Long Lasting Makeup Tips

Whenever we spend much time in front of the mirror applying makeup, we aim to make it in a way that it lasts long. No one is happy to notice that her makeup is worn out pretty soon. Smudged eyes, lines that appear on your dry lips or when the entire blush seems to have vanished are those bad points that make all of us get irritated and upset.

No one will deny that having a fresh and neat look is very important for our self-confidence. When we know that something does not look as it should be looking, the latter weakens our actions and spirits. In order to have a fantastic look that will last for hours, learn those easy and quick tips presented below, to make your makeup last long.

Long Lasting Makeup Tips

All women spend much of their time and money on choosing the best cosmetics that will serve the goal of making the makeup last long. We opt for those trendy and famous brands that are so much advertised and we think that they will sure make miracles on us as well. Nevertheless, regardless of the high quality of a product, it will not give you the desired effect unless you know the right ways to apply it correctly. So learn the art of applying a makeup yourself.

First of all, you should keep in mind that a makeup should be applied on a completely clean and nourished face. So prepare your skin for the makeup procedure. Make sure to use a cleansing tool or a tonic to wash your face and make it get rid of the dirt. Once you do so, apply a nourishing cream to have a protective layer beneath which is really a fantastic base for the foundation. The latter will be applied smoothly on the base and will therefore last long. Besides, all of us know how important it is to moisturize our skin especially in summer when the skin is in need of double moisture because of the heat. Special skin types like dry ones demand nourishing regardless of the season. So think about your skin and apply the moisturizer prior to the foundation. Do not lame and do not hurry up. This work demands patience and care.

Once you apply the moisturizing cream wait for several minutes so that the latter blends into your skin, absorbs and sits well. Now you can apply the foundation. You know, certainly, that special skin tones and types demand the matching foundation for them. The ideal choice for making the foundation last long is avoiding oil containing foundations. This may sound strange, since dry skin normally requires oil based foundations to make the skin get the balance. However, since you have applied the moisturizing cream and nourished your skin, you can feel free that an oil free foundation will work for any skin type, be it dry, oily or normal. The reason you should not use an oily foundation is its tendency to last less than any other foundation. Apply the foundation with a sponge only to make an even and smooth layer on your face. Wait for several minutes and go ahead to apply powder as well, which will guarantee a more lasting effect of the foundation.

Once you have applied the foundation, it is time to apply the blush as well. Always opt for powder blushes, since cream blushes and bronzers tend to slide off, especially in summer or in a heated room. A matte powder is even more welcome. You can be on the safe side, since the latter will never wear off soon.

Now it is time to highlight your eyes. Make sure to apply a coat of foundation first, which will serve as an ideal base for the eye shadow to stay. Use eye primers that will extend your makeup’s duration for many hours. You can always take water proof eye makeup, which will work well too. And when it comes to choosing between liquid eyeliner and a pencil one, then take the liquid one. Liquid eye liner has 4 times more staying power than pencil eye liners. Now you can apply the mascara for the final touch. Again prefer waterproof mascara. Apply the latter correctly not to create a very thick layer that will make your eye be covered with a heavy coat. Apply starting from the roots and make your way up, curling the lashes and adding volume to them.

Lips are the most difficult parts to carry a makeup. Each of us has experienced the worst cases when our lipstick vanishes pretty soon. This is because our mouth is in motion all the time, we speak, eat, the lips touch each other and once they are dry a line appears between them. Let alone the color of our lipstick seems to disappear or get paler. So in order to make our lipstick stay longer, first of all we should always care about our lips. Always use a lip balm to nourish the latter.

Whenever you notice dead skin on them, brush with a tooth brush, for example, and get rid of those unpleasant dead skin. Nourish your lips and you will always have smooth and juicy lips. With ideal lips you can now apply the lipstick. To make the lipstick stay in place, apply foundation before lip liner and lipstick. This way you will achieve a longer lasting base. Use a lip liner to keep your lipstick in place. After applying foundation and liner to lips, dust with loose powder and then only apply the lipstick with a special lip brush. For a better look, apply a lip gloss at the end.

You can now be sure that your makeup will last long. Do not lame and use all the techniques step by step and have a glamorous look with sensational and long lasting makeup. You can move fast, dance a lot and walk freely in the street without fear that you will have a melted makeup.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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