4 Strand Braid Tutorials: Side Four Strand Braid and Ribbon Four Strand Braid

4 Strand Braid Tutorials: Side Four Strand Braid and Ribbon Four Strand Braid

Whenever braiding hair, we know that the process includes taking three strands and working on them gradually adding hair to each of the strand. However, strange it may sound, today we want to offer you a special braiding technique, which differs from an ordinary braiding one. Instead of dividing your hair into three sections, you are going to work on 4 sections. The four strand braid is still going to be an amazing one, since you are going to use a scarf as one of the strands.
A scarf that is normally used as a headband when it comes to using it for hair, will now serve as an integral part of a braid. Take a long and thin fabric scarf and create this amazing look. Still, if you don’t want any scarf to pop out on your head, you can create the same hairstyle without it, just dividing your hair into four sections. Below, we present two simple 4 strand braid tutorials, for which, however, you will need a scarf.

4 Strand Braid Tutorials: Side Four Strand Braid and Ribbon Four Strand Braid

Side Four Strand Braid Tutorial

To start with, as usual, for any braids, you need to have smooth hair, so comb the hair gently. Now take the scarf and place it around your head covering the entire front part and the back as well. Tie the two ends of the scarf right behind your left ear, so that the part where the two ends meet is not visible. Make double knots so that the scarf is firm. One of the ends is short, the second longer. Tuck the short end of the scarf under the scarf itself. Let the longer one fall with your hair.
Once you have attached the new attribute to your head you can start braiding. As usual take a section of hair, divide it into three parts and by placing the scarf as a fourth strand from the left section start braiding.

Place the left strand under its neighbor strand and over the scarf. Now place the right strand over its neighbor strand and under the scarf. Or to make it easier to imagine, you can number the strands starting from the left: 1, 2, 3, 4. With this succession you will have to put strand one under strand 2, and over strand 3. Next, take strand 4, put it over strand 3 and under strand 2. Make sure the scarf is in its correct position, so that the hairstyle gets the expected look. So if you start counting from the left, the scarf should correspond to your 3rd strand. And accordingly, if you are braiding from the right side, the scarf should be your 2nd strand. There is nothing difficult. Simply keep the initial position of the scarf correct and the rest will be achieved by itself.

Side Four Strand Braid TutorialSide Four Strand Braid Tutorial
Keep on braiding following this principle and once you reach the tips of the hair secure the braid with an elastic band. Now you can enjoy your look with the side 4 strand braid which really looks fantastic. If you have thin hair or you need to add volume to your braid, feel free to stretch it by pulling strands from each side a little bit. You can also give a nice solution to the ends of the hair and the scarf, by tucking the thin scarf ends under the elastic band and creating an interesting solution, such as a band or an interesting twist whatever your enthusiasm or the length of the scarf allow you to create. And you are done!

Four Strand Ribbon Braid Tutorial On The Back

Another nice and easy solution to transferring an ordinary braid into a special one, by using a scarf is creating the fabulous 4 strand ribbon braid, which really looks fantastic. You can take either a scarf that is the color of your hair or take any other color you like, better a contrasting one to your natural hair color.

To reach this particular hairstyle, it is preferable not to have smooth hair. So if you have curled your hair a day or 2 days prior to this, then your hair is now in the ideal state for creating the braid. What you have to do is simply taking the ribbon, neatly fastening an elastic band to it and then by taking a small section of hair from the crown fasten the elastic to the hair so that the ribbon now is attached to that section of our hair. Now take a section of hair right from the top of the head above your forehead. Again, dividing the hair into three sections, start braiding using the ribbon as your fourth strand. This time the ribbon will serve as the 2nd strand from the left. Bring the right strand under its neighbor strand and over the ribbon. Put the left strand over its neighbor strand and under the ribbon. You keep on braiding this way by gradually adding hair from the sides to the strands. So now place the right strand over its neighbor strand, add hair from the right and put the strand under the ribbon. Now you have to bring the left strand under its neighbor strand, add hair from the left side and put the strand over the ribbon. Go on doing this way till there is not more hair to be added. Always make sure to smooth your hair on the sides before adding the latter to the braid, so that your hair looks neat from both sides.

Do not be afraid that you will get messed up in all these. Simply count each of your strands and steps and you will never make any mistake in the succession of the strands.

When you reach your neck go on braiding the same way with no hair being added. Secure your hair tips with an elastic band. Here again you have the same result as in the first case, with the difference that this one is not a side braid but a center one, that covers the back of your head.

Ribbon Four Strand Braid TutorialRibbon Four Strand Braid Tutorial
To make your ribbon braid look nice have a look at the braid from the sides and the back, use your fingers as a comb and adjust all the imperfections that you might have left during braiding. Again you can add volume by pulling the sides of the braid slightly outward.

Keep in mind these two original hairstyles and use whenever an occasion rises. Also they can be an ideal choice for an informal party. They are both convenient for an ordinary day look. You can work your imagination and create various gorgeous looks with four strand braids, such as a four strand crown braid, or a four strand braid updo. Work with or without a scarf, and you will amaze others with your braiding skills and stunning hairstyle.

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