Makeup Tips for Perfect Looking Skin

It is, indeed, so easy to apply makeup on a smooth and perfect skin. You do not have to think about how to conceal an unwanted part, how to be when you have other imperfections like oily skin or oblong face shape. Makeup application procedure becomes a real fun, since you simply apply it quickly and go.

But how to be when you are having a bad day with some reddish or blackish spots on your face that ruin your look? Or you haven’t slept enough and your eyes look so tired and a little even smaller than they naturally are. Or the worst thing: when you are already noticing dizzy lines of wrinkles appearing on your face. Do not lose your spirits, keep high mood and using the beauty tips suggested below, learn how to get a flawless complexion.

Makeup Tips for Perfect Looking Skin

There is always a first aid called “makeup’, which will solve every your problem concerning your skin care. A makeup that is applied according to its essential rules, will help you gain a flawless complexion, without leaving any of the unwanted features appear vividly on your face.

Concealer is number one help to you. An ordinary foundation will never have the effect as a concealer creates. It covers up all the unwanted spots on the face, creating a smooth base for the rest of your makeup. Always have this product in your purse and use it pretty much on regular basis.

If you are having wrinkles, then any foundation applied on your bare skin will show the latter obviously. So make sure to apply a moisturizer first, let it stay for a couple minutes and apply a primer next. The primer will make the foundation stick to your skin better. Now your foundation will sit smooth on your face and your wrinkles will not be emphasized.

To apply the foundation, always give preference to sponges or brushes. They have been created for the purpose to make your task easier, since the latter provide a better and smother application of foundation and besides, the foundation blends easily. Pay attention to your T-zone especially, since this is the part that needs to be blended thoroughly. Also think about your lip zone. If you have some hair just above your lip, then sue lighter foundation on this part to make it less visible. Apply the foundation in the direction of the hair growth.

Also pay attention to the season when applying a foundation. In summer, never opt for oil based ones, since you will have a melted look. No matter your skin is oily or dry, you will likely have an oily coverage on your face caused by the heat. Oil based ones are preferable for winter, when our skin need moisture to stand the cold.

If you like having a tanned skin, then go for two shades of foundation. Take a lighter and darker shade of foundation belonging to the same brand and by thoroughly mixing them together apply on your skin and blend. You will have a natural tanned skin, which really looks so sexy.

Once you have a smooth skin you can apply the rest of the foundation. Only pay attention to your eyes especially, since the latter are the liveliest parts on your features and whenever they go wrong, the entire look seems poor and tired. If you have had a bad night or spent the evening working too much, this will, of course, leave its negative effect on your eyes the next morning. Freshen your look by applying the most loved cucumber mask on your eyes. This method has been used for decades already and is proven to be the most effective method to make your eyes relaxed. Cut thin slices of cucumber and put onto your closed eyes. Change the slice once it becomes the temperature of your skin. It should cool your eyes. Repeat the procedure several times and once finished wash your face and apply a moisturizer. You can now start the makeup.

Remember there is nothing perfect by nature. Special skills, much practice and clever approach are the key elements to reach perfection.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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