrings. Particularly ones accented with pearls can be an easy way to incorporate the baroque trend into your look. These earrings with dramatic length make enough of a statement, so pairing it with a necklace is pointless.

Get a Baroque Scarf

Last but not least, you can make a statement by opting for a Baroque style scarf with minimal animal print. Some animal print touches freshen up the typical baroque black-and-gold print. Wear it with your simple casual combos and add glamour and chic to your look.

Ways of nailing down the Baroque or Victorian trend are endless. Just make sure not to overuse this trend by opting for too many Baroque pieces at a time or wearing such clothes on the daily basis and you stunning look is guaranteed. Leave the special trend for special occasions!

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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