How to Apply Makeup Well

Makeup is a real art that demands much practice and skills. Once you master in it, you can easily create whichever look you aim to have. A single touch of a foundation, a quickly drawn line on your lips and defined cheekbones: this is what you need to always remain amazing.

Makeup makes miracles; it improves our looks, conceals certain part on our face that does not look that good, thus making us have a fresh and charming look. Once you know the peculiarities of your face, every pluses and minuses of each of your features, you can apply the makeup in such a way to create a fabulous look. Whenever a makeup is applied smoothly on a flawless skin, it will sure last long and protect your face both from any harsh weather conditions and the pollution, that may harm your sensitive skin.

How to Apply Makeup Well

Always use the best of cosmetics, follow the basis for makeup application and keep your skin clean and cared. To learn how to apply makeup well, follow the beauty tips below.

When hearing the word makeup, we immediately imagine those lovely cosmetic tools that make wonders: foundations, blushes, colored eye shadow, volume adding mascaras, defining liners and shiny lip glosses. These beloved instruments always prevail in a woman’s purse. To know how to use them correctly and make their long lasting effect stay on face, choose the latter with much care according to your skin type, tone and your taste, of course.

First of all before starting makeup applications, determine your skin type: oily, dry or normal. Accordingly pick the foundation assigned for the particular skin type you have. Get all your needed cosmetics at hand, find a large mirror and start the procedure.

Preparatory tasks are what create a fabulous result. Make sure to have a completely washed and cleansed face and hands. Apply a toner and moisturizer. Whichever type of skin you have, a toner is needed to be applied, since the latter has the effect of a sponge covering all the dirt inside. If you have oily face then you may not need to moisturize it to avoid having much oil all over. For a normal and dry skin apply the moisturizing cream on areas that need moisture. Let the latter absorb for several minutes.

To make your foundation look smoother, apply a foundation primer prior to it. Now time to cover your face with a thin layer of foundation that is of your skin tone. Apply it gently either with fingers or with a sponge. If you are using a brush then apply it with downward motions. Make sure to blend the foundation thoroughly into your skin. Pay attention to your chin zone and apply a very thin layer of foundation on your neckline to avoid the appearance of the line where the foundation ends and your natural skin tone starts to appear. Blend, blend and blend thoroughly. You will avoid the bad experience of having a mask on your face that ends right under your chin.

Apply concealer on the areas where you have to cover something. If you have red or black spots under your eyes, near your nostrils, apply the latter carefully. Use a wedge to blend it with the foundation. In order to keep your face neat and oil free, you can always apply a little of facial powder on top of the foundation with a quick and light movement of a brush. Make sure that you dab the powder brush into the powder and remove the excess powder not to have a heavy coat of it on your face.

You can now have the blush define your cheeks. Apply the color that makes your face lively and sexy. Smile in front of the mirror to have the ideal shape of cheeks. If you want to contour your cheekbones, take a brown powder, like milk chocolate one, and apply it under your cheekbones, starting from the temple and going down underneath the apple of your cheek. Make sure you apply the same amount of blush on both cheeks. Then take a light powder and apply it on top of your cheekbones and you will have defined cheekbones.

Now that you are done with the most difficult part of creating a smooth look, you can start highlighting your eyes. It’s time for an eye shadow. If you have a powder one, then better apply a primer prior to the eye shadow. Looking into the mirror straight, tilt your head back to see your entire lid. You can use the area right from the lashes till the lid bone. You can use two shades of eye shadows, lighter and darker. Apply one on the inner corner of the eye, the other on the outer corner. Or you can use the lighter tones just on the lid base; use a darker color above the lid, right on the crease and finish with a lighter shade again not reaching the bone of the lid.

Use liquid eyeliner to draw a straight line that will make your eyes even more expressive. Apply the liquid liner on the upper lid, whereas using a pencil liner for the lower one. Now you can curl your lashes a little and apply the mascara. If you have full brows then no need to define them even more. However, if you notice any gap between the brows, fill the latter with the matching color of an eye pencil. Do that carefully.

When it comes to your lips, use a balm primer first and then only apply any lipstick. Use a rather sharp pencil line on the contours of your lips, making sure the color is either the same as the lipstick or a shade darker. And then apply the lipstick, preferably with a brush. Start from the center of the upper lip, going to the right and to the left. And apply a smooth line on the lower lip as well. You can as well add a light dusting of loose powder on your lipstick. And you are done with your makeup.

You see there is nothing difficult. Simply trust yourself and go ahead experimenting using these tips till you master in the makeup art.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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