Holiday Makeup Tips

Christmas is by all means the most loved and expected holiday for everybody. Kids, adults and elderly people are always looking forward to this day of the year, when everybody seems to be filled with happiness, kindness and forgiveness. Each of us believes in miracles and there is hardly anyone who does not have a little wish or a dream, which he expects the Christmas miracle will make come true.

With this lovely and family holiday, we all try to have the best look ever. This is a special day indeed. Weeks and even a whole month prior to Christmas time, all of us rush to the malls to get the best outfit for the day. And what will make your look complete and fantastic if not using the appropriate makeup for the dress you have picked.

Christmas is not an ordinary day, so make sure to create an outstanding look by using the best makeup tips for the purpose. It is not a secret that women do their best to astonish their relatives and friends with their glamorous look. Use something new and even extraordinary that will help you differ from your everyday natural look, to which everybody surrounding you are used to already. Make your daytime look transfer into a party evening one, by simply using some highlights.

To learn best ways to achieve perfect look, read through the holiday makeup tips and ideas presented below.

Holiday Makeup Tips

Christmas Makeup Tips and Ideas

During this time of the year, the entire atmosphere around you changes. Nice trees, nice decoration and lights are all over. Glitter and shine are what make a Christmas day a real holiday. Why not shine yourself on this day. To be so, use the most special makeup.

To start with keep in mind all the basic makeup application rules that you normally follow for your everyday makeup. However special your look is going to be on this particular day, the base of the makeup remains the same. You are working on the upper coat for emphasis. So, in order to benefit the most from your special makeup, first of all use a cleanser to make your face look fresh and be clean to serve as a pure base for the foundation. Since it is winter time, your face needs, of course, moisturizing. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer on your clean face and let it absorb. Normally on such great days our face prepares some obstacle for us. You may notice unwanted red spots round your eyes, under your nose, which make you frustrated. Apply concealer on these areas and make the problem disappear and not spoil your holiday mood.

Now you can go ahead to apply the foundation you have chosen. Do not overuse the foundation, since you are still going to have top coats on it. Apply a smooth layer of the foundation with a sponge and blend thoroughly. Your face is now ready for the rest of the makeup. And always keep in mind that your skin is likely to be flawless with a matte finish, creating the perfect palette for the eyes and lips.

It’s time to add some magic sparkle to your eyes! Since you want to have a special look, pay much attention to your eyes especially. You can have smokey eyes, for instance. You can never go wrong with a smokey eye makeup: the look is classic and can be appropriate for almost every Christmas party. So feel free to experiment with colors and opt for either green, blue, or purple smokey eye makeup. The simplest way to create a smokey eye look is to line your eyes with a dark eyeliner pencil (black, bronze, purple, green, whatever color you choose) and then smudge the line upwards with either an eye shadow brush or the tip of a makeup sponge. Follow with two to three coats of mascara. And you will have the gorgeous smokey eyes that look so sexy and attractive.

Create a Sparkling Look

Holiday is the best time for some glitter and sparkle, so don’t miss your chance to use gold, silver, or other glittering eye shadow colors, such as violet or blue. Again make sure to apply every item in measure. For instance, having your eyes well defined, keep the rest of your face minimal, opting for a subtle coat of foundation, some blush and a nude lip color. When you highlight your eyes, choose the eye shadow according to your eye color, your skin tone and your hair color as well. Never match the latter with the color of your clothes. It looks so unpleasant. Apply some powder or primer onto your eyelids to make the shadow last long and sit smoothly. Apply the medium shade below the eyelid crease, and the darker shade on the eyelids starting from the lash line to the crease. Again use eyeliner on your upper lid, applying it from the outer corner of your eye and maing your way towards the center of your eyelid.

Use Bold Makeup

You can go ahead and have a bold makeup for the holiday season. Only decide which area you want to highlight. If you want to have bold eyes, then go for a lighter lipstick, since it is not pleasant to have both your lips and eyes in bold hues at the same time. Once you choose the zone you want to highlight, choose the matching colors.

If you are defining your eyes, take purple tones, gold and grey ones for brown eyes. With green eyes every shade of green will be ok, whereas for blue eyes, it is recommended to use brown, for instance. Apply the eye shadow carefully, in a thick line, however, according to your eye shape. If you are going to have a party at daytime, make sure not to go too strong with the colors. Once the eye shadow is applied, highlight your eyes with eyeliner and apply mascara. If you want to have expressive and attractive eyes, curl your lashes prior to applying the mascara. Besides you can easily opt for the beloved false eyelashes, if your natural lashes are not that long. Apply the latter carefully and now time to use the mascara. You will have a fascinating effect now.


Your cheeks should correspond to your entire look. During this cool season, you can take brighter colors of a blush, like pink shades and define your cheekbones. Again you can as well dust your cheeks with a little gold powder. You can even dust your breastbone and cleavage for a more dramatic look. Do not be conservative and finish your face makeup with a slight shimmer effect. Apply loose powder at the end and you will have an impeccable look in this season of chill and snow.


Once it comes to your lips, go ahead to contour the latter with a liner. If you think your lips are not that full and you will not have the desired effect only by applying the lipstick, take a liner of a darker tone and apply it to your lips. However, make sure that your lips are not cracked. Use a balm prior to the application. Once you create the desired lips, you can fill the latter with the lipstick. Feel free to finish your look with a glittery lip gloss. Since it is a holiday makeup, you can go for gold especially. When you apply the regular lipstick color, use a gold lip gloss for a special shine.


And finally do not forget about your nails. Make your manicure look flawless by providing a proper base for your polish and protection top coat. Gloss and shine manicure, colored nails are your holiday must-have for a dramatic look. Do not hesitate to take such eye striking colors like red, burgundy, black or whatever color suits your nails most. Opt for pearl ones rather than matte nail polishes, to create more glittering effect.

Now you are ready for any Christmas party. You look special and dramatic. Put on the party dress and do your hair perfectly for the final touch.

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