How to Dutch Braid: Dutch Braid Updo and Side Dutch Braid Tutorial

How to Dutch Braid: Dutch Braid Updo and Side Dutch Braid Tutorial

Braids are always the perfect choice for any hairstyle. They compliment the style and make the look more elegant. If you are looking for a chic party hairstyle, then learn ways to create Dutch braids that really work well for every party. Make sure to have lots of accessories at home so that to make the braids look even more gorgeous.

You can have different looks with a Dutch braid. Either make an updo or have a side Dutch braid. Let us introduce easy steps to create each of the looks separately.

How to Dutch Braid: Dutch Braid Updo and Side Dutch Braid Tutorial

Side Dutch Braid Tutorial

To achieve this gorgeous hairstyle wash and condition your hair. Let it air dry or blow dry with a drier. Now that the hair is clean and dry, comb the latter creating a smooth surface. Start braiding.

You have to bring all your hair to the front. It will make easier to braid. Take a section of hair right from the center or if you have a side part then start from there. Work clockwise. Split the hair into three sections and start Dutch braiding. Since the Dutch braiding is not similar to a French one, keep in mind that you are going to bring the outer sections of hair, be it right or left one not on top the middle one, but rather putting it under the middle section. You have to add hair to the middle section. So every time the right section of hair comes to the middle, add hair from the right side to it. Once you do so, for keeping symmetry next add hair from the left side to the middle section.

Now take the left strand of hair, bring it under the middle section and add hair. Keep these techniques of braiding till you reach the neck. Remember though, in order to have smooth hair, make sure to smooth the hair with your fingers, before adding the latter to the braided hair.

Since you had initially brought all your hair to the front, it is easy to add hair this way rather than starting to get sections of hair from the back. Once you get beneath your ear, right on your neck, stop braiding and fasten the hair with a tie. Now you have a side ponytail. To make sure that the hair looks proper from the back, take a mirror, better a two”way one and have a look from the back. If there is any hair that does not sit well, adjust it with your fingers gently.

Side Dutch Braid TutorialSide Dutch Braid Tutorial
To add more volume to the braid you can easily pull some hair from each side and make it look looser and with more volume. This hairstyle can be an everyday one. Yet with a small addition, you can transfer it to an evening one. Once the look seems to be incomplete, go ahead to accessorize your braid, take a nice flower or any other head garment that you usually like to wear and fasten it on the ponytail base. Your look is now complete and you really look chic.

Dutch Braid Updo Tutorial

Another elegant look that can be achieved with Dutch braids is the Dutch Braid updo. If the side braid could serve both for an everyday and evening look, then this particular one is indeed for special evening look. You can have it for both formal and informal occasions however.

As you know, every braiding procedure becomes smooth and easy to deal, when the hairs is well brushed. So make sure to comb your hair carefully, leaving no knots, that will not look smooth on the braid.

All you have to do is taking a section of hair from the top of your head. Take a section from the left side, divide it into three sections again and make a regular Dutch braid. Bring the right section of hair under the middle one, then do the same with the left section. As usual, when bringing each strand under the middle one, add hair to the middle one, once from the right strand, then from the left strand. Again make sure to smooth the hair that you add to the middle. Since the braid should not be a straight one, make sure that you give it a diagonal line by keeping braiding to your right part of the head.

Now you have reached the point where there is no more hair to be added under the middle section. So go on braiding a regular Dutch Braid, till you reach the hair tips. Fasten the latter with a thin tie. Now create volume by pulling hair from each side of the braid very carefully. To make your braid look nice, turn it to an updo. Start wrapping your braid starting from the tips. Then make a nice bun on your head, securing it with bobby pins. Make sure you secure the braid tightly.

Dutch Braid Updo TutorialDutch Braid Updo Tutorial
Again you can highlight your updo decorating it with a nice flower. Now you have a second braided hairstyle, which is very easy to achieve and looks pretty stunning. Whichever hairstyle you choose, you will sure look sexual and elegant.

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