How to Choose the Best Nail Polish

How to Choose the Best Nail Polish

No girl fussing so much about her look, her makeup, clothes and hairstyle, will ever leave her hands without care. A woman’s hands always demand special care. Sometimes girls think once their face is ok, there is nothing to worry about. They forget that every time they want to refresh their makeup they will bring their hand close to their face, thus the latter will be as visible as the face. So in order to look perfect on every occasion, follow your nails’ state first.

It is so feminine to always have polished nails. First your hands look nice and elegant; secondly you act actively, without thinking that your hands seem to be empty or careless. For this respect, pay attention to the manicure on your nails. Never leave one on top your nails longer than a day when you notice that the tips are already worn out. It is better not to wear a polish at all rather than have one that is half vanished.

How to Choose the Best Nail Polish
So take your time and examine your nails every single day. Choose the colors that match your nails most and go ahead applying them. In order to have a smooth and flawless manicure, learn how to choose the best nail polish, which will make your task easier. Follow the several tips presented below, to master in this task.

• A nail polish should always be fresh, that is easy to glide, so accordingly it will sit smoothly on your nails. Never opt for a color that you have from last season, since it may have lost its effect partly.

• When choosing a nail polish, opt for the one that has strengthening qualities if your nails are brittle or dry.

• Another thing to pay attention to is the brush type. Even if the nail polish itself is of high quality, it will not be easy to apply correctly unless the brush is convenient enough to work with. Always tend to buy those nail polishes the brush of which is of medium size, neither long to reach the bottom of the bottle nor short.

• Today’s market offers a great range of nail polishes all of them coming in differently shaped bottles. However, opt for the traditional bottles, so that the nail polish particles do not get stuck to those tiny bottle walls or any other corner of the unusual shape, since it will be difficult to get the polish out of there.

• Every polish will sit well if it is applied with a base coat. So make sure to apply a transparent base coat first, so that your nail polish looks perfect. However, never take a polish that is a universal one, that is having a base, polish and even a top coat all included in one.

• Normally colored nail polishes do not have a strengthening effect, so in order to provide your nails with the appropriate protection layer, always apply the base.

• You can keep on experimenting all the time, trying different polishes, so that to see which of them is the best for you and which one lasts long. You can also go ahead and apply at least two thin coats of a nail polish. It is proven that 2 coats last longer than one thick coat. Do not forget to always keep a top coat as well. It will make your manicure last long.
How to Choose the Best Nail Polish

• Nowadays tendency is using pearl polishes, which make your nails look glossy and eye catching. To highlight your hands always opt for this particular product and let your nails shine. Once your nails are done perfectly, you will not have to hide your hands any more.

• Since the nail polishes contain lots of chemicals, always be careful. Do not take the nail polishes that have a very distinctive odor, it is likely to be toxic for you to berate it for a long time. If you are allergic avoid those nail polishes that contain phthalates or formaldehydes. However, if you still have a negative reaction to any polishes, better refrain from applying it. Or simply follow these small things to have neat nails: keep your fingernails clean and short and file them weekly. Use scrubs and lemon to make them stay firm.

Last but not least, pay attention to the color of the nail polish you are going to buy. Follow the hottest nail polish trends of the moment and try to go for something matchy for your clothes and character. You can also pick several shades and mix and match, coming up with creative nail art designs. It’s a great idea to try some texture too in the era, when nail polish designers come up with creative and unique nail polishes every single season.

With these easy beauty tips you will be able to pick the best nail polish and have a fine result.

How to Choose the Best Nail Polish

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