Bridal Makeup Tips

Wedding is the most important event in everybody’s life, especially for girls who should be the princess of the day. It is the time the bride is in the center of overall attention, so she should have the best look ever. Hardly does anyone ever fuss much about her look more than she does on this day. The gorgeous wedding dress, the magnificent hairdo and the most matching makeup, that shows all your best features of the face in the ideal shape and look, is what a bride presents.

Every girl is looking forward to this special day all her life. Everything here matters, every detail is considered thoroughly months prior to the wedding day, and the makeup accordingly takes an important place in the planning procedure. Girls hurry to try every new trend in makeup to see whichever suits them most. To learn several bridal makeup tips, follow the guideline presented below and upgrade your info with the latest bridal makeup trends.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Beauty Tips

In order to look perfect, first of all your skin should be in a good state. Every great makeup is based on a good skin, so take your time to care about your skin days or even weeks prior to the special day, to have the perfect look ever.

You can try different masks, peels or scrubs to cleanse and refresh your face skin. Only make sure to use those masks that you are familiar with. If you are allergic, take stuff without any sharp scents. Apply the supplements gently on your face and wash the latter afterwards. By repeating this procedure for several days you will get the smooth and clean face you have dreamt to have.

When caring about your skin, you should also avoid those habits of yours which make you later on suffer, since they leave their negative effect on your face. Among them can be, for example, food which you may be allergic to. To keep your skin from irritations, avoid spicy, fried, junk food and too much sweet, and refrain from masks or any other substance that makes your skin become oily. Refrain from alcoholic drinks as well. Also make sure to drink enough water, the latter will keep you hydrated and will keep toxins away fom the body.

Relax a lot. Do not get stressed. It will sure reflect on your face. Stay calm, think about the best moments in your life and have a nice picture in front of your eyes.

In order to have an ideal face for the makeup, it is also important to visit your beautician to have your brows plucked properly. Remember that makeup does not only depend on the skin, but also on your hair as well. So if you have decided to dye your hair, do that a week before, so that by the day of your wedding you have become adapted to the new color. Besides, some colors get their proper look after being washed 2 or three times.

Prior to the wedding day, visit a spa and relax entirely. Let your skin be exfoliated with special exfoliator. Also make sure to take care of your lips, so that they do not get dry and look very juicy and kissable. Apply a moisturizer or a balm, whichever you are used to. Clean your skin, moisturize it and you are ready for the great day makeup.

Bridal Makeup Tips

If you are going to do the makeup on your own, it is important that you organize a trial makeup before the great day, to check how the makeup looks on you.

Now that the time has arrived to do the makeup, let all the needed tools be at your hand and get down to the application in a good mood. To start with wash your face, towel dry and moisturize it with a cream. Take an oil free moisturizer, apply it on your face and then take away any excess with a facial tissue.

Once your skin is smooth, apply a primer in the areas you normally apply it, around the eyes and the nose. Cover the blemishes or red spots you may be having. Now use your favorite foundation and apply it on your face with gentle movements, suing a brush or a sponge. Create a very thin layer of foundation that is your skin color. Blend, blend and blend. Avoid oil containing ones, since your makeup is going to stay on your face the entire day. You do not want your makeup crease pretty soon, do you? If you have dry skin a liquid foundation is ideal. For oily skin, however, a powder one will go well.

Make sure to apply a little amount of foundation on your neck as well, so that there is no visible line between your chin and the neck. You will thus have a natural look.

If you apply a concealer prior to the moisturizer, primer or the foundation you may have a cakey look. So many makeup artists suggest applying it at the end. The choice of the concealer depends on what you are going to hide: a blemish, red spot, or broken capillaries. To cover any blemishes, turn to a concealer with a dry consistency. For the rest you can take any oil-free concealer. For the area under your eyes, you might want to use a peachy tone to cover all the blues and purples. Make sure to apply your concealer with a special brush. Press it gently to let the concealer absorb into skin. Take small amount for the start. Add some more if needed.

However, if there is nothing to be concealed, so you do not need to use a concealer on top the foundation, go ahead to apply powder instead. A matte one, for instance, will be just the case. Only do not overdo, not to have a cakey look. The powder is ideal for the final touch.
Now you have to define your eyes. The eye makeup is very important so be careful when highlighting your eyes. Use an eye shadow primer or a base to make it last long. Take the colors, which match your eyes most. Also pay attention to your eye shape when applying the makeup. If you have small eyes, use eye enhancing techniques.

Prefer creamy eye shadows, if you are going to have several lines. For instance, brown eye shadow creates a soft result, while a white makeup lifts your look. Highlight your eyes with a thin strip of white eyeliner applied on the upper lid. Then, apply a black eyeliner and some black eye shadow under the eye. This is a traditional choice of colors. Feel free to use any other colors, only make sure to have a lighter and a darker eye shadow, as well as a highlight.

To highlight your lashes first curl them and then use black mascara. Take a waterproof one, since it is likely that you will cry on this emotional for you day, so in order to keep your look wonderful, take precautionary measures. You can also use false eyelashes. When else should they be worn if not on this special day? To have a detailed look, brush eyebrows and fill them with a brown or black eyebrow pencil, depending on your brow color. One more thing to remember when doing the eye makeup is the contact lenses. If you are going to wear contact lenses put them prior to the entire makeup (Read Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers).

What else can make your face lively if not a pink blush? Now apply the blush onto your cheekbones. Smile to see the exact area the blush should be applied to.

Use a good quality lipstick, which will last. Take the same color as your blush is. Again apply a little powder or foundation on your lips to make the latter stay long. Use a lip liner to contour your lips. Apply the lipstick with a brush starting from the center of your lip going to the right then to the left. For the lower lip again start from the center making it outwards. Add a lip gloss at the end, if you like to.

Today’s makeup trends are mainly glossy and shimmering. To finish your look, you can apply a shimmery powder and you are done. However, keep in mind that when the face is shiny, the pictures may not look that well though. So you can finish your look with a matte touch. At the same time keep a shimmery product in your tiny purse to apply it late in the evening once all the pictures are already taken. This will be just for yourself. Do not forget about your dress décolleté. To fill your breasts with a final look apply a little amount of soft shimmer to have fantastic look.

Now you have a special makeup that will certainly be appropriate for your wedding. Put on your white bridal gown, have your hair done and you will be the queen of the ball.

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