Smokey Eye Tutorial

Eyes, which present one’s inner world, play a great role for her overall appearance. The most lively and expressive facial features need a special attention when it comes to a makeup.

If you are not fond of too much makeup, it is, however, highly recommended to at least highlight your beautiful eyes for more emphasis. For those who like focusing on their most attractive features, the eyes, there are numerous ways to make them look shiny, sparkling, eye catching and way too expressive. You can apply all the eye makeup in harmony and, of course, in measure. Opt for eyeliner, eye shadows and finish with a thick top of mascara and you will certainly have fascinating eyes.

Once you decide to make bold eyes, learn how to create smokey eyes, which is so much accepted in the fashion world. Follow the tutorial below and learn the basics of a smokey eye makeup.

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Classical Dark Smokey Eyes

To start creating the dramatic smokey eye look, you will need a matte black base, a matte black powder eye shadow, a matte highlight of your skin tone, another matte highlight that’s similar to your skin tone, eyeliner, mascara and if you want to have a shimmery finish, take a shimmery silver or black eye shadow.

When starting the procedure also make sure to have all the application tools to thoroughly and gently apply the makeup. You will need an eye shadow brush, two blending brushes, one for the black eye shadow, and the second one for the highlight colors.

With the help of a firm flat brush, take just a dab of the matte black base. The thing is that you should not take much base at a time, better take a small amount which is easy to work with, and once you notice it is not enough take another dab. Apply the base on the inner lid. Have it quite curved, but even if you leave some imperfections, that is ok, since you are still going to apply lots of layers, which will make the latter invisible. You’ll make the color look kind of smokey by pulling it upwards and outwards. With a separate brush apply the matte powder eye shadow all over the black portion of your eyelid. To make the line a bit softer, move your brush back and forth over the outer edge.

Now start highlighting. Using a separate brush for the highlighter colors, pick up the highlight with your brush. Apply it right underneath your brow, on the brow bone. Work from the inner portion towards the outer portion. Do not worry if some of the highlight powder drops onto the black eye shadow. Apply the highlighter colors gently on the black coat to soften the harsh edge of the black, brush upwards and outwards to create a gray area in the spot, where the dark and light shades meet. Carefully move the brush along the outermost edge of the black coat.

Now that your upper lash line and the lid are covered with a coat, it is time to focus on the lower lash line as well. Take a small amount of black eye shadow and apply on your outer lower lash line making it close to the inside lash line. Now taking liquid eyeliner, apply it onto the inner lower lash line. Now you can easily take a free breath since the most difficult part is over. Curl your lashes and apply the mascara you like. You are done! However, if you want to add a final touch and create shimmery eye shadow, then go ahead and apply a thin layer of silver powder eye shadow on top of the black matte eye shadow.

With your defined eyes make sure not to define your cheeks or lips, not to look with over makeup.

Colored Smokey Eyes

Another way to create the smokey eye effect is as follows:

The key to have astonishing smokey eyes lies in blending. Once you blend the colors thoroughly, you will have a perfect look. To make a change in a classical black or gray smokey eye effect, feel free to combine light base colors with rich dark ones. Such mixes as soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green hue really work well.

To start with, prepare your lid for the application. To make the eye shadow stay in place and not crease, apply a primer and let it dry. Apply eyeliner above the upper lash line, drawing a thicker line in the middle of eye. You can take any color of eyeliner, depending on what effect you want to reach. Gray, violet, green is also ok. Use pencil eyeliner to work on the inner side of the lower lash line and then smudge it carefully. To perfectly smudge the eye shadow, you can also apply some more shadow. Now use a lighter color and apply it under your brow. Now that you have the base and the lighter base above the lid, it is time to fill the lid with the dark shade for a smokey effect. Take the dark eye shadow and start applying it on your lid, blending it carefully up. Stop at the crease and blend on this spot gently. Now you can apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara and you are finished with your look. For more emphasis you can use a different color of mascara, like blue. This is especially preferable for those with blue eyes. You can opt for a purple one as well.

Light, Medium and Dark Shaded Smokey Eyes

And a third way for smokey eyes is as follows:

Again apply a concealer, primer, whatever you like as a base. Now take 4 colors of eye shadow: a medium shade, a medium-dark shade and a darker shade and a highlighting color. Use eyeliner for top and bottom of the eye and smudge it. Use the medium shade over the entire lid as a base. Then apply the medium-dark shade beginning at the crease and moving downward towards the eyelash. Apply a small amount under the eyes to define the eyes. Apply the darkest shade at the corners of the eyes both in and out and spread the highlighting makeup directly underneath the brow and in the center of the eye, right between the darkest shades applied. Gently blend the colors not leaving a harsh line in between. Now you have seductive eyes.

Brown Smokey Eyes

Cover the top and bottom of the eyes with black or dark brown eyeliner. Soften the lines by gently smudging. Use a matte brown eye shadow. Apply it on the same areas blending out toward the crease with a small brush. Pick either a chocolate or lighter cocoa color. Apply the lighter tone on the entire eyelid. You can use shimmery eye shadow. Next, pick a color that goes well with the darker brown. A bronze or gold tint for instance would look best. Apply the mascara either black or brown matching it with the color of the eyeliner.

Whichever colors you choose, the smokey eye effect will be amazing. Only keep in mind to limit yourself with highlighting the eyes only. Too much makeup on the rest of your face will make you look like a real clown. Do not experiment on yourself and not opt for everything glittery and bold all together. Keep highlighting your cheeks or lips for another occasion. Put up with a simple nude lipstick and you will be ok. Make your eyes be in the center of attention.

Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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