Knotted Braid Tutorial: How to Style a Knotted Half Updo and a Knot Braid Updo

Knotted Braid Tutorial: How to Style a Knotted Half Updo and a Knot Braid Updo

Knots always look interesting on hair. They make a simple updo look more elegant and fashionable. There is nothing difficult in this. You only need to have long hair; skilled and quick movement of fingers and you can easily create any knotted updo you like. In this tutorial we want to focus your attention on two hairstyles that have the same base: a knot. So let us view these new hairstyle trends that are really very simple to achieve, yet very special to wear.

Follow the tips below and learn easy ways to create a knotted braid.

Knotted Braid Tutorial: How to Style a Knotted Half Updo and a Knot Braid Updo

Knotted Braid Updo Tutorial

All you have to do is tying your hair into several knots. By saying knots, we mean braiding your hair, not in the classical way however. For this, as you know, you need to have smooth hair. So begin brushing your hair and then take one section from both parts of your head, from the left and the right. Bring the two sections to the back of your head and create a knot, by putting your left section under the right one and looping it around it. Now that you have the basic knot you will have to start adding hair from the sides. Take an equal section of hair from your left side and by bringing it close to your main knot, tie it with the knot, by placing the right, that is your main section under the left one and looping it around it. You merge both sections together.

Now the same is to be repeated on the right. Take a section from the right part of the head, again placing the merged section under the right one, loop it around the new section from the right and tie both of them into a knot. Now you have one single merged section again. The main part is completed and now you only have to keep on adding hair from both sides keeping the same principle that is looping the main section under and around the new section. Make sure to do these steps carefully, making the knot quite tight.

Knot Braid Updo Tutorial
Once you reach the neck, stop knotting and secure the main section with an elastic band. To make the hair look nice tuck the ends of the knot under it, unless your hair is too long. For long hair you can put the tips into a ponytail or create a lovely bun. Take a mirror and have a look at the hairstyle from the back. With your fingers adjust the imperfections. Use a little hairspray for extra hold and if needed, secure the loops with bobby pins inside.

Your knot braid updo is ready now. For special occasions in order to add more drama to this gorgeous look, feel free to use hair accessories to decorate the knot. Be it a nice flower of different color than your hair is or a brooch, it will indeed look perfect. Put the latter on top of the knot.

Knotted Half Updo Tutorial

Another way to create a lovely knot braid is gathering your hair into a half updo. You can have this updo either on one side of the head only, or on both sides.

For this hairstyle you will have to start again from the top of the head. Take a section of head right above your forehead and divide it into two parts. Put one section over the other one and loop the second section around it crating a knot. Now you will have to add hair. Take a section of hair close to your forehead; add it to the closest section of the knotted section, at the same time also adding another section of hair from the back of the head to the far knotted section, so that you have equal hair on both sections. As you already did the previous time, again tie the sections into a knot by putting one section over the other and looping the latter around it. In order to get a symmetrical and tight knot always tie the sections together in the same way. Make sure to work with fingers to smooth and adjust your hair so that the final look is flawless. Keep on knotting repeating the steps again and again till you reach the spot you would like the updo to finish. It can be at the part parallel to the ear for example or beneath it, however you prefer. Secure the hair tips with an elastic band and you are done with the endeavor. For those who have really thin hair you can turn to the help of hair extensions so that to add volume to the rest of the hair.

Knotted Half Updo Tutorial
For more emphasis you can repeat the same braid or knot, however you like to call it on the other side of your head. Make sure to start from the same line above the forehead to have two similar braids. If you limit yourself with one knot only, then you can have a hair accessory added on it. If you have it on both sides, then no need to use an accessory at all. The two knots will complement each other and enrich your head with their beauty and simplicity.
Take the challenge and hurry up to try any of these new knotted hairstyles.

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