Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Everyone is excited to have a special party look on Christmas day. When you want to do your hair on your own at home, it becomes difficult to choose whichever hairstyle will suit you perfectly. Depending on your hair length, you have to choose between several options. You can go for elegant updos that will go well with your evening dress, or you can feel free to have curls or waves, a nice braid, a low bun, chignon, a knot accentuated with different brooches, or straight hair with a headband in front. With short hair, however, the choice is not so wide, yet there are some nice solutions for it.

In order to have a special, holiday appropriate look, follow the holiday hairstyle ideas and tips presented below and get into the party mood!

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Christmas Hairstyle Tips

Special Ponytail

The classic and girlish ponytail has always been and will remain the most elegant choice for long hair. If you do not have much time to work on your hair, this style is the easiest one to make. Comb your hair thoroughly, gather it high at the back and tie the hair with a band. Use a sparkly hair band to add a Christmas cheer.

You can use varieties for a ponytail. Once you have the ponytail, you can work on the ponytailed hair for more emphasis. Take a curling iron and by dividing the hair into several sections start curling each section neatly. Now you will have not only an elegant ponytail, but loosely hanging curls that are really so sexy and charming, especially on this special Christmas day. Apply a little hairspray to make the curls last long and enjoy the night!

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Short Hair Solutions

Short hair does not require much time and efforts like the long one does. Make yourself get rid of the idea that you will not have a dramatic look once your hair is short. Use glamorous tiaras, glitter and sparkly head bands and you will create a cheerful holiday season effect. You can also have some changes from your everyday look. Make sure the hair is clean. Wash your hair, apply some styling mousse and massage your hair gently. If the hair has tendency to easily curl, you will create a slightly messy, curly hair effect, which will be just the case for the party look. Or you can go ahead and curl your hair with your finger or pen and then secure the latter with clips. You will have tiny curls which will last long once you apply spray.

Short and Straight Trendy Hairstyle

Wash and condition hair and rub it with anti-frizz product that adds shine. Dry your hair using round brush to add body and shape. Put on a festive headband, or place random tiny butterfly clips near your face for emphasis. Use spray to hold. You will have a very cheerful look.

Holiday Hairstyle IdeasHoliday Hairstyle Ideas

Make a Classical Bun

A bun is really very feminine and stylish and matches everyone with long hair. Comb your hair and by gathering the hair at the nape of your neck make a ponytail. You can either have a tight or a loose one, depending on what kind of party you are attending. If it is a formal one, a loose bun is quite ok. Once you have the ponytail, now take the ponytailed hair and wrap it around the base. Secure the latter with pins. To add more drama to your look, use a small glittering brooch. You can also make a change by leaving strands hanging underneath, which is indeed very feminine and luxurious.

Christmas Ball

Chic chignons, tight ballerina buns are also a perfect solution to this day hairstyling. For a ballerina bun again you will have to make a ponytail. You can gather it together and fasten the ponytail not at the nape of the neck like in the case of a low bun, but higher. Twist the ponytail tightly and wrap it around the base, tucking in the ends. Secure the bun with hair pins and use hair spray to keep it all in place. This hairdo is an ideal one for elegant, tightly fitting evening dresses.

Holiday Hairstyle IdeasHoliday Hairstyle Ideas

Holiday Hairstyle IdeasHoliday Hairstyle Ideas

Curl Your Hair

Another appealing hairstyle for Christmas, as well as New Year, is having those glamorous waves that add drama to your look. Use curling irons or wide or medium sized barrels and curl your hair. You can have either loose or tight curls. Once you finish the curling procedure, apply hairstyling spray to fix the curls. You can use nay hair product that adds sparkles on the hair. It will look fantastic on the Christmas evening, where everything will be shining brightly. You can leave the hair as it is, or can go ahead and attach a flower on your hair: by taking one section of hair from your right ear, the second from the left one, bring them together at the back of the hair and fasten tightly and decorate with the flower.
You can also braid a crown braid first to provide a nice looking front part, and then only start curling the hair.

If you want to have a more elegant look, you can gather the curled hair into a low loose bun. You will look like a real diva. Choose whichever hairstyle you like most and enjoy the joyful and long awaited fairy Christmas night.

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

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